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"You said something about finding your…kid?" she questioned hesitantly. Sasuke only smirked slightly.

"I won't say anything until Naruto wakes up." He said simply, and Ino crossed her arms. "What? Sasuke you know this is crazy right? You mention something about a kid or whatever, that belongs to you and Naruto,and then just don't explain? Were you being figurative or what?" Ino complained, impatient and rightfully so. Sasuke ignored her; his thoughts were consumed.

"We really are too young to have a family…but…that won't matter if we do get to take care of the clone…it's not anyone's fault if there's a living human being as a result of experiments, and it's still human. No matter what…right?" Kakashi stood, breaking Sasuke's concentration.

"Don't get your hopes up Sasuke." He left, leaving Sasuke with that, and Sakura and Ino with question marks on their faces.

Chapter XLI


It was another two hours before Naruto seemed to be sleeping lighter than before, and it seemed evident that he was about to wake up. Sakura had left to try to find the Anbu researchers, but Ino had stayed, and was now watching intently as Naruto stretched, groaning slightly.

"Saaasukeee, your lover's waking up, and he looks so cute! You better come see." She cooed teasingly to Sasuke who was at the window across the room. Sasuke briefly gave her a glare for the teasing, but was by the bedside quickly nonetheless, just as Naruto was sitting up and sleepily rubbing his eyes with one hand. Sasuke fingered Naruto's hand that was resting on the bedspread.

"Hey…you feeling alright?" He asked as Naruto adjusted his eyes to the bright sunlight in the room. Ino looked down as Ku-chan began squirming in her lap, and as Sasuke inched closer to Naruto, presumably leaning in to kiss him, Ino suddenly had to let the fox go, giggling as Sasuke halted at the interruption. Ino had to wince at Sasuke's sour glare as Naruto was now chuckling, receiving tiny licks on the cheek from Ku-chan instead of kisses from his fiancé. Soon catching Sasuke's expression, Naruto let the fox curl up comfortably on the bed and climbed out of the covers and over to Sasuke, sensing that he was sorely wanting more attention.

"Sasuke-koi don't make that face!" Naruto whined, on all fours as he leaned closely into Sasuke's line of vision. A devilish grin crossed his face.

"Would you rather be the one licking me, Sasu-kun?" Sasuke moved his hand toward Naruto, dawning a smirk of his own, but suddenly they both became painfully aware of Ino's prying eyes. As they glanced at her, she only blushed, giggling.

"Don't mind me! Go ahead, do what you were doing." She urged, making herself more comfortable in the nearby bedside chair. Naruto cheerily grinned.

"Watch this…" he started to hop on Sasuke's lap and go straight to work, but Sasuke gently held him off.

"Don't encourage her Naru-chan." He said with a raised eyebrow in Ino's direction, while Naruto pouted, stripped of his opportunity to show off.

"Now that you're awake we have things to do. Sakura already offered to find the people we're looking for." Sasuke was saying. Naruto sighed and watched Sasuke for a few moments before deciding to speak.

"Sasuke-koi…what if we don't get to have the clone? What if there's something dangerous about how it was made…and it just can't work?" He asked quietly. Ino turned to watch Sasuke for a reaction, and both herself and Naruto could see Sasuke's countenance fall.

"That won't happen." He said simply. He forced a smile next, which immediately raised a red flag in Naruto's mind. "That won't happen, I know it." Sasuke repeated. The silence that followed was heavy, and slightly unsettling. Naruto looked down at the bed-sheets and fiddled with them somberly.

"Ino…can you give us a minute…" Naruto said quietly, without looking up. Ino stood and nodded, worry written across her face.

"S-sure…" The door closed softly behind her and Sasuke and Naruto were alone in the room. Naruto took a deep breath, and sat cross-legged close beside and facing Sasuke, who was sitting on the edge of the bed, staring at the floor.


"You didn't have to ask Ino to leave."


"You could've talked to me with her here." Sasuke said, looking up from the floor. Naruto shook his head.

"Well I didn't want to! I…kinda' know that talking about this is hard on…well both of us." Naruto said. Sasuke was quiet for only a little while longer before he spoke up. "Naruto-kun…this has to work. They can't keep the clone. I'm…I let myself get too attached to the idea of keeping him ourselves. I shouldn't have…but…" Sasuke stopped there. Naruto sighed.

"Sasuke I already feel bad enough…please just…don't be like this." He said, keeping his gaze downward. Sasuke looked up at him.

"Feel bad…? Naruto—"

"Well of course I feel bad! You had to fall in love with me, and make me fall in love with you. And you knew you couldn't resurrect your clan then!" Naruto exclaimed. Sasuke looked elsewhere.

"If this works, then I can, to some extent...And with you." Naruto stared at Sasuke for a few silent moments, then stood up and walked around into Sasuke's line of vision.

"I want this to happen just as bad as you do. But if it doesn't, I have to know that you'll still be happy…even if it's my fault that we can't keep the clone." Naruto said, sitting down again on the bed where Sasuke was looking.

"Naruto what're you talking about…I'll always be happy with you, no matter what." Sasuke said, emphasizing with his tone that it was a complete given. Naruto shook his head.

"But it might be my fault if we can't…remember, I couldn't even go near the door at first." Sasuke only shook his head in response, and continued to stare at the floor, but he felt Naruto come closer to him.

"Naruto there's always ways to fix things…There's always a loophole. I don't care what happens. I'll find out a way that this will work…just I need for you to be behind me. Just let me believe this can happen. Ok?" Sasuke said quietly. Naruto sat there, his arms by his sides, and watched Sasuke's face. He made himself smile, even though he still couldn't feel that it was helpful to let himself get too hopeful.

"Sasuke's rubbed off on me…I'm really hopeful! Most of the time…and Sasuke…not so much. I guess it couldn't be helped though…We've rubbed off on each other. In fact, what we think about this should be the other way around." Naruto smiled more brightly in an effort to let Sasuke see that he was trying.

"Well…do you have a name? He--He should have a name…right?"

"His name should be Kaishi. It means 'beginning'." Sasuke said without even thinking. Naruto's eyes widened.

"Wow…Sasuke you already had a name…" Sasuke grinned slightly at Naruto. "Yeah…since I first talked to him." There was silence that followed, but it was comfortable silence. Naruto gazed in amazement at Sasuke's profile while Sasuke sat watching the trees swaying outside the big window across from them. After a few more peaceful moments, Naruto slipped his arms around Sasuke's neck.

"Ino's not watching anymore." He murmured. Sasuke turned his head to wordlessly absorb Naruto's attention in the form of a breathless kiss. He laid back, letting Naruto on top of him, and his hands moved to explore Naruto's body; but of course by now he knew Naruto extremely well inside and out. It was now to the point where he knew exactly where to press, kiss, stroke or suck in order to receive a certain pleasurable sound from the kitsune. And it never got old.

"Mm…Sasuke-kun…" Naruto murmured, the result of Sasuke's hands stroking delicate circles around his hips. Sasuke only smirked in response. Naruto had 'levels'. First, Naruto would say his name normally, as he'd just done. Sasuke knew that in a few more minutes it would be Sasuke-'koi' instead of 'kun'. After that, the titles would escalate all the way to 'sama', and if things reached that level it was the best it could get. He clasped his hands around Naruto's waist and pulled him more harshly into him, pressing their hips together while he sucked trails along Naruto's jaw-line, and decided he would make Naruto call him 'sama'.

"You wanted me to lick you…?" At that precise moment, there was a knock on the door. Naruto, panting deliriously, barely even glancing up until Sasuke deviated his own attention.

"Hn…just like old times, huh…" They both sat up and Sasuke stood to go answer the door. Both were now past the point of getting angry due to interruptions.

"Besides, Ku-chan was watching." Sasuke muttered as he walked away from the bed. Naruto blushed, glancing at Ku-chan only to receive a blank stare from the baby fox. "Sasuke I'd forgotten all about him! You were going to do me in front of a baby fox??" Naruto exclaimed. He scratched his head next, as if he didn't know why he'd reacted. "Uh…For some reason that makes me uncomfortable…" Sasuke glanced back and smiled at Naruto's quizzical expression, then opened the door. Ino and Kakashi stood there waiting.

"You guys we found the clone. Well…actually Anbu came and found us…they wanted to talk to you." Sasuke turned to get Naruto, but Naruto was already beside him. He turned back toward Ino and Kakashi, his eyes fixed down the hallway behind them.

"The clone's name is Kaishi. Now…show us where to go."


The rush down the hall seemed to take hours—Naruto could feel the tension in Sasuke's hold on his hand. Sasuke was nervous.

"It's good right…they want to talk to us first!" Naruto encouraged. Sasuke only made some type of grunt in response. They stopped at a set of doors with glass tinted so dark that it was black. Nearly as soon as they'd arrived, a masked Anbu figure emerged from the doors, but what was inside remained carefully concealed.

"Uchiha Sasuke, Uzumaki Naruto…" The Anbu greeted simply. Sasuke wore a strange suspicious look, while Naruto simply waited, wide-eyed.

"We've withheld from experimentation on the clone retrieved from Orochimaru's labs in order to first receive any additional information from the two of you, who were affected by it first-hand. Come with me. Just the two of you and your sensei." Sasuke wordlessly followed him down the hall, and then Kakashi. Naruto hurried after.

"Bye Ino..." he murmured to her without making eye contact as he left.

After following the masked Anbu officer down many corridors and hallways that Naruto didn't even know existed, they finally arrived at an empty, very non-descript room, which seemed to be an old meeting room. There was a simple table in the center and a few chairs. The Anbu moved to the other side of the medium sized table, and Naruto, Sasuke and Kakashi sat across from him, and then without warning, the figure took off his mask. He was a rather young man, who appeared to be in his early-twenties. "Gah! I've never even seen an Anbu take off his mask before!" Naruto exclaimed, pointing. The black haired, green-eyed young man merely smiled. Sasuke leaned back in his chair and sighed. "This is Seiichi. One of the heads of any bodily research that goes on within Anbu." Sasuke murmured. Seiichi folded his hands in front of himself.

"No time for getting acquainted. The reason I needed to talk to you before any procedures were approved was because we need your permission to…use you." Seiichi directed his gaze to Naruto. Kakashi silently watched from his seat, his arms crossed, as Sasuke tensed in his chair and Naruto blinked.


"No." Sasuke interjected solidly. Seiichi glanced in the Uchiha's direction, but only continued talking.

"There's no choice. What we have to find out, is if Naruto truly has an adverse reaction to Orochimaru's clone. It could be fixable, it could be due to Kyuubi, or—it could've been a purposeful objective by Orochimaru himself that Naruto would react violently." Naruto was silent.

"I hadn't thought of that before…If that really is true then…again it'll my fault that the Uchiha clan can't continue." "What do you want me to do…?" Naruto asked. Seiichi tapped his fingers on the table as he talked.

"We need you to first simply enter the room with him, and see what happens. You haven't had contact with him since you lost control of yourself…am I right?" Naruto stared down at the table, fidgeting uncomfortably with his hands in his lap.

"Right…right but I don't want to hurt…anyone…"


After a few more minutes of explanation, both Seiichi and Kakashi left the two alone in the room.

"We'll give you a minute…and then, please meet us out in the hallway." Seiichi had said. Sasuke didn't look too happy with the way things were playing out, and he wasn't attempting to hide it. Naruto decided to speak before Sasuke could.

"I can do it…I'll get to speak to him, and maybe the same thing really won't happen again! It doesn't have to happen. I had been having trouble with Kyuubi the entire time during the mission." Naruto explained before Sasuke could pose any objections. He crossed his arms and glared at the table.

"We don't need this…it's completely unwarranted." Sasuke was saying.

"But it isn't! You heard what that guy said; they're thinking, what if the way Kaishi was constructed is to purposely make me react? We have to make sure that's not true. I'll prove it! I'll prove it to them that it's not true!" Naruto leaned closer to Sasuke, forcing eye contact.

"Don't you trust me?...the same thing won't happen. It definitely won't." Sasuke looked up, only to lift his hand and stroke along Naruto's shoulder, gently moving the fabric of Naruto's shirt aside.

"It's this…that I don't trust." Sasuke muttered, running his finger around the outside of the curse seal there on the skin of Naruto's neck. "And…" his fingers brushed Naruto's cheek, and the whiskers there. "Kyuubi. Kyuubi is the one I don't trust." They both stood and walked to the door of the room silently.

"If anything happens to you—I'm stopping everything." Sasuke pulled the door handle after that, and moved to open the door, but was halted by Naruto's hand on his wrist, and Naruto pushed the door closed again.

"Wait—I just…have to…" He came close, and Sasuke welcomed the closeness, maneuvering Naruto's back to the wall and trapping their bodies together at the waist to give Naruto what he wanted; a long, intimate kiss. They lost themselves in it for a moment, briefly loosing track of how long they were taking. They broke the kiss a little too suddenly once they realized they probably were taking too much time. Sasuke remained close, hovering mere centimeters from Naruto's lips as he spoke.

"No matter how you look at it, technically we still made a child together." He whispered, smirking coolly at Naruto's resulting blush.


A line of Anbu awaited them at the end of the hall, and behind them was a set of double doors and a large window to the right of them. Sasuke noticed what the room was first, and Naruto noticed him visibly tense every muscle. "They have him in an isolation room."

Naruto could practically feel everyone holding their breath as he stepped inside of the quiet room and closed the door.

"I have to do this for Sasuke…he needs this. Nothing can go wrong. Nothing." "Hey…" he said first to the child. The black haired little boy was in the very back left corner of the entirely white room, his knees pulled up to his chest, his eyes fixed on the new intruder, Naruto. His tousled dark hair appeared almost windswept in appearance, and was hanging in his eyes like a rustled mop. It made Naruto smile—the appearance reminded him of Sasuke, how he looked in the morning when he was still sleepy, but too at ease to fix his hair. Naruto stayed where he was, about 15 feet away, and crouched down.

"I'm sure last time you saw me I was probably pretty scary right?" No response. He himself didn't want to think about how he must have appeared then, especially to a little kid. Naruto tilted his head and peered at the bright blue eyes staring back at him. They looked so much like his own that it was somewhat unsettling, and almost like staring into a mirror of his younger self.

"Sasuke-kun protected you…I know that. And hey we gave you a name! You're Kaishi. You like it? Kai-chan?" Naruto smiled brightly, but knew by now that Kaishi probably wouldn't speak, or couldn't at all.

Outside, Sasuke stood with Kakashi on his left and Ino and Sakura to his right. They stood against the window, watching and listening to Naruto speak.

"This is a one-way window. They can't see us from there, and probably don't know we're listening." Seiichi said from behind them.

Naruto sat with his legs folded, making himself more comfortable as he felt more and more at ease with every minute. Kaishi however, did not move at all. Naruto took a deep breath, letting out his tension. He focused his thoughts all onto Sasuke.

"Me and Sasuke-koi really want you, you know. You're made from us, so that's natural…Come to think of it, I don't even know if you understand me. It…seems like you're listening." He watched Kaishi's eyes. They weren't blank or unfeeling; they were watching him intently. What Naruto couldn't determine was whether the intent look was one of fear or not. He was unreadable. It made him feel uneasy, as if he needed to be more guarded.

Naruto continued to talk for minutes and minutes. He received almost zero feedback, but still he told Kaishi stories, and other general things.

Seiichi peered at them with narrowed eyes. "Only a few more minutes, and we'll probably safely assume that there's no danger, and that the mission incident was due to an issue between Naruto and Kyuubi, rather than the clone itself."

"Sasuke-kun, it seems to be going well!" Ino commented, nudging Sasuke's shoulder with her hand. Sasuke leaned with one hand on the glass.

"Yeah…it—" He stopped in mid-sentence. "He's…forcing himself..." Every on-looker directed their attention back to Naruto immediately.

"What is this…it's like…he doesn't know he's doing it but I feel it…Is Kaishi…using his curse seal?" Naruto had to struggle to focus his vision as he stared at the child dazedly watching him back. Kakashi steadily watched Sasuke's every move as Naruto began to move backwards along the floor to create distance.

"This isn't working…but it has to…it has to!" Naruto found himself talking aloud. Sasuke desperately directed his attention to Seiichi, who remained still and stoic.

"Give him a few minutes." He said plainly. Sasuke stared back through the window, and Naruto had fisted his hands in his hair.

The blonde could hear his heartbeat in his ears.

"I have to do this…I have to…Kyuubi can't get control of me this time, Sasuke's watching! Everyone's watching me…and if I can keep control, Sasuke will be so happy…" He looked up and Kaishi hadn't moved. Naruto's head was still pounding. "Don't…don't you know what you're doing?" he pleaded, again receiving nothing more than a blank stare. He moved again, slowly pressing himself all the way back to the wall from the pain.

"Don't you understand?? Sasuke has to keep you!! You have to stop!!" Naruto screamed suddenly. Outside, Kakashi had become far more attentive.

"It seems that the curse seal on the clone activates by itself in order to counter Naruto's presence. This most likely was a plot directly against him and Kyuubi, like we all feared in the first place. The only thing we don't know, is why this clone was abandoned." Sasuke made for the door to the room without warning, but Kakashi had him by the arm before he'd gotten 3 steps. He jerked, freeing himself by force.

"Let me GO! I have to stop this, you heard him, he's trying to do this for me!!"

"Sasuke-kun if you go in there, who knows, it might make things worse!" Sakura exclaimed. The Uchiha's Sharingan had flared up on it's own. Seiichi uncrossed his arms, his eyes fixed on Naruto and the clone in the little white room.

"Give them a minute. We have to wait." He quickly became the object of Sasuke's anger. The group watched as Sasuke snatched his Anbu superior by the collar on pure reflex. "I've seen what happens to him around my curse mark. All that's going to happen is he's going to suffer! And right now, it's only because he's trying to make me happy!!" The onlookers fell silent, Sasuke standing there shaking, his fist still tightened around Seiichi's collar fabric, the only other sound being Naruto's suffering inside the observation room. Ino and Sakura both gasped, and Sakura pressed closer to the window as Naruto stopped struggling, finally falling limp to the floor.

"I can't…let anything…go wrong…" he whispered as his eyes closed, and Kaishi merely blinked, staring blankly at Naruto's unconscious form.


"So. He seemingly forced himself into unconsciousness just to keep his mind from being taken over." Kakashi said. Sasuke, Ino and Sakura were in Naruto's hospital room, where once again Naruto lay sleeping.

"He what?" Ino questioned. Kakashi shrugged.

"It's only what the doctors told me." Sakura glanced across the room, where Sasuke sat in a lone chair by the window, his head bowed and in his hands. He hadn't spoke in 30 minutes.

"He's…getting stressed out." She said, causing Kakashi and Ino to put their attention in Sasuke's direction.

"Well wouldn't you, if this was happening??" Ino said, walking over to Naruto's bed and watching him sleep while she petted Ku-chan, who hadn't left the bed since Naruto had gotten up the first time. The door opened, and even Sasuke looked up as Tsunade's assistant, Shizune, entered.

"Sasuke? Um…Tsunade-sama would like to talk to you about all this…" She winced afterward, indicating that it was nothing good that was in store. Sasuke got up silently and left, his arms crossed uncomfortably as he shuffled down the hallway with a far less than enthused expression on his face; he always did hate going to see Tsunade. He presumed that it most likely had something to do with the fact that two strong personalities were almost always likely to clash. It was the reason why Naruto and Tsunade also clashed to some extent. He could only thank God that he and Naruto had found a way to merge the different aspects of themselves into something he could only describe as amazing. He stopped in front of the open doors of Tsunade's office and sighed.

"Ah well look who it is. Uchiha Sasuke. Come on in and I'll tell you the facts."

"Just the facts?"

"And no backtalk."



When Sasuke left Tsunade's office, he was immediately told that Naruto had been allowed to go back home, and so home he went. He was excited to see that Naruto was awake and seemingly okay when he came in. The look on Naruto's face was still something to be concerned about though.

"Naruto don't—"

"I'm sorry Sasuke…I didn't want to let that happen…" Sasuke went to the couch as Naruto stood up, and sat him back down before he could apologize anymore.

"I wish you wouldn't do that…Things that go wrong are never your fault, don't feel like you have to fix it all." Sasuke said with a small smile. Naruto watched Sasuke's smile fade, and they broke eye contact.

"What…you have something to say, what?!" Naruto moved to face him more directly, his blue eyes wide with anticipation of the worst. Sasuke folded his hands in his lap and stared at them as he fiddled.

"We um…we'll find out tomorrow what everything means and…if you really can't be around him and…all of that." Sasuke said quietly. He hesitantly looked up, reluctant to see the undoubtedly heartbreaking disappointed look on Naruto's face, but he had to see it anyway.

"No…no! What're we going to do if we get bad news tomorrow…?" Naruto groaned, leaning forward and sighing heavily. Sasuke only smirked as he shifted to sit slightly behind Naruto so that he could wrap his arms around Naruto's waist. He rested his chin on Naruto's shoulder.

"And what will you do if we get good news?" Naruto leaned back against Sasuke and turned his head so that their eyes met.

"Well then I guess we'll have a…a…" Naruto paused and his cheeks turned red as he chuckled nervously, running his hand through his hair.

"We'll…have a family. Of sorts." Naruto seemed to freeze up, and Sasuke peered at him warily.

"Something wrong?"

"No! No it's just…I never thought of it like that…" As Sasuke stared, Naruto's blue eyes seemed to light up from the inside. He turned around and hopped onto Sasuke without warning.

"It's like I made a baby with you!" This time it was Sasuke's turn to blush slightly red, right over his nose. Mainly because of the hip to hip contact he'd suddenly become very conscious of.

"Come on let's pretend." Naruto suggested excitedly, sporting some new type of mischievous smirk. Sasuke rose an eyebrow, but couldn't help but be amused.

"Oh? Hm sounds like something I could do…"

"Kind of makes me excited…really excited." Naruto had leaned forward, his arms resting on Sasuke's shoulders as Sasuke eased back into the couch to get more comfortable and admire Naruto on top of him.

"What if we get everything we wanted? Really? I mean I know we're only going to be turning 17 in a while but…I don't think that's a big deal, do you?" Naruto's excitement was causing him to ramble, but Sasuke found only found it cute.

"Well tomorrow we'll find out..." They grinned dazedly for a few moments at each other like two grade school kids with crushes, resulting in one mind-blowing, almost comical, frenzy of a kiss.

"Wait—wait…" Naruto murmured against Sasuke's lips.


"Where's Ku-chan??" Sasuke resisted being annoyed. The truth was that he liked the little thing, it was just hard to admit that when Naruto's thoughts strayed from what they were doing to think about anything fox related in the least.

"Ino said she would bring him over. You know what, it's probably attracted to your chakra...it's unhealthy. Anyways are you going to think about Ku-chan every time we start kissing just because he almost watched us have sex..." Sasuke droned, leaning his head back against the couch. Naruto found the entire thing amusing.

"No…no and I'll prove it…" Sasuke resisted an immediate nosebleed while every inch of Naruto's body pressed intimately into his. He was pinned to the couch with his wrists held over his head within a matter of seconds.

"You stay here. I'll go get a blanket or something 'cause I wanna be here for awhile..." He jogged off, leaving Sasuke simmering in his own lust for a few moments, then came back in with the black blanket from their bedroom. They met each other halfway and just stood there, standing in the middle of the quiet house and exploring one another's mouths until they had steadily backed into the couch again, tripping around the arm of the chair, letting the blanket go as the wall seemed more appealing for the time-being. Naruto made small noises of gratification as Sasuke's mouth trailed kisses up the side of his neck, and he was taken around the waist, pulled into the body pinning him.

"Tell me what to do to you…" Sasuke murmured against Naruto's ear, while his hands busied themselves with exploring the smooth skin under the blonde's shirt. Naruto pulled himself still closer to Sasuke, so that they were pressed against one another fully, without any space to be had, and went to nibble on Sasuke's ear—he knew that was Sasuke's favorite spot...His fingers dug into Sasuke's shoulders.

"I want you to do whatever you want…" He was aggressively lifted a few inches and pushed even more firmly against the wall, hot kisses brushed down his neck and across his collarbone until his mind went flittering away into unspeakable arousal. Sasuke's arms around Naruto's waist and hips squeezed gently, making Naruto unconsciously arch into him, and he paused briefly.

"Good?" he asked. Naruto looked extremely satisfied.

"Yeah…heck yeah…" He answered readily. Sasuke stared down at Naruto for a few seconds, amused.

"Hm. What's that face mean…" he asked slyly. Naruto nibbled his bottom lip briefly before answering. "It means get a little rougher." And so Sasuke pulled him closer by the shirt collar, followed by harsh, nearly bruising kisses—but he wasn't the only one being rough, his actions were mutually returned. They attacked each other's mouths, somehow shifting along the wall and near to a table, their complete focus on one another causing them to disturb a lamp, and it clattered along the table, finally falling and shattering into a hundred pieces.

"Kakashi'll kill us..."

"Whatever…" Naruto breathlessly gasped the word, again gasping as Sasuke had him by the hair, followed by enthusiastic yet gentle sucking and biting along his neck and upper chest. He groaned, clawing at Sasuke's back as he was pushed up and into the wall by Sasuke's no-nonsense handling. His heart raced, and the room seemed to grow hotter by the second. His shirt peeled off from his shoulders like clock-work, and drops of sweat trailed down the center of his body, only to be suddenly interjected by the Uchiha's relentless mouth against his skin. His legs automatically wrap themselves around Sasuke's waist in an all too suggestive plea for closer attention, even though Sasuke had him pressed so hard into the wall that though he was lifted off the floor; he was in no danger of falling. Besides, Sasuke was holding him. There was no way he would be insecure. He sucked air through his teeth as Sasuke nipped his bottom lip, almost drawing blood.

"Ah…Sasuke-san.." he moaned briefly.

"Just bit me back if you want…" Sasuke murmured just as briefly, his voice muffled through their kiss. Naruto only grinned, his head spinning with light-headed bliss as he was torn away from the wall, and thrown back onto the couch, and by now anywhere he was touched nearly burned with stimulation. His eyes fell shut and he moaned in a long sigh of ecstasy and familiarity as Sasuke's full weight lay on top of him.


Outside, Ino neared the little house that team 7 called home. She had Ku-chan in her arms, who was surprisingly being very cooperative. Ku-chan didn't seem to like keeping still for anyone besides Naruto. She knocked at the door a few times, but after no one answered for several minutes, she spotted a window.

"I know they're here…Naruto just got discharged from the hospital. They have to be here." The window had no curtains, she could see, and so she walked up to try to see if maybe she could grab someone's attention. Pressing her face to the glass, her eyes adjusted to the dimmer lighting inside. Detecting movement on the couch, she focused harder. In the next instant something dark flew at the window and she jumped backward with a small yelp.

"Wha?! What—" the dark object fell after it hit, and she soon realized that it was Sasuke's shirt. She scooted to look again, this time her eyes wide.

"Oh wow…" She couldn't look away. Her face turned bright pink, but the sight of Sasuke between Naruto's legs was incredibly impossible to ignore.


"Now then…you seem like you're ready for me, huh?" Sasuke murmured against Naruto's ear. Their fingers laced together as Sasuke forced the friction between them, and the blonde bit his lip to stifle his own volume.

"Don't you hold back around me…" He hissed, his hand snaking between Naruto's legs, and Naruto made a cute squeaking sound before letting his head fall back and moaning so thoroughly that Ino heard him outside the window.

"Ahh…Sasuke-koi…" his tongue ran across his lips desperately. "Make…make me—" he paused and chuckled over his own lack of focus, but Sasuke already knew what he wanted. He let his fingers run lightly down Naruto's cheek, but then let them linger on Naruto's moistened bottom lip.

"Suck for me…" The sentence came out with a slight groan—it was beginning to get pretty obvious that he was reaching his limit. Sasuke let his other arm wrap around Naruto's upper leg while Naruto went to work on the fingers in his mouth. His tongue slipped between and around Sasuke's fingers, followed by a gently sucking motion, and Sasuke instinctually tugged Naruto into a more convenient position underneath him by the leg. He then used the newly moistened fingers to push inside of Naruto while he leaned down closer to quiet Naruto's moans with his mouth.

"You can go harder…" Naruto panted, pushing down slightly on the invading fingers to help Sasuke with his task.

"You're too tight. You're always just…that…tight…" Naruto bit his lip to refrain from screaming as Sasuke removed his fingers, but then forced into him with something a lot larger. Sasuke found himself plowing into the kitsune a lot harder than he had initially intended, but it was all he could muster to keep from ramming the blonde into couch mercilessly until he either passed out or couldn't take any more. He tried to slow up, but it was extremely difficult; his hormonal level had been raging all day thanks to the stressful circumstances, and now he was nearly unstoppable. The concept of beginning a family seemed to indeed be an attractive concept to the both of them.

"Aaah!" Naruto began to scream unhindered. "God…Sasu—" Naruto panted, sweat pouring down his neck.

"Say it…" Sasuke grunted against Naruto, his lips brushing moistly against Naruto's face before he began sucking tenderly. Naruto's eyelids fluttered closed as he completely lost himself with Sasuke rocking back and forth with him.

"Sasuke-sama…!" Naruto's hand went back behind him for support, disturbing a glass cup which fell and shattered on the floor as Sasuke shifted both his and Naruto's weight against the arm of the couch. They began to move slower, slipping into a smooth rhythm with each other, an occasional giggle here and there, and finally becoming lightheaded from their own movements. Sasuke stroked in Naruto's hair, fingering the strands lovingly.

"You wanna' come for me…?"


Outside, Kakashi approached Ino from behind. From yards away he could practically see the steam coming off of her face.

"WHAT…are you doing…" he succeeded in making Ino jump and nervously turn to stare at him. Her face was beet red.

"Uh—um…watching Sasuke-kun make love to Naruto-kun…" Kakashi sighed and rolled his eyes, then peeked briefly.

"Hm…" he turned red and walked away. "Stop being a pervert." He muttered to Ino. She huffed and pointed.

"But!! You peeked too! I'm watching because it's just so romantic!! They've been through all these struggles and Naruto just got out of the hospital for like the hundredth time and now they're loving each other on the couch because they just can't hold back from the other any longer and the situations around them don't matter any more!!" She dramatically stated, but when she looked around, Kakashi was long gone. Going back to her perv window, she made herself comfortable again, letting Ku-chan play in the bushes nearby.


Sasuke was beginning to feel like electricity was being run through his spine, and it was impossible to pace himself any longer.

"Come together with me…" he coaxed, pushing even deeper into the feverishly panting blonde below him, hitting a specific spot that made Naruto writhe, arching into him, immediately coming to an uncontrolled climax for him just as he'd wanted. The sight alone made Sasuke explode. A few drops of blood from his nose even dripped onto Naruto's glossed skin, but that only seemed to excite him further.

"God Naruto—I cannot get enough of you…" he gasped, using his hands to direct Naruto's hips to his own convenience as they rode out the spasms of their climax together. There was knocking on the door as Sasuke took his time with catching his breath, his head laid on Naruto's chest, and Naruto locked his arms around Sasuke's torso while suspiciously keeping an eye over the top of the couch toward the door.

"I don't care what you're doing, I'm coming in…" Kakashi droned from outside. Sasuke merely tugged the blanket up around them without looking up, and went on appearing to be asleep. Kakashi went ahead and opened the door.

"And Ino's with me." He added.

"Damn…" Sasuke finally muttered, sitting up and haphazardly swiping at the mess all over them both with the blanket, and suddenly Naruto fastened the blanket around Sasuke's waist and stole Sasuke's pants for himself before there could be any objection. "Hey…I think you should wear nothing but my pants more often."

"I think you should wear nothing but a blanket more often." Kakashi came closer while they smirked at each other, and Ino was just coming inside the door.

"It's funny how you're covering up, she was watching you through the window the whole time." Kakashi tattled. Naruto only snickered while Sasuke turned pink.

"Are you serious…"

Ino only giggled. "Sorry! But I couldn't help it, Naruto was really loud and it was impossible to just ignore them…"

"Never mind that…" Kakashi interjected before any descriptions got too graphic, sitting down at somewhat of a distance from the two and the couch.

"So it seems that you won't know until tomorrow what will happen." Kakashi affirmed. "Right…but we're not worried. Right Sasuke?" Naruto cheerily asked. Sasuke looked at Naruto beside him, and he could see that Naruto wasn't faking it. He really had chosen to stop doubting, and Sasuke could see it on his face.

"We're not worried…we're not worried. Now if you'll excuse us we have to shower…" Sasuke got up, one hand holding the blanket in the appropriate places, and the other pulling Naruto after him by the hand. Ino stared after them as she cuddled Ku-chan in her lap.

"I think they really will get what they want…won't that be nice?" she smiled as she stared after the two. Kakashi stared with his eyes fixed elsewhere, and Ino glanced at him when he didn't respond right away. Finally he spoke one sentence.

"I'm burning that couch."

At this point im pretty sure I'll be done in around 3-5 chapters...i dont want it to end!!!