Nipped Nap: Why it's better to stick with one queen....

It was the night of the Jellicle Ball. Tugger stood watching Bombalurina dance, studying her carefully. She looked REALLY good out there now....of did all the other queens....and some of the toms, too....wait, no, that's not right. He had to admit, he had taken a little too much catnip, but hey, he was the Tugger! He could handle it! He could handle anything.....including the saucy red queen dancing in front of him.....Stepping out on the dance floor, he paired up with Bombalurina and danced a bit before carrying her away and setting the red queen down by the tire.

Next to him, Alonzo laughed, a slightly high-pitched, giggling laugh. He'd had more catnip than he needed, as well, but there was no harm in getting 'nipped during the Ball. After all, it was a time of celebration! Still laughing for no apparent reason, the black and white tom offered Tugger another bag of the stuff, which was accepted and digested quickly.

The music was beginning to slow down, a sure sign that the catnap that traditionally took place in the middle of the Ball was nearing quickly. Tugger looked around at the various queens who weren't paired off yet, his drunken state of mind making them all look a lot better than he normally would have thought. He caught sight of a queen near the Ford that looked even more 'nipped than he was, and he smiled slyly to himself. "There's one I haven't had…" he thought, sliding his way over to the queen. They rolled around on the ground for a few minutes before falling asleep next to each other.

(Not long after that....)

Tugger woke up in a slightly more reasonable state than he'd fallen asleep in. Suddenly, he realized just WHO he was curled up next to, and recoiled in horror. He quickly got up and resumed dancing with the other cats, trying to take his mind off what just happened. The dance ended, and then Grizabella appeared out of the corner of the Yard. Strutting past her, Tugger went off to join his friend Mistoffelees.

Frowning slightly, Misto nudged Tugger. "Hey….you seem awfully crabby, Mr. Curious Cat. What's your prob?"

"You wanna know what my problem is? I'll tell you. I just spent the catnap with Jennyanydots." Tugger replied flatly.

Bombalurina was standing nearby and heard Tugger's last remark. Seething, she stormed over and slapped him smartly across the face. "YOU CAD!" she yelled, before turning on her heel and marching away.

Rubbing his injured cheek, Tugger sighed and shook his head. "Queens....can't live with 'em, can't live without 'em."