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Chapter one

This story starts just after Naruto's 6th birthday

Naruto sat on the swing staring at the ninja academy, all of the students had long gone in but he didn't want to leave.' why is it they all hate me so much? What did I ever do to any of them?'

He had been sitting there in the same dark mood for hours until he finally gave up and started to walk home.

As he meandered his way home, not really watching where he was walking but still heading in the right direction he heard a shout from a villager "what are YOU doing here demon? Haven't you caused konoha enough grief?"

Naruto didn't listen and kept on walking so the man picked up a rock and threw it at him with a shout " I'm talking to you demon!"

by now all of the older villagers in the area had heard what was going on and started to throw rocks as well until the original man ran up to Naruto and punched him in the head. When they saw no anbu or any other ninja arrive to stop them all of the villagers started beating Naruto until he collapsed to the floor and passed out.

Naruto woke up in a sewer-like tunnel with water flowing around him that didn't seem to be getting him wet, as it was still as cold as one would expect sewer water to be he dragged himself up and started to walk along the tunnel hoping to find a way out. After a while he came to a large open space with a domed ceiling and a caged off area that was blocked off with large thick bars and a paper slip holding the two cage gates shut, when he looked closer the slip had 'seal' written on it. A growl suddenly brought his attention back to the actual cage and its apparent occupant.

"Who dares intrude on my solitude?" as Naruto watched two deep red eyes appeared behind the cage and upon seeing a little human boy it stared at him

'I didn't expect my vessel to be here for very long time yet...but then again I didn't think those villagers would get that foolhardy ether... maybe I should do something' " boy, do you know who I am?"

The voice sounded quite relaxed but it still held a demonic edge and reverberated through his body. Naruto shook his head "I am the Kyuubi no kitsue, I was the one that attacked konoha six years ago and I am the reason

You have been hated and treated the way you have...I was not in control of myself but that is no excuse...I'm sorry kit"

Naruto had been listening the whole time and when Kyuubi stopped talking he started to cry as only a six year old can ( pitifully, heartwrentching and ear-splitting) Kyuubi thought it was ready for Naruto's reaction but was still disturbed, making a decision it turned into it's human form and walked up to the front of the cage.

Naruto looked towards it through teary eyes, what he saw shocked him out of his crying " YOUR A GIRL?!"

Indeed behind the bars stood a grown woman of 5'8 tall with jet black waist length hair,

She was wearing a white kimono with nine golden tails curling around her body, overlaid on that was a pale blue fox. Her eyes were the most striking thing about her; they were a deep shade of blue. Her eyes looked like they were windows from which you could see the ocean.

Kyuubi blushed at his reaction; she had been in her human form before and never gotten this kind of reaction from anyone. She looked up to see the shocked look still on the young boy's face

"Well did anyone ever say I was male?" Naruto thought about it and it was a fair point but that still didn't explain WHY the Kyuubi no kitsue was in a cage and he was TALKING to it/her

"Nobody I guess but why are you in a cage, where are we and WHY ARE WE TALKING?!?!?!"

Kyuubi hadn't talked to anyone in ten years so she wasn't prepared for his questions or his shouting at the end. "How do I put this so I don't freak him out?"

Kyuubi looked thoughtful for a minute then looked at Naruto again "to answer your first question the fourth couldn't destroy me so he sealed me inside a newborn baby...you Naruto. As for where we are, we are inside your mind and as for why we are talking you were beaten till you were out cold and you came here."

Kyuubi broke off towards the end and waited for what she knew would come, right on queue Naruto started shouting


Naruto was fuming but started to calm down as he saw the saddened look on her face " I'm sorry...I shouldn't have said those things..."

Kyuubi made up her mind "Naruto i'm sorry for what has happened to you, I know I can't make it up to you but I would like to try and help you with your life so you won't be lonely anymore"

Naruto had been mentally beating himself up after he shouted at her but stopped when he heard her promise him he wouldn't be alone anymore "how? You look like you're stuck in that cage and were in my head"

Kyuubi couldn't help but laugh " your right, but when you wake up I'm going to lead you to a place just outside of town where I left some things, they should help with your training and eventual acceptance to the ninja academy"

Naruto suddenly disappeared "good luck Naruto"

Naruto groaned as he woke up, he was still lying in the street and it was now dark. "I really aught to get home" Naruto got up and made it back to his apartment, when he got in he collapsed onto his bed and fell asleep.

When Naruto woke up he thought it had been a nightmare but after he got up, got washed and dressed he heard Kyuubi's thoughts in his head "I'm sorry to tell you this but yesterday was no nightmare and WHY WOULD YOU THINK I WAS A NIGHTMARE??? I ONLY TRYED TO APOLLOGISE AND MAKE UP FOR THINGS"

Naruto thought he really aught to be upset but she just sounded like a little girl whining about not having a lollypop, needless to say he burst out laughing "the dangerous and all powerful Kyuubi no kitsue... I'm sorry, you would want to think your day was a nightmare too if you got beaten to a pulp then meeting a demon and being told your life was made a living hell because of something you cant help...anyway what was this place you wanted to show me?"

Naruto finished and waited for Kyuubi to respond "kit I will forgive you this once but remember I actually have feelings?"

Naruto remembered Kyuubi mentioning her reason for attacking konoha " Kyuubi-Chan what did you mean when you said you weren't in control of yourself when you attacked?"

He could feel her shrink back but she decided to tell him " somebody cursed me, they made me blind with rage and transported me to konoha...I destroyed everything until the fourth stopped me, since then I have learned to control my rage in my demon state. Now enough of my past, you wanted to know where I wanted to take you yes."

Naruto nodded even thou Kyuubi couldn't see it she knew he had " well then get ready and I will tell you on the way to the main gate...by the way it may be best if you don't get caught going in or out"

Again Naruto nodded and grabbed his jacket and ran out the do closing it behind him. As he ran to the gate he heard Kyuubi again "when you leave follow the road for about fifty meters then turn right into the forest and keep running until you come to a cliff"

Naruto clambered over the wall and fell down the other side, he go up and did as Kyuubi had told him.

When he got to the cliff he heard Kyuubi again "ok kit place your hand on the cliff and I will do the rest"

Naruto felt very silly but he did as he as told, he felt energy well up from somewhere in his stomach and flow to his hand. When it reached the cliff Kyuubi's voice came out of his mouth "I, the Kyuubi no kitsue open this door for my vessel Uzumaki Naruto and hereby grant him permanent entry to this place and ownership of all there-in"

The cliff face in front of Naruto moved to reveal a tunnel, not wanting to wait he walked in.

As Naruto went further in he walked into a large open space with a domed roof much like the room holding the Kyuubi but in this one the walls were rock not metal and water didn't cover the ground, instead there were passageways off in different directions with different signs over each. Walking to the closest passage he looked up to see a chest as the sign "take this passage first kit, there are some things I want you to have"

Naruto walked to the end of the passage to be met with a room filled with treasure, from gold and jewels to interesting looking ninja equipment. Kyuubi directed him to a set of arm and leg bands and a full body outfit "I want you to put these on under your outfit; the body suit will grow as you do. it is designed to make you completely invisible, it wont take any energy on your part but you will be able to move around the village without being a target like you have been but DON'T use it for any other reason or I wont help you any more. As for the bands they will gain weight every time I add chakra to them, this will help you with strength, agility, speed, stamina and endurance. there is also a set of weapons in another passage I want you to take with you to practice using, every week we will come back here and I will give you s set mount of scrolls and books to read and I will test you when we return next for more."

Naruto let out a groan but did as she said knowing it really WAS for his own good but he didn't have to like it, he just knew it was going to be a lot of work and bother.

After he finished getting the things he needed from each of the passages he left the cave and the cliff closed behind him, with a bag full of books and scrolls and his equipment on he headed home.

After Naruto closed the door he realized he didn't have anything planned for today except stare at the other children and brood...but he could do that another day so he started to read the books, the first book he picked up happened to explain chakra and it's control. This seemed like the best place to start so he spent the next couple of hours reading thought and learning about the basis of all ninja abilities, after he finished he tried moulding chakra in his hand. After concentrating he started to feel energy build and his hand took on a blue glow, feeling satisfied but tired he stopped and went to the kitchen and fixed some instant ramen "well done naruto, that didn't take you long

At all"

Naruto smiled "it wasn't too hard and it seems I can pick up things like this really easily" feeling quite proud of himself he carried on to the next book, this one dealt with hand signs and what they were used for " I guess I can make up a few jutsu to get used to using chakra and be useful in my daily life"

life went on that way for Naruto until he reached his tenth birthday and entered the ninja academy, he had steadily read through most of the books in Kyuubi's cave and had knew quite a lot about most subjects but Kyuubi told him to act dumb and keep to the lower end of the class in terms of skills

"I think it would be best if nobody knew you have been training all this time, given that the villagers and shinobi wouldn't let you into the library or buy new weapons there would be no way you could know or do anything other that if you were in contact with me"

Naruto thought this made sense so he agreed and after he realized he was late for his first class he ran until he burst in through the door as his soon to be teacher Iruka-san started telling his students about the new students "as you can see we have a new student today class, his name is Naruto Uzumaki"

He turned to Naruto "please take a seat Naruto"

Naruto nodded and took the only seat left free.

Hinata had looked up just as the rest of the class had as the door opened to see Naruto and a blush rose on her face "Naruto-kun..."

She had been watching the boy for many years, once she had almost gotten up the courage to go talk to him but her bodyguard had called her back. He had told her that her father had forbidden any of their family to even go near him, when she asked her father why he had forbade them all he said was "I am your father and what I say is for you own good"

And that was the end of it. But now the same boy was in her class and she might be able to get to know him, she had seen how the villagers and other shinobi had treated him and through it all he kept going with a smile on his face and full of confidence. How she wanted to be like him, she had been treated like she was weak and less that her cousin Neji. She was so shy and never thought she would ever be good at anything until she saw how he could get back up and keeps on trying after everything that had happened to him.

Naruto sat down next to Hinata and introduced himself "hey I'm Naruto, what's your name?"

Hinata blushed and started playing with her fingers in nervous shy way "H...Hin..." she stuttered and trailed off, after she calmed down a little she tried again" H...Hinata H...Hyuuga"

Hearing the name Naruto thought back to the book he read on the clans and bloodlines of konoha" Hyuuga? Well I should have known that from the trademark eyes but she is really shy but she is kinda cute..."

His thoughts trailed off onto the subject of her bloodline limit but before he could get very far his teacher called for the class's attention "can anyone tell me about chakra?"

Seeing that nobody was going to answer and wanting to get on with things so he could finish and go train some more he held up his hand, seeing this Iruka nodded to Naruto for permission to explain.

Naruto got up

"chakra is basically a mixture of physical and spiritual energy, ninja combine the two into chakra and use it to fuel their jutsu, you also need proper control otherwise even if you have enough of both types of energy you may not be able to get the proper mix and you wont be able to do anything with it or whatever you were trying to do will blow up in your face"

When he finished he sat down and smiled at his teacher to continue. After he had listened to the boy's explanation Iruka nodded and carried on with the day's lesson.

After class Iruka held Naruto back

"Naruto, I want to thank you for your input today. Its nice to see your ok, I know about your situation and I know how it feels. I was an orphan too and I wanted to know if there was anything I could do?"

Naruto smiled "well I could use a friend sensei, as you might have seen I haven't got many and it can get kinda tiresome on your own"

Iruka smiled sadly and agreed, he had seen how the village had treated him over the years and knew it could not have been easy for him " ok then Naruto...tell you what, would you like to go get something to eat?"

Naruto grinned and nodded like his head was going to topple off so they went to the local ramen stand and ordered a couple of bowls.

When Naruto got home he collapsed onto the sofa those last couple of laps around konoha were the worst...I hope that fox is happy, she is succeeding where the villagers failed and is killing me!

Naruto heard Kyuubi laugh "stop whining kit, you know its for your own good and it wasn't THAT bad. Now onto your chakra control training. I want you to walk up the wall until your on the ceiling and hang there for as long as you can until you can't hold on any longer...I would suggest being above the sofa so you have a soft landing"

Naruto spent the next couple of hours with the blood trying to fill his head and him not only keeping himself up but using chakra to keep the pressure in his head getting too bad. He finally couldn't stay awake any longer and dropped onto the sofa. When he landed he was in front of Kyuubi's cell again.

"Ok kit I have some things to give you, first here" she threw something towards him to land with a metallic clang at his feet. In front of him lay the most beautiful sword he had ever seen, the hand guard was shaped like the nine tails of the demon fox inlayed with silver and another red metal that seemed to glow. The blade was a meter long with a design of the fox and her human form beneath it, on the hilt was the kanji for immortal fox

"Thank you sensei, its beautiful" a scabbard appeared on his back so he slid his new sword into place

"Your welcome kit but I also have another gift for you but promise not to freak out"

Naruto was a little worried but agreed he suddenly felt a whirlwind spring up around him. Naruto felt the flesh under his skin shrink slightly and he could no longer feel his heart beat. When the whirlwind died down there was a full length mirror next to Kyuubi's cell, Naruto we over to it to see what had happened. What he saw shocked him, his body looked emaciated, his skin had tuned grey and he had black patches below his sunken eyes. His hair had turned grey and his clothes had turned to those of a spectre

"WHAT THE HELL HAPPENED TO ME?" he yelled towards Kyuubi who knew what was going to happen but still frowned when he shouted

"Naruto calm down, your not going to stay like that so just let me explain, your new form comes with new abilities. The first of which is you cant die... good to know huh?" not getting the reaction she hoped Kyuubi carried on "in your new form you have control over life and death, to begin with you can put others who are going to die unless something is done into a near coma state so they can survive untill somebody can heal them. Another ability is that of gliding, when you jump from a great height or relax you can glide with the wind. Bad news is your technically dead but its not as big a deal for you as say...anyone else, when you change back your heart will start beating again and it will be like nothing happened. You can access your power over life in your normal form but the more useful abilities like being able to act as a shinigami in sealing jutsu can only be used like this. As your power grows this form will take on more fox like traits."

Naruto relaxed and not was only curious "so how do I turn back?"

Kyuubi had been waiting for him to ask "just think about your normal self, this will be the same for any more forms I give you"

Naruto did as he was told and he was soon back to his normal self "thanks, I was a little worried I would be stuck like that forever!"

Naruto went right up to the cage and hugged her "thank you Kyuubi" Naruto backed off and Kyuubi decided to tell him about the new form some more

" there is a weapon that goes with that form but it will appear when you need it... as that's everything I think you should get some sleep" she gave a mental push and Naruto vanished " I hope he wont need to use that form too soon, it would mean someone he knows would be hurt and that would hurt Naruto"

Over the next couple of weeks Naruto got to know his classmates, most of them were ok. Shikamaru was really smart but he was so lazy! He and Naruto had met up outside of class and played shogi, they were even a pretty good match. Choji ate as much as Naruto, Naruto had read about Choji's clan's jutsu so he knew they needed a lot of energy stores. Hinata still hadn't gotten over her shyness towards him

"What's up with her? Why is she always stuttering and twiddling her fingers?" Her cousin didn't talk to him or anyone else much if at all, Sasuke was always brooding with Ino and Sakura fawning over him..."what made HIM so special?"

Ok he had the sharingan bloodline but so what? It wasn't any better that the "byakugan" and he was just as stuck up as Neji.

Kiba was ok and his dog was pretty cute, Shino was quiet but as Naruto knew about his clan and the fact they used bugs that lived inside them he could understand.Tenten was pretty cute too but she was kinda intimidating with all those weapons she carried around...the fact she could slice off body parts within a moments notice didn't help, Lee just looked like his sensei gai. The two had been training together as Lee had no skill with ninjitsu or genjutsu so he began wearing weights to help his agility and stamina. As Kyuubi had told him he kept his grades low and hid how strong and smart he was getting from everyone.

As the end of his 3 years came around Iruka told them about the exam "this year you will be required to perform a bunshin jutsu, create two perfect clones and hold them for a minimum of ten seconds"

Naruto wasn't worried until Kyuubi spoke up

"Naruto I know this sounds stupid but I think you should fail this exam, and before you start asking why I scanned the mind of the man next to your sensei, he is a traitor to konoha and wants to use you in his plans. I think we should go along with him then find a way to turn him over to the hokage"

this sounded silly but Kyuubi had never done anything before that had endangered him before so he did as she suggested and when it was his turn he produced two terrible bunshins, Iruka looked at them and with reluctance failed Naruto,Mizuki turned to him

"Cant we pass him? He did manage to make two bunshin"

Iruka shook his head "the rules say they have to be perfect copies, there is nothing I can do"

Later when Naruto left the class Mizuki caught up to him "hey...Naruto is it? I feel bad about what happened in there so I'm going to let you in on something, there is another way to pass... All you have to do is learn a jutsu from the forbidden scroll, but afterwards I need you to bring it to me in the forest so I can return it, don't want you getting caught returning it do we?"

With that he walked off and left Naruto thinking "I know he is just tricking me but there must be some powerful jutsu in that scroll for it to be forbidden and I do want to pass..."

Later that night Naruto was jumping on the roofs of the village heading for his meeting with Mizuki "I better sit somewhere and learn a jutsu or two first then I can hand it over"

Naruto was a little weighted down with the bulk of the scroll but wasn't worried, he carried more that this when he started his training. when he got to the forest he sat and opened the scroll, reading each of the numerous jutsu Naruto memorised all of them, most he didn't think he would be able to do yet and some were dangerous but he would learn them in time, after he had learned and mastered the jutsu he thought were ok for the minute he rolled the scroll back up and headed to his meeting place and waited for Mizuki.

When the ninja got there he saw Naruto with the huge scroll on his back

"So he actually managed it? Now I can get out of this useless village and go somewhere better and sell their secrets as well!"

Naruto go up and was about to take off the scroll when Iruka jumped in front of him "don't do it Naruto"

Mizuki was less than pleased " Iruka, what are you doing here? Protecting the demon?"

Naruto knew he meant him but decided to play along "what do you mean?"

Mizuki laughed "should I tell him Iruka?" Mizuki looked at Naruto "the reason you are hated and have grown up with no family!"

Iruka pleaded with him "Mizuki, the third's law!"

Mizuki just laughed again " you boy, are the vessel of the Kyuubi no kitsue, the very demon that tried to destroy konoha and killed half of the village before the forth sealed it inside a newborn baby. They are the reason you have grown up hated and scorned!"

laughing still he looked on to see Naruto's reaction...it never came, Naruto looked calm as thou this was old news, after seeing his reaction Mizuki threw a kunai at him but Iruka jumped in the way getting hit right in the chest, after falling to the floor Naruto ran over to him, after a second he knew he was going to die unless something was done soon, Mizuki just huffed and shouted to Naruto " he knew as well Naruto and he didn't tell you, they all lied to you! Your a monster now DIE!"

he was going to rush Naruto when the little boy spoke in a very quiet but dangerous voice " I don't care Mizuki-san, I knew everything a long time ago...you told me I could graduate if I learned a jutsu from this scroll" Naruto took the forbidden scroll off his back and leaned on it " well I guess its time I showed you what I learned!"

Finishing he made a seal and shouted "KAGE BUNSHIN NO JUTSU"

and in a large puff of smoke a thousand or more Naruto's appeared and proceeded to beat Mizuki into a bloody smear on the grass then picked him up, tied him up and handed him to the original Naruto. After he saw his clones bow and disappear he ran over to Iruka, checking his wound again he knew he was going to die "Naruto... close your eyes cough"

Naruto was crying but did as he was told, after a moment he felt something on his forehead. he opened his eyes to see his teacher without his forehead protector " you are now a genin of konoha Naruto, bare that title with pride" he coughed again and fell unconscious, Naruto was still crying but suddenly remembered about the gift Kyuubi gave him, as this was the first time he used it he changed form. He once again looked like a wraith, placing his hand on his teacher he forced him into a coma state and stopped the damage going any farther "ok so he is stable, now what?"

Kyuubi was back in his head "you should be able to get him to the hospital but they would worry if you bought him in as you are so change back and carry him!" Naruto hoisted his Iruka onto his back with ease, changed back and sped to the hospital so they could save his sensei.

After that incident Naruto was called to see the hokage "Naruto I know what happened with Mizuki and Iruka, I'm sorry I could not send anyone to help. Mizuki has been arrested and imprisoned and Iruka his recovering in hospital... I know you stole the forbidden scroll but it was returned so no harm done."

Naruto looked relieved "but I do have some questions, for example what did you DO to them? Mizuki had to have a team of medic-nins heal him and Iruka is in a coma and wont wake up... I am told it is what saved his live but what happened?"

Naruto explain about Mizuki then told the hokage what had happened with Iruka "so you see I had no choice"

The hokage to a pull on his pipe and let the smoke out slowly "so the Kyuubi DID help him...I guess it was for the best" he excused Naruto and the boy walked home for some well deserved sleep

A week later he was back in the classroom with Iruka congratulating them on becoming genin and telling them they would be assigned together in a three man group with a jounin leader, as he read out the groups the jounin came in to collect their group, everyone else left until Naruto, Sakura and Sasuke were left

"You three are assigned to Hatake Kakashi, you may want to get out a book because you could be waiting a while" they all looked at him quizzically "Kakashi is notoriously late for everything."

They all found something to do and their teacher left. Three hours later Naruto decided he was going to punish their new sensei for being so tardy, he opened the door a crack and placed a board eraser on top so it would fall on his head when he came in.

"Naruto, you don't really think that will work do you?" Sakura said discouragingly. unlike her Naruto knew about their new teacher, he was famous for not only being late but also always having his nose in a copy of 'icha icha paradise' so when Kakashi finally arrived he opened the door to have the eraser fall on his head, Naruto couldn't help but fall on the floor laughing

"My first opinion is...I don't like you"