Can I Forgive You

A.N. This is my first fanfic, it's going to be a NaruSaku, I'm also going to have a couple of OC's, but their roles will be so small that you will barley be able to notice them. Also this fanfic is dedicated to Sharingank, Sharingank is my all time favorite NaruSaku writer (Petals is my favorite story by her), and that's what inspired me to write this NaruSaku, its probably going to be horrible, but I just hope that it will be a good read for you. So enjoy.

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Present day

The wind howled and the crisp breeze bit at the face of the tall figure trudging through the thin layer of snow in the woods. It had just started snowing in fire country; it always did at the end of October. The trees (the evergreens of course) still had their brilliant green color, and the thin layers of white snow on their branches, along with the snowflakes that fell down in the air made which it look beautiful in the night sky. As if white fireflies were dancing among the swirls of the wind.

Naruto was heading back towards Konoha slowly. He was walking through the forest that gave the hidden village its name. He was wearing a cloak similar to the cloaks worn by the Akatsuki. His was slightly different, it was shiny black, and it had orange lining at the end of the sleeves(where your hands come out), and at the top of the collar. There was also orange lining down along the zipper. On the back of the cloak was a dragon symbol (picture the mortal kombat symbol. I don't own mortal kombat either. The cloak will be explained later If I decide to continue the story) He had a hoodie, which spread shadows across his face, and hid his sun kissed, golden hair.

It had been almost 1 year since the events that caused him to leave Konoha.



Naruto had been fifteen and a half years old. Everything was going great. He was getting stronger, and Sakura was finally starting get closer to him. He had not been counting on her to love him though, he knew those feelings were reserved for Sasuke. Sasuke… he would save Sasuke, he had the strength now, but he still could not defeat Orochimaru, or Itachi for that matter. He would find a way to do it, for Sakura-chan's sake.

"AWWWHH" yawned Naruto as he picked up his gear, he had just partaken in a rigorous sparring session with Lee. "You did great today Naruto-san, the flame of youth burns significantly within you", exclaimed the chunin in green spandex, enthusiastically. "Thanks fuzzy-brows, you're getting really strong yourself", answered Naruto while grinning that oh-so-famous grin of his, while rubbing the back of his neck. After exchanging their famous thumbs up the two shinobi parted ways.

"Naruto!" This caused Naruto to turn around instantly; he recognized that sweet voice all the time. "Sakura-chan", he greeted the pink-haired kunoichi with a warm smile. 'He always smiles when he sees me, I've treated him so horribly, but he's always forgiven me, I don't deserve it' thought Sakura. "Hey, whats up? ", she asked with a smile on her face.

"Nothing, just heading home to get changed, how about you?" replied Naruto gleefully.

"Well I was heading home as well, but I saw you so I decided to say hi", said Sakura.

"You know, after I get changed, I'm heading out to get some ramen. You could come if you'd like", asked Naruto.

"Sure, it'll be fun to hang out. I'll meet you there", answered Sakura, while smiling. 'Why are you smiling so much, its only Naruto here' thought Sakura to herself.

"It's a date!" yelled Naruto excitedly.

BOOM! Naruto clutched the giant bruise on his head and whined "Sakura-chaann, easy with that strength-WHAAM! Naruto was caught with another one.

"You just don't know when to shut it do you!!?" yelled Sakura, while holding back giggles.

"I'm sorry", murmured Naruto while he lay on the ground with little x's in his eyes.

She knelt over his body and quickly pecked him on the lips as she ran home to change, while giggling.

That was where it started. Naruto and Sakura started seeing more and more of each other that year. They saw each other everyday, and were accustomed to the other's face. They knew each other intimately, yet their relationship was undefined. Neither of them could place it.


One year later, on Naruto's 16th birthday…

"The party was great Naruto! Happy Birthday" said Tenten as her and Neji left, along with the rest of the Rookie Nine.

"Thanks for the gifts, and I'm really glad you all came", answered Naruto, 'you're all my very precious friends, thank you…' Naruto thought as a single tear streamed down his face.

All of the sudden he felt two arms hug him from behind, and that soft voice and smell of strawberries he would always recognize. "Why are you crying Naruto, whispered Sakura into his hair". 'He smells like ramen, and I've really grown to like ramen' "Are you sad?"

"I couldn't be happier", said Naruto as he turned around and realized how close he was to her. Their noses just barley grazing.

"I think I could give you a gift that would make you even happier", mumbled Sakura. She then proceeded with bringing her face up to Naruto's and kissing him on the lips for a second.

Naruto's eyes widened out of the shock he just felt. He knew she loved Sasuke, to think that she would feel the same for him would be an ignorant thought. 'They say ignorance is bliss, and who ever "they" happens to be, is a FUCKING genius, cause I'm taking all the bliss I can get' thought Naruto, as he quickly leaned back down and kissed Sakura hard on the mouth. She moaned at his aggression, and slid her tongue in between his lips and into his mouth. Their tongues danced all over their mouths fighting a war neither wanted to win or lose. After what seemed like years they broke apart.

"Naruto…" Sakura breathed, as she looked into his bright cerulean eyes.

"Sakura, I'm sorry, I know you don't feel- he was cut off as Sakura kissed his mouth as though she was choking and the only air she could find came from Naruto. Sakura caught Naruto's tongue in her mouth, between her teeth and held it there, while licking it furiously. This made Naruto moan into Sakura's mouth.

They had been intimate with each other before, but today was different. Today they would take it to another level.

Sakura grabbed his hand and lead him towards his bed. Naruto sat down as Sakura sat on his lap. They then began to undress each other, while kissing passionatly. When they were naked, Sakura straddled Naruto, and held his wrists above his head as he was lying down. She proceeded to kiss him even more. Naruto got one of his hands free and grabbed Sakura's left breast (with his right hand). She had a perfect body. Her hips were nice and round, her bum was firm, and decently sized. But her breasts were unbelievable. Sakura's breasts were slightly bigger then Naruto's hand, and they were perfectly round, they fit in his hand as thought they wre two pieces of the same puzzle. Her skin was softer then silk, its perfection reminded him of ivory statues made as tributes to goddesses that were created by artists in western countries.

Finally Sakura adjusted herself over Naruto's fine toned body, which had no scars, but a tattoo over his firm, cut, abs. She knew what it was for. That day Yamato and her had to take care of Naruto after he had gone into his 4-tailed rampage would forever be in her memory. She wanted him to know that she was there for him now. She placed his stiff member in between her legs, and slowly took it in her body. It stung; a lot it was her first time. Finally they picked up some rhythm, and after about 15 minutes both lovers were spent.

An hour later, as they just lay there, Naruto spoke with a hurt voice, "why did we do this, what about Sasuke… when I bring him back, what then".

When Sakura didn't reply, Naruto's heart cracked. He got up and went outside for some fresh air. He needed it. He came back home to find that Sakura had left. He just looked at the floor and sighed.


6 months later.

Naruto walked in through the gates of Konoha with Sasuke on his back, unconscious. The two had teamed up together to fight Orochimaru, though they did not kill him, they did manage to kill Kabuto, and Orochimaru took that opportunity to flee. Just before Sasuke fainted he said, "I still want t vengeance on my brother, but my bond with you and Konoha is more important, I realize that… Naruto".

An hour later when Naruto went to check up on Sasuke he saw something that shattered his heart, Sakura was in the room embracing Sasuke as he kissed her forehead. Naruto felt warm tears come to his face, as he turned around and ran out of the hospital.

' After everything I've done for her, she still loves him. Yes he's a good guy now, and he'll protect her and love her, but he still left her. I tried so hard. In the end it was nothing. I was just second best compared to him' thought Naruto. 'Well fuck this village. I don't want to be Hokage, not if I can't have her by my side.'

He went home and slept, he was too tired from the grief. Later that night he packed up all of his things and walked to the same area that Sasuke did all those years ago when he decided he was going to leave for power.

As he came to the end of the village he heard a voice say "Yo".

He turned around to see Sasuke, with a concerned look on his face, "where are you going?" 'Yup Sasuke had changed, for the better, too bad it was too late'


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