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(Inner Voice)

Summary: The story of the day that Sasuke left Kohona and how Sakura secretly managed to follow him. Also the path that they go on when Sasuke finds out that he is being followed. Will this turn into love? Or will this be an journey soon to be forgotten and wished never was?

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The song is RUNAWAY by PINK and I will be using some of pinks songs through out the story.

Chapter 1 Runaway.

It was raining. So many water droplets looked as if every angel in heaven was crying. They were crying because God told them what was going to happen that day, and they felt sorry for one konuchi in particular. A pink haired, beautiful, girl Sakura Haruno if only she were with the angels that she would know how the black haired, heart throb would soon try to break her heart. But he would fail as her love for him prevailed.

1 day earlier


"Sasuke! Sasuke!" Sakura cried.

"What do you want Sakura?" Sasuke hissed.

"Gomen Sasuke." She looked down ashamed.

Sasuke sighed, "What do you want Sakura?" this time he said it with a little bit of warmness to his voice.

She didn't answer. She only looked at the ground with her short pink hair covering her eyes.

"God Sakura you can be so annoying! Just answer me for god sake!"

Her eyes started to fill up with tears as she try to hold them back. They stung her as she tried to keep them to her self. Sasuke just walked away, not even looking back. She ran to her room and just sat on her bed. She started to cry.

"I love him so much….. Why doesn't he understand. I only want to be with him. He didn't have to blow up on me when I just wanted to ask him where Naruto was. I don't know what I see in him."

She sighed and went back into the hallway.

Sasuke was with Naruto.

"Hey Sasuke-teme. Where is Sakura?"


"I was looking for her I told her to tell you that we were meeting and that we would be late for the assignment. Did she tell you that?" Naruto questioned.

Sasuke's eyes shot open. "God why do I do that I freak out over the simplest things when I talk to her"

"So did she say anything?"

"No she didn't." With those three words he walked away.

Over in the village Sakura was looking through the glass of some of the pet shops.

"Hmmm" She sighed.

Then the thunder started to rumble, the rain came pouring down. "I love the rain. It is so beautiful and comforting knowing that it helps the plants grow." She exclaimed.

As she started to walk home she remembered that she had an assignment with Kakashi-sensi, how ever knowing him he would probably be "reading" one of his "books". So she decided to go back over the bridge to the ramen store. It was probably about 8 o'clock and she needed to get back the academy in an hour. The sky was dark as charcoal. The darkness reminded her of Sasuke's deep onyx eyes and his black lush hair. She sighed. "He will never love me."

Sasuke was thinking about Sakura. He knew where he was going that night, and it wasn't to his bed. He was trying to make this as painless as possible. He only had 1 purpose in life and that was to get revenge. It was to kill his brother. So many people told him that his blinding hatred, could never be replaced by love, that he would never love anyone ever again after his brother killed everyone he knew. He never knew what caring, understandment, and patience was until he met his team. He had a flashback about the day that Sakura almost kissed what she thought was Sasuke that very spot which Naruto transformed into Sasuke and almost kissed Sakura, on that bench.

(I wonder what would of happened if Naruto had kissed her) Sasuke's inner voice said.

"I don't know. Probably have to explain to Sakura that it was that baka that kissed her and not me. Probably would have been very awkward and Sakura would have killed Naruto."

(You know it's okay to love. Even if it is dangerous)

"I don't love Sakura. She is just a member of my squad, nothing more. I don't need to explain myself to you."

(Even if I am yourself)


"Forget it I wont even say anything to her I will just leave." Sasuke decided. He packed his things, (which weren't to many) and walked towards the gates to Kohona village.

I've got my things packed
My favorite pillow
Got my sleeping bag
Climb out the window
All the pictures and pain
I left behind
All the freedom and fame
I've gotta find
And I wonder

How long it'll take them to notice that I'm gone
And I wonder
How far it'll take me

To run away
It don't make any sense to me
Run away
This life makes no sense to me
Run away
It don't make any sense to me
Run away
It don't make any sense to me

Sakura heard someone walking, she was scared so she decided to have a clone stand were she was so the stranger wouldn't get her (a/n I couldn't think of anything else to put '-'). "Shadow Clone Jutsu." she whispered. The clone remained were she stood before as she went into the tree above.

" I don't think that this will fool whoever is over there but considering the rain….."

Sasuke was walking down the path and he thought that he was alone but little did he know that Sakura was only a matter of feet in front of him. Suddenly the figure became clear. Sasuke saw Sakura's clone, but Sakura gasped at the sight of Sasuke out in the rain with a bag headed towards the exit. She decided to keep silent. Sakura's clone had the same feelings Sakura did, she still loved Sasuke and the clone was curious to where he was going.


He just kept walking, at the same pace not even saying a word. (I don't believe she's here she is suppose to be at her home.)

"Sasuke, answer me." She ran up and grabbed his arm she looked at his face. The real Sakura watched in anticipation to what he was going to say careful not to gasp or shriek.

"Sakura…." he began "this doesn't concern you go home"


"God! You are so annoying Sakura cant you just leave this alone."

"No Sasuke, I cant where are you going? Answer me now!"

"I am going away Sakura away from Kohona I cant fulfill my purpose with out going. I am an avenger Sakura and I need to kill my brother. There is nothing in this village for me. I don't care for anyone here and I will never return the feelings that you have for me….so go, leave me. "

I was just trying to be myself
Have it your way I'll meet you in hell
It's all these secrets that I shouldn't tell I've got to run away
It's hypocritical of you
Do as you say not as you do
I'll never be your perfect girl
I've got to run away
I'm too young to be

Taken seriously
But I'm too old to believe
All this hypocrisy
And I wonder
How long it'll take them to see my bed is made
And I wonder
If I was a mistake

I might have nowhere left to go
But I know that I cannot go home
These words are strapped inside my head
Tell me to run before I'm dead
Chase the rainbows in my mind
And I will try to stay alive
Maybe the world will know one day
Why won't you help me run away

It don't make any sense to me
Run away
This life makes no sense to me
Run away

Sakura watched from the tree in horror. (No!!!) Her head screamed she was trying to hold back the tears. It began to rain even harder, thunder rumbled.

"No I wont leave you alone. Sasuke I don't care if you don't return my feelings I love you! I always will there is nothing in that you can say to me that will make me change other wise. Don't you lie to me and say that your don't care for anyone here! What about Naruto? Or Kakashi-sensi? Not even me? How can you just runaway like that not even caring about the ones that care about you?" The clone was crying, Sakura was crying, Sasuke not one sign of remorse or sorrow.

I could sing for change
On a Paris street
Be a red light dancer
In New Orleans
I could start again
To the family

I could change my name
Come and go as I please
In the dead of night
You'll wonder where I've gone
Wasn't it you
Wasn't it you

Wasn't it you that made me run away

"Sakura your annoying."

She has heard that so many times from him. Sakura's heard filled with memories "your annoying Sakura, your annoying, your annoy…"

"If you leave I will scream I will…" It was to late Sasuke hit her on the back of the neck only whispering "Thank you. I will be back I do care for you Sakura please understand I have to go." With that he placed her on the bench gave her a soft kiss and vanished.

The clone poofed. But before the clone became unconscious it had placed a device on Sasuke to track him. Sakura came down from the tree and sat on the bench that he placed the clone on. Trying to process what had happened.

"Sasuke Uchiha…I'll find you. I love you."

I was just trying to be myself
Have it your way I'll meet you in hell
All these secrets that I shouldn't tell I've got to run away
It's hypocritical of you
Do as you say not as you do
Never be your perfect girl
I've got to run away
It don't make any sense to me
Run away
This life makes no sense to me
Run away
It don't make any sense to me
Run away
It don't make any sense to me

This life makes no sense to me
It don't make no sense to me
It don't make any sense to me
Life don't make any sense to me

End of chapter one!!!!!

This is my 1st fan fiction!