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By Kalachuchi

Living with Kyoya for three years now was not as awful as she first thought it would be. Despite the quirks and demands the Ootori heir is known for, she could almost say that she didn't regret the decision she made in choosing Kyoya. Of course he still gets into her head sometimes, but she has learned to shrug it off. Kyoya is Kyoya after all.



"I want to remind you about that party in Tokyo next week. Almost all those from the high society will be there. I assume you've already chosen a dress, right?"



Blinks. "I'm sorry Kyoya. I don't think I can make it. I have a new case coming up, you know."

"There will be a lot of ootoro there."

Pause. "Kyoya…" Sigh. "Do you really think that would still work? We have a stack of ootoro in the fridge, remember?" She straightened up. "And just so you know even if we didn't, doesn't mean I'm going to go to that party," she added indignantly.

"Hmm…" Pushes up glasses. "I see."

"What's that?"

"What's what?"

"That." Haruhi pointed at a vase eight inches high being carefully carried inside the living room.

"That," Kyoya replied, "is a 12th Chinese dynasty vase, a very fine piece of glazed pottery that has survived until now. Beautiful isn't it?"

She swallowed. "Why is it being placed in the middle of the room?" she asked nervously, voice unusually high-pitched.

"To be appreciated by everyone. It's very expensive furniture. Cost me a lot of millions." He turned. "Just make sure no one goes around touching it. It's a very fragile treasure."

The crash, she felt, resonated throughout the whole Ootori mansion. But nothing could defeat the sound of her heart pounding as she realized someone was standing a few feet behind her. She slowly turned around, trying to clear her face from the guilt that was burning inside her.

"That's a ten million loss, Haruhi," Kyoya deadpanned.


He pushed up his glasses. "And a piece of history as well."

"Kyoya, I –"

"Well. We'll just have to talk about the damage later. Right now I have business to attend to." He turned and left a gaping Haruhi behind.

She could only blink. Was he… smirking?

"You have a very beautiful wife, Mr. Ootori."

Kyoya glanced at the food table where Haruhi was, wearing another Hitachiin original.

"Yes. I know."

"I thought she wasn't into this kind of thing."

Kyoya pushed up his glasses and merely smiled.

"There are… ways of convincing her. Haruhi is very fond of history."

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