My first Eragon fic, so go easy on me. I understand that the third book has not been released yet, this story will start at the end of the second book and will go in a completely opposite direction than what the real third book will go.

Full Summary: A ruthless assassin for Galbatorix meets Murtagh, returning from his recent battle with Eragon on the Burning Plains. Galbatorix, in an effort to capture Eragon and secure Saphira for his own uses, sends them to retrieve the Dragon Rider and his beast. Only time will tell what will happen as alliances are forged, broken, and betrayed in the war ravaged land of Alagaesia. Murtagh/OFC

Disclaimer: All characters, places, and names recognized as the work of Christopher Paolini are not mine nor will they ever be. I do however claim right to my original character, and other names/places that are not recognized as Christopher Paolini's.

---Chapter One---

Fight or Flight

by: ElfLuver13


I ran. I ran harder than I ever had in my life. I could hear shouting behind me as men chased me through the dark alleys of Uru'baen. My breath came faster, I could see their shadows edging closer to mine by the second. But I didn't dare glance behind me. I could not risk being seen, and then later being recongnized. I became acutely aware of the blood that was splattered across my chest and dripping from my hands.

I darted around a corner, hoping to catch them unawares. From there I sprinted farther still until I could see the gates of King Galbatorix's palace in my sight. The men behind me seemed to be giving up, I could hear their harsh breathing becoming more faint with each stride I took.

With a nod to the guards watching the gate, I slipped through, breathing a sigh of relief as they clanged shut behind me. I collapsed against a stone wall, catching my breath before I would report to the king to tell him of my success. I knew he would be pleased, his suspicions about the strange merchant had been correct. He was a spy for the Varden. He had been feeding valuable information to the rebels, and it had to be stopped.

Straightening my posture, I attempted to wipe a bit of the blood of my hands, though it was nearly impossible as it had begun to dry. I walked calmly through the palace doors and into the entrance hall, stealthily making my way to the throne room where Galbatorix awaited. Odd, I thought, that he would have two guards heavily armed at the entrance. Two soldiers clutched large swords that blocked the heavy oaken doors to his throne room.

I heard shouting, two men were raising their voices in a heated arguement. I stepped closer to the doors, earning me a glare from one of the guards.

"The king is not to be disturbed," he said in a stony voice. No matter, my hearing was enough to catch most of what was going on behind the thick, ornate doors.

"You let him go?!"

"I retrieved Zar'roc! That is what you sent me out there for, for my inheritance!"

"Yes, yes, but I thought it would have been easy enough to get both the rider and dragon in your possession and bring them to me. You had them at your mercy, so I have been told by the returning warriors who were also present at the battle."

Silence. I heard a sneer, and recognized it as Galbatorix's.

"We shall speak of this later. I have other matters to attend to," he said. A short while later, the doors opened and a tall, dark haired man stormed out. His eyes met mine, such intensity I have never seen before. I knew at once that this must be Murtagh, the Dragon Rider. He looked down at me briefly before brushing past me and out of sight.

I gave myself one last glance to assess my appearance, and strode confidently through the doors and before the king's throne. I bowed deeply before him.

"My king, Baldur the merchant was indeed a Varden spy," I began.

"Did you dispose of him? I cannot have rebel allies running about Uru'baen," he said, anger in his voice. I could tell his rage was still great from his previous conversation.

"Yes, my king. He will no longer be the eyes and ears for the Varden," I said. He smiled, but it did not reach his eyes. His smile showed gratitude, but not pleasure. He stared off in thought for a few moments as I waited for his next statement.

"Very well. You are dismissed. I shall call upon you when you are needed," I bowed once again and exited the throne room. Making my way along the corridor hung with elaborate tapestries, my mind wandered to Murtagh. What had he been arguing with Galbatorix about? I had heard of Eragon and his dragon, but I had no knowledge of what the king wanted with him alive. A steep price had been placed on his head, one that an experienced hunter could not resist.

As I entered my familiar room that smelled of clean leather and a slight odor of sweat, I hung my weapons on the wall and set about to doing the one thing I looked forward to after a killing. Bathing.

Murtagh slammed his fist into the table. His breath came in short gasps as he struggled to control his anger. He ran a hand through his dark hair as his breathing slowed down a bit. Thorn was in the dragon hold, but Murtagh could still feel him reach out to him with his mind.


Murtagh sighed and answered sarcastically. Perhaps.

Anger does no good when it is held, it is better to put it to use.


Use it to fuel what it is you desire, what will make you forget your anger in the first place.

Galbatorix wishes us to capture Eragon and Saphira.

I thought as much. Do you still have doubts?

Yes. He's my brother. Thorn did not answer, Murtagh assumed he had given up on the conversation and fallen asleep, as he usually did. He shed his dusty clothes and changed into clean garments before giving into the weariness that had followed him from the Burning Plains.

Waking to the bright rays of sunlight that passed through her room, Caitrin turned away from the light to fall back asleep. Her light brown hair was strewn across the pillow and hung in whisps over her tanned skin. She pulled the warm coverlets back over her slender body, slowly drifting off again. A disturbance below her window woke her with a start.

The sound of a dragon's roar echoed beneath her bower, she sat straight up and hastily pulled on a tunic. Darting to the window, she leaned over the stone edge to see a vibrant red dragon circling in the courtyard. His rider, Murtagh she presumed, stood a few feet away, seemingly just staring at him. Caitrin had heard of riders communicating with their dragons telepathically, so she assumed that was the case. They appeared to be training, practicing new moves and maneuvers.

Thoroughly annoyed at being rudely awakened, she dressed fully in an over tunic and leggings before sweeping her hair into a plait. She pulled on her boots and set off for the kitchen to grab something to eat before finding something to do. While she was in the palace, she was free to do whatever she liked until Galbatorix requested her services. She had no family to go back to, and no other interests besides killing. Her payment was an occasional 50 crowns a head, depending on the targeted victim, and free room and board.

The kitchen was still bustling after they had prepared the king's breakfast, for his midday meal was to be started soon after if it was to be finished in time. Grabbing an apple amidst the chaos she quickly removed herself from the kitchen and sat down on a stone bench near the courtyard. The sound of more roaring and clashing swords met her ears. The rider had an opponent.

Savoring the sweet taste of the fruit after days of nearly starving, she basked in the early morning sun. She was content to be alone. The merchant had been surprisingly well guarded for merely a low status tradesman, which was what had lead the king to suspect there was more to him than meets the eye. A sword was knocked from a fighter's hand in the courtyard and it pulled her from her thoughts.

"My lady," Caitrin turned to see a nervous servant at her side. She was not used to being addressed as a 'lady'.

"Yes," she prompted.

"The King requests your presence immediately," he bowed and sped off. Throwing the apple core to the ground, Caitrin stood up and stalked to the throne room yet again. He could not have possibly found another target in less than a day. Courtiers had crowded outside the throne room, whispering amongst themselves. Caitrin pushed through the crowd, entering the room to see Galbatorix pacing in front of his throne and his advisors lined up behind him. He acknowledged her presence and she stood patiently before him.

Minutes passed, and Caitrin became increasingly curious as to what the king had summoned her for. Hearing a commotion behind her, she turned her head to see Murtagh make his way through the crowd and enter before the king as well. He stopped next to her, surprise showing on his face at seeing her there. Galbatorix ceased his pacing and stood tall before the court. The doors shut loudly behind them.

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