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Chapter 1

"Remember, if the teacher doesn't assign seats, sit in the front to get the best advantage out of the class," my mother reminded me as she handed my lunch. "I'm paying good money to send you to that school and I want you to learn all you can."

I rolled my eyes. "Mom, I've gone to school before. This isn't any different."

She gave me a stern look. "This is high school now, Meredith. You're not a child anymore; you're a young adult. These are the most important years of your adolescent life and I don't want you to waste them. You will be strong young woman with a successful career and high school is the chance to build strong foundations. Do you understand?"

"Yes ma'am," I replied, almost automatically. If I just agreed, she'd stop sooner.

"Good." She gave me a stiff hug and opened the front door to let me out. "Have a good day at school."

With a deep breath, I stepped out of my house and began to walk to my new high school, Seattle Grace Prepatory. It was a private school, boasting a student body made of six hundred of the nation's brightest students. It was a very selective school, but luckily my mother, Ellis Grey, was an alumni and valedictorian for the class of 1979. Not to mention, my entrance exam scores were truly exemplary and placed me in the ninety-sixth percentile. They also managed to lower the tuition cost from an appalling $10,000 a year to only an alarming $6,000.

I lived ten minutes away from the school on foot (two minutes by car) and since I left an hour before the first bell rang, I had plenty of time to tour the school and gather my bearings before the school began to get very crowded.

Despite my reassurances to my mother, I felt a little apprehensive as I walked through the heavy oak doors for the first time. I clutched the books in my arms, as if they were some emotional anchor that kept me weighted to my sanity. The school itself wasn't very big compared to most other schools, but for a freshman who came from an even smaller elementary school, the long hallways and the modern artwork framed on all the walls could have scared anyone to death. Breathing in slowly to calm my erratic heartbeat, I pulled out the information from one of the pockets in my backpack and tried to navigate my way through the halls.

After finding my locker, wrestling with the lock, and arranging all the books in order of period, I pulled out my schedule and started to memorize it. I didn't want to look like most freshmen, with their noses, buried in their schedule and wandering around the building. After I memorized the schedule, I memorized the map and placed in my mind where all my classes were so I wouldn't have to pull it out again. I was so busy trying to prepare myself for the day, that I didn't realize that more students were coming in.

"Whoops!" I felt someone roughly bump into me, slamming me against my locker. "Sorry about that."

I looked up into the pair of bluest eyes I had ever seen in my life. I could almost feel the ground fall out from underneath me and the breath fly out of my lungs (well, partly because he had just slammed me against a locker).

"That's okay," I managed to reply breathlessly. The guy smiled at me and it vaguely registered in my mind that I should watch out for him. I hadn't seen anyone else yet, but I was willing to bet that he was easily the most beautiful guy in the school with wavy black hair with a shadow of stubble covering chin and cheeks, and a very white smile.

"Are you okay?" he asked, concern tainting his voice. My throat closed up, so all I could manage to do was nod.

At that moment, a tall, equally handsome boy walked up behind my assailant. "Geez, Derek! Terrorizing the freshmen already!"

The two of them laughed as I was still uncomfortably pressed against the locker. "I'm not terrorizing her! You pushed me." He turned back to me. "Sorry again. My name's Derek Shepherd, by the way. What's yours?"

"I'm Meredith Grey," I replied hoarsely.

Derek flashed his blinding white smile. "Nice to meet you."

I nodded again.

He realized he still had me up against my locker, so he moved and gestured to his friend. "This idiot is the reason I bumped into you. His name is Mark Sloane."

Mark smiled and offered me his hand. I took it and managed a very small smile. "Nice to meet you," he said, almost seductively.

"Well, we'll see you around, Meredith. Good luck at Seattle Grace!" Derek called as he and Mark began to make their way down the hallway.

"Thanks," I muttered under my breath. After watching them round the corner, I caught a glimpse of my watch. I decided to test my memory before classes started and run through my schedule by finding all my classrooms.

"Welcome to your first semester of ninth grade Biology," Dr. Bailey said briskly as she passed copies of our syllabus down the rows. "My name is Dr. Miranda Bailey, but you will call me Dr. Bailey. Of course, some of you might have already heard several of my former students refer to me as 'the Nazi'."

The guy sitting in front of me with short, mousy brown hair looked like he was going to puke out of nervousness. I could see little droplets of sweat trickle down his neck.

"I will begin every class period by calling roll," she announced to us as she pulled out her clipboard and a pen. "Margaret Adams!"


She continued down the list and paused for some time right in the middle. "Meredith Grey?"

"Here," I said. She eyed me curiously.

"Are you related to Ellis Grey?"

"I'm her daughter."

Dr. Bailey nodded and continued with the rest of roll. After checking off all our names, she went through the rules and procedures of her class with us. She was just as I expected; very exacting and a perfectionist. She warned us at the very beginning that it would be a very difficult class, but she had confidence that we would live up to her expectations. Before class ended, she gave us the reading assignment and we all carefully copied it down in our planners the school had issued us.

I walked out of the classroom with the sweaty boy who sat in front of me. His name, according to the class roster, was George O'Malley.

"Wow, she sounds really tough," he said nervously.

"Yeah," I agreed. "I have a feeling that she wasn't lying when she said her class was difficult."

"Me too," he nodded. "I'm George O'Malley. What's your name?"

"Meredith Grey. Nice to meet you."

"You too." We shook hands as we continued down the hallway. George seemed like a really nice boy with a sweet face and kind, green eyes. I got the impression that he was eager to please and eager to learn. He reminded a little of a puppy.

"What class do you have next?" he asked.

"English pre AP with Mrs. Byrum. What about you?"

"Geography with Mr. Nemeth. I heard he's difficult too."

I smiled at him sympathetically. "I don't have him until next semester. You have a really tough schedule."

He sighed and hung his head. "Story of my life. I'll see you around, Meredith."

I waved. "Bye, George."

We parted ways and I walked off to English class feeling slightly less anxious. I had just made my first friend.

When I walked into the classroom, I was greeted by a very stern, short teacher with a furrowed brow and thin lips. "What's your name?" she asked solemnly.

"Meredith Grey," I supplied.

She referred to her seating chart and pointed to the desk in the very front of the room. Without another word, I set down my backpack next to my seat and watched her place the others that walked into her classroom. Not even two seconds before the bell rang, a boy came skidding through the doorway with a wild look in his eye.

"You're late," Mrs. Byrum informed him.

"I'm sorry," he replied smoothly. "I couldn't find my classroom."

"That's no excuse. Being tardy is unacceptable. Go to the deans' office and get a pass."

"Aw, come on!" the boy shouted. "It's the first day of school, and I'm a freshman! Cut me some slack, will ya?"

She narrowed her eyes and the boy grumbled off into the hallway without another word. After he left, Mrs. Byrum turned to the class and informed us explicitly that under no circumstances would she accept tardiness without a pass from another teacher or faculty member. "You shouldn't even bother walking into my classroom late. If you know you'll be late, go to the deans' office and get a pass."

When the boy came back, she looked down at the name on her pass. "Welcome to freshman English pre Advanced Placement, Mr. Karev. Please take the seat next to Ms. Kavanaugh."

My morning classes proceeded much in the same fashion. The only other notable event was when our Geography teacher, Mr. Edgehill, paired us off so we could get to know one another. I was paired with a girl named Isobel Stevens.

"But please do not call me Isobel," she shuddered. "I hate that name. Just call me Izzie."

I smiled. "Okay."

Izzie was a very pretty girl; she had long, platinum blonde hair and big, shadowy brown eyes. Even on her first day, guys were starting to eye her hungrily. I told her and she just rolled her eyes. "Guys are pigs, Meredith. I'm here to learn, not to date."

By the time lunch rolled around, I found a table with George and Izzie. We passed the time swapping our lunch items and exchanging first day horror stories.

"I haven't been to biology yet, but I have Dr. Bailey too. Is she really a Nazi?"

"Oh man," George exclaimed. "I thought lasers were going to come out of her eyes and burn my skin to a crisp. She was so scary!"

I laughed at Izzie's terrified expression. "George is exaggerating."

"I am not!" he shouted. "She's scary! She could eat me!"

Izzie and I laughed. After we finished eating, we played rock paper scissors to see who would throw out the garbage. I lost.

On my way to the garbage can, someone slammed into me for the second time that day. Time seemed to suspend as I felt myself hurtle towards the ground, but before I landed, someone grabbed hold of my arm.

"Oh, I'm so sorry, Meredith." I recognized the voice and felt a blush fire up in my face. Looking up, I watched as an apologetic smile spread across Derek's shadowed cheeks. "I keep bumping into you."

I managed a very weak chuckle. "Let me guess…Mark pushed you again?"

"Ah geez. The girl knows me too well," Mark said from behind Derek. He too had an equally wide smile aimed at me. "But you, my dear, are incorrect. Before you get the wrong impression of my friend, you should know that he is inalterably clumsy."

I watched Derek briefly grimace at Mark, then turn his attention back to me. "I'm really sorry, again. I'll try not to keep falling on you."

"Yeah, that would be great, thanks."

He laughed, and my spine tingled at the sound. "I'll see you around then."

I nodded. "Yeah. See you."

Derek let go of my arm and waved as he walked out of the cafeteria with Mark close by his side. Trying to ignore the curious stares of underclassmen and upperclassmen alike, I quickly threw away our trash and walked back to my table.

"Omigosh, did Derek Shepherd just bump into you?" Izzie whispered urgently.

"Um, I guess," I said uncomfortably. "He bumped into me this morning, too. Well, more like he slammed me against a locker."

"No way!" Izzie squealed. George gave her a weird look, but she ignored him.

"What's the big deal?" he asked grudgingly. "What's so special about him?"

"Omigosh, Derek Shepherd and Mark Sloane are not only best friends, but the most popular senior guys at Seattle Grace. Not to mention they're the brightest and most promising. The fact that they talked to a freshman, much less Meredith is a huge deal."

"Hey," I protested indignantly, but Izzie ignored me.

"I can't believe it! You know the two most popular guys in school! Can you imagine how many parties that can get us invited to?"

"I thought you said you were here to learn, not to date."

Izzie shrugged. "I am here to learn. But an important part of high school is socialization, and I want to get the most out of this place as I can."

I had two more classes after lunch: Geometry honors and Latin. I shared both of them with an abrasive Asian American girl named Cristina Yang. When Mrs. Rodriguez asked us the definition of Geometry, she punched the air with her arm and spouted off the memorized definition from the book before the teacher got a chance to call on her.

"Thank you, Ms. Yang. I'm glad you got the chance to read your books over the summer."

She nodded briskly and proceeded to answer every single question Mrs. Rodriguez directed at the class without allowing any of us to answer.

When we got to Latin, Mr. Pactor placed the two of us together and when he called on me to answer one of his questions, Cristina gave me a glare of utmost loathing. When he turned around to write something on the board, she hissed quickly at me, "I'm onto your game, Grey, and it's not going to work."

Needless to say, she answered the rest of his questions before I could by never raising her hand.

The end of the day found me at my locker, gathering all the books I needed for my homework that night. On the walk home, I reflected on the events of the past day and concluded, with satisfaction, that my first day of high school had been a success.

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