SUMMARY: Haruhi is pregnant and Kyoya is being... well, Kyoya.

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by Kalachuchi


Kyoya knew there was something special bound to happen. His Ootori instinct had never failed him before, but somehow he couldn't quite seem to put a finger on what that something was. Perhaps it had something to do with Haruhi's recent unusual food cravings (not that her appetite was ever normal, but still). Or maybe her mood swings that were happening more frequently ("What do you mean we don't have any ootoro left, Kyoya? I just ate one this morning!") Or maybe because of the fact that she had been throwing up early in the morning these past few days (Kyoya told her that it's was probably all because of her appetite and suggested that maybe she should stop pouring honey over all her seafood dishes. "It is quite disgusting," he said. Haruhi simply ignored him.)

Yes, for the first time in his life, Kyoya was not sure what was wrong. And like any normal husband, he decided that maybe it was time to seek medical help. After all, anyone who could stomach Haruhi's weird cravings had to be sick.. He was sure of it.


Kyoya could not believe his ears. He stared at the doctor sitting in front him.

"Could you repeat that again, doctor?" Kyoya said, not taking his eyes off Haruhi who was sitting beside him.

"Your wife is pregnant, Kyoya-sama. Congratulations," the doctor repeated cheerfully.


Haruhi beamed at him, her face brightening. "Didn't you hear that Kyoya? You're going to be a father!"

"I am?"

She nodded.

It took a few seconds before that fact could sink in. When it did, the most beautiful smile filled Ootori Kyoya's face.

Father. Kyoya's going to be a father. To a child. His child.

He pushed his glasses up and reached out to touch Haruhi's flat stomach. "Haruhi," he said, not bothering to hide his excitement, "that is the best news I've ever heard."


Tamaki took the ultrasound picture that Kyoya had handed him and stared at it intently.

"It's a boy," Tamaki guessed after a whole minute of scrutiny.

"Yes," Kyoya agreed. Tamaki beamed delightfully. "Yes, he is."

"Oh Kyoya, he is so beautiful!" Tamaki gushed as he pointed at the picture. "He is a marvelous work of art! A prince among princes! A diamond pearl in a treasure box! He is truly destined to follow his parents' footsteps in becoming a world-class host to provide beauty and –"

Haruhi immediately looked up from the book she was reading. "Host?" She repeated in alarm. "Who's going to be a host?"

"– culture in this world. No woman will ever feel lonely, ever again! And I – yes, I, Suoh Tamaki, vows to impart all my knowledge to this unborn fruit of your loins –"

"Who is he going to impart his knowledge to, Kyoya?" Haruhi demanded, staring at her husband.

"– and together we will bring purity and love –"

"To our child, I think," Kyoya replied as he pushed his glasses up.

"– because we shall not let the noble mission of the Host Club be put into oblivion –"

"No son of mine will become a host," Haruhi protested as she touched her stomach protectively. "He will not do anything as stupid and superficial as that."

"– following the tradition of everything we have worked hard for –"

"I don't think it's a bad idea. This might actually be a good starting ground for our son to develop his business skills," Kyoya said impassively. "Oh, and his social interaction too, I guess."

"Kyoya…" Haruhi twitched. "You're already planning how he's going to earn money, aren't you?"

"– for he truly is Kyoya's son, with his dark brooding eyes, smooth jaw line and sharp nose. And of course –"

"Haruhi," Kyoya deadpanned, his eyes gleaming and a crafty grin tugging at his mouth. "I am not planning anything like that."

"– and, oh, what joy! He inherited Kyoya's perfect set of teeth and his soft skin –"

Haruhi sighed. "You are truly something, Kyoya," she said tiredly.

"– and if we look more closely, we can see that he has the same cheekbones as his father –"

"And just so you know, Tamaki," Haruhi cut in as she turned to face him, her patience obviously wearing out, "you've got the picture upside down. That's not the set of teeth he inherited from Kyoya. You're looking at his feet."


"Oh," Tamaki said brightly, flipping the picture around. "So that's why he looks strange."

Kyoya hid his amusement by pushing his glasses up.


"How about Murasaki?" Kyoya suggested.





"Can't you think of anything more… I don't know… shorter and easier to remember?" Haruhi asked.

Kyoya paused thoughtfully.


"Too short."

"I thought you wanted it to be shorter."

"Too short," she repeated.

Kyoya sighed. "Well then, you think up of a name."

Haruhi frowned, her eyes staring at the wall across the couch they were sitting on.

"Well?" he asked. Haruhi smiled.

"I know."


"I was really happy when I heard the news," Fuyumi said during dinner. She smiled as she looked around the table where the whole Ootori family – including Haruhi – were sitting at. "It's going to be a boy, isn't it?"

Kyoya nodded. "We are actually planning to buy his things real soon. I've already asked an interior designer to look at the guest room beside ours. We're going to convert it into a nursery."

Fuyumi's face brightened. "Oh, that's a great idea… Kyoya," she said hopefully. "Do you want me to help you fix the nursery? I've been reading a lot of do-it-yourself magazines for domesticated housewives –"

Kyoya's eyeglasses clouded as a flashback of Fuyumi's attempt to be a domesticated housewife crossed his mind. He pushed his glasses up.

"– and I think I have a lot of contributions to make." She smiled at him.

"I appreciate the offer, Nee-san," he began. "I really do. But all the preparations are… finished. You don't have to worry about anything."

"Oh." Her face fell in disappointment. "That's too bad." Although there was no doubt in Kyoya's mind that they would be better off without her help.

"Kyoya," Ootori Yoshio spoke from the end of the table. Kyoya looked at him. "I suppose you have thought up of a name already?"

"Yes father."

"It should be a name that will show the Ootori's strength, pride and intelligence, of course," the former head of the Ootori Empire continued sternly. "He will, after all, lead the new generation of this family. A name says everything about a person, Kyoya. I hope you haven't forgotten that."

"No, I haven't father. In fact we are very happy with the name we've chosen."

"Oh? And what is it?"

"Yoshio," Kyoya replied. "Ootori Yoshio. We decided to name him after you."


Kyoya glanced at Haruhi who was busy eating. "Haruhi is the one who thought of it, actually." Haruhi looked up at the sound of her name. Yoshio looked at her with those piercing dark eyes and she met his gaze unblinkingly.

"That's very thoughtful of you, Haruhi," Yoshio finally said, unable to hide his surprise.

"Oh no," she replied truthfully. "I think it's a beautiful name. And Kyoya and I both agreed that if we want our son to be a strong, intelligent and a courageous person when he grows up, then why not name him after you?"

Ootori Yoshio blinked. Haruhi smiled.

"And besides," she continued vaguely after a thoughtful pause, "Yoshio is by far the most normal name that we've thought of. It's better than all those weird names Kyoya wanted to use." She wrinkled her nose.

"Ah." Yoshio blinked again, but this time a small smiled played on his lips as he watched Haruhi and Kyoya, both of whom returned to their dinner. "I see."

"Oooh, I hope he becomes a pianist," Fuyumi suddenly said enthusiastically. "I heard that once a child is exposed to classical music at an early age, he's going to be a prodigy."

"He's going to be a businessman," Akito declared. "The Ootori blood runs in his veins after all."

Haruhi suddenly stared at him, her brows furrowed in deep thought.

"Or he could be a politician," Kyoya's other brother suggested. "He could be the next Prime Minister of Japan."

"No Ootori has ventured into politics before. That is a very good idea," Yoshio agreed.

"Haruhi," Fuyumi said as she faced her. "What do you want Yoshio to become?"

"Eh?" She looked at Fuyumi distractedly, taking her gaze off Akito. "Whatever he wants to do I'll just be there to support him."

"Don't you have any wish for him at all?" Fuyumi persisted.

"Any wish?" Haruhi repeated.

Fuyumi nodded.

"Well," Haruhi gulped down her orange juice before answering. "If I could have one wish for my son, it's that I hope he's not going to be an AB blood type."

For the second time that night, there was silence around the table. Everyone paused and stared at her. Surely she didn't just say what they think she did; because when you think about it, almost everyone sitting at that table had that blood type.

"Why is that, Haruhi?" Fuyumi asked curiously.

"Oh, because Kyoya's an AB blood type," she replied, shrugging.. "Not that I have anything against any of you," she added as she looked around the table. "It's just Kyoya is…"

Haruhi trailed off, as if remembering something, then shuddered. She went back to her plate. "Well. One Kyoya in the family is enough, I guess."

All heads - besides Haruhi that is – turned to look at Kyoya, who was calmly eating his dinner. He gently wiped his mouth with a napkin and looked up to meet their bewildered gazes. He looked unperturbed by the whole situation; in fact he even looked bored, like these things normally happened.

"It's the hormones," Kyoya finally said as a way of explanation while adjusting his glasses. "Pregnant women sometimes do not know what they are talking about."

Beside him, Haruhi reached out for another serving of ootoro.


Haruhi did a double take as she entered the Ootori Mansion. The normal sight of servants were gone, and instead about twenty people wearing white robes, gloves and face masks were all running around, holding a can and spraying it at every corner of the house. She tried hard not to be noticed by them, which was difficult considering the fact that they were swarming around her and her bulging stomach, but she eventually reached the hallway and made it to their bedroom without interruption. And then, she froze.

A small antechamber was constructed right in front of their bedroom door with a strange foam-like carpet lying on the floor. A complicated-looking machine stood at the corner and a man, also wearing that same uniform she had seen earlier, was standing behind it. She blinked.

"Eh…" Haruhi began. The man looked up. "What is that?"

"Ah, Haruhi-sama. Kyoya-sama is waiting for you inside," he said as he gestured for her to enter but she remained rooted to the ground.

"What is that?" she repeated. Because from the looks of it, she would have to pass through that… strange carpet and that – blinking machine. And Heaven knows what that could do to her.

"Oh, this." The man suddenly looked proud. "It's the latest device from Germany, Haruhi-sama," he explained as he pointed at the machine. "A machine that scans for any electronic signals, checks for any virus and bacteria that a person might have picked up outside – the carpet foam kills them – and has an identity scanner to verify that you are indeed who you say you are. Kyoya-sama does not want to risk allowing impersonators to enter this room. It's the only one of its kind here in Japan."

Impersonators… –? Haruhi twitched.

The man smiled at her. "Kyoya-sama is waiting for you inside," he repeated. Haruhi frowned then cautiously walked forward. She stepped on the carpet foam and a red laser beam ran through her. There was a 3D representation of her on the screen's machine and a window suddenly popped up, containing all medical information about her. Confirmed: Ootori Haruhi, it read.

"You're all clear to enter," the man told her cheerfully.

"Ah." Well, it was good to know that she is indeed Ootori Haruhi and not some impostor. Maybe not all people could remember their identity, or something. The man opened the door for her and she went inside.

The sight that greeted her was no different from the one when she entered the house. About a dozen people were running around the bedroom, still wearing that same white uniform. She saw Kyoya standing by the window, surveying them as they worked, holding a clipboard in hand. She walked up to him.

"What is this all about?" she asked.

"Well." Kyoya adjusted his glasses. "I've been doing a lot of research Haruhi, and I found out that a baby is more prone to illness during the start of the mother's last trimester. Because he is still starting to develop himself, he still lacks the immunity to fight off certain viruses and bacteria that might cause him harm. So, I've decided to conduct safety measures."

"Safety… Measure," she repeated slowly.

"Yes. As you can see," Kyoya motioned around the room. "I'm keeping the whole Mansion under complete sanitation. In fact, the other workers have already started with the kitchen, on account of you always going there. They are using anti-infection sprays, so you can be sure that anything you touch in this house will be absolutely free of germs."

Haruhi blinked.

"The machine you saw outside is one of my ideas," he continued pleasantly. "Not only will it ensure the cleanliness of the person coming in, but also our safety as well. I don't know if you noticed its identity scanner feature, but it will prevent any… unwanted person from entering this room."

Well, she definitely noticed that. She paused to watch a couple of men change the bed sheets with utmost care. "Kyoya, don't you think you're…" she trailed off.

"Brilliant?" he put in helpfully. "Being a good father?"

"Overreacting?" Haruhi finished..

"Overreacting?" Kyoya echoed. He shook his head. "No, I think not. I mean just think about all those people you encounter everyday. All of those mouth-breathers are carriers of disease, Haruhi. And while I admire the commoner's ability to withstand certain bacteria and viruses, our son Yoshio might, unfortunately, not inherit your useful immune system. So as early of now, I want to ensure the health of our child - the future of the Ootori - and of yours as well."

She stared. "Oh, Kyoya," she sighed, too tired to feel insulted or to say anything longer than that.

"Yes, I know it is pretty ingenious. No one has thought of it before –"

Haruhi could guess why.

"– but I will not hesitate to do these things for my child especially since it is for his own good."

Haruhi began to massage her temples. "You are giving me a headache," she said tiredly as she walked over to the couch on the corner.

"Are you going to sit down on that Haruhi?" Kyoya wanted to know.

She frowned. "Am I not allowed to?"

"Just hold on a minute." Kyoya snapped his fingers, and three men rushed forward and began spraying their anti-infection formula all over the couch. Within seconds, the couch was left sparkling clean.

"You may sit down now," he told her. Haruhi took a deep breath before flopping down on the newly sanitized couch.

Haruhi wondered what other measures Kyoya could come up next. She sighed. She would be very relieved once all of this is over. Very.


It was already past nine in the evening and the Baby Shower Party that Fuyumi had organized was still in full swing. Haruhi looked around after opening all of the gifts that guests had given them. Kyoya had even written it down on his notebook for posterity:

Hitachiin Hikaru and Hitachiin Kaoru – two large boxes of Hitachiin-created clothes – one package full of baby clothes, the other for Haruhi containing maternity dresses. (Almost all were in pink and had frills, much to Haruhi's horror.)

Morinozuka Takeshi – a package of baby toys, ranging from rattles, plastic basketballs to musical instruments.

Haniozuka Mitskuni – a stuffed bunny (which looked awfully a lot like his own Usa-chan) and a set of hygienic products – a set of baby toothbrush and Honey's favorite brand of toothpaste. (Haruhi later learned that the stuffed bunny was supposedly Usa-chan's older brother. How that happened, she didn't bother to ask.)

Hoshakuji Renge- a set of children's video games.

Suoh Tamaki - car keys (Haruhi reminded Tamaki that Yoshio is far too young to drive and that it will take eighteen years before she would allow her son to drive on his own. So Tamaki decided to give him another gift instead.)

Suoh Tamaki – a Five-part guidebook series on "How to be the Perfect Host" (Tamaki proudly informed them that he authored it himself. He even offered his first ever guidebook, something he had written when they were in Karuizawa, helping Haruhi on her summer job. )

Kasanoda Ritsu­ – a couple of puppies. (Kyoya thanked him, then secretly called in his Sanitation-Men to ensure that the dogs were properly vaccinated and be given a full bath. The last thing that they needed was the house to be a breeding ground for fleas and canine saliva..)

Nekozawa Umehito – a replica of Beelzenef ("For Yoshio-kun's protection," Nekozawa told the couple), a black cloak ("We will be waiting for the time Yoshio-kun decides to embrace the darkness") and a thick, dusty, black book with the title "Curses for your Enemies" engraved on the cover. (Kyoya was already on the second chapter when Haruhi caught him. She immediately hid the book, much to his disappointment.)

Haruhi sighed, overwhelmed by the night's chaos, and sat on one of the couches in the Ootori Hall where the party was taking place. Haruhi was grateful for their kindness, she really was, but being pregnant made her tire so easily nowadays. She closed her eyes and leaned back.

Kyoya, who was busy maintaining order in the party, finally noticed her. After giving out a few reminders ("Renge-kun, please do not make fun of Tamaki's book so much. As moronic as the things written in there are, he did spend a lot of time making that," he called as he walked across the room. He stepped over the rolling bodies of the Hitachiin twins who were laughing so hard at Renge's comments; an exasperated "Tamaki, didn't I told you to stop growing mushrooms in this house? I just asked my men to sanitize this place."; and "Kasanoda-san, you might want to wash your hands after playing with the dogs. Haruhi is susceptible to disease."; and "Nee-san, kindly stop frightening Nekozawa-san with that flashlight. I told you he's afraid of light."; and finally "Nekozawa-san, please step out of that closet now. It's still under sanitation."), Kyoya finally reached Haruhi.

"Haruhi?" He asked as he sat beside her, away from the noise of the party. She opened her eyes.

"I'm all right, Kyoya. Just feeling tired, I guess," she replied sighing. Kyoya watched her for a moment before he hesitatingly guided her head to rest on his shoulder.

"Better?" he asked. She nodded before closing her eyes again. "Do you want me to ask them to leave?"

"No," she replied wearily. "They're having fun. Let's just let them be for a while."

For the next minutes, they just sat there quietly with Kyoya watching the party, and Haruhi resting against him.

"He's going to be very lucky," Haruhi suddenly murmured. Kyoya glanced at her..


"Yoshio. He's very lucky to have all these people caring for him."

Kyoya paused. He reached out a hand and stroked Haruhi's bulging stomach. "Yes," he agreed. "Very lucky." And because he thought that no one was looking at them, Kyoya let his chin rest against Haruhi's head. He'd have to deal with the insanity of the party later, he decided. But for now… he closed his eyes to let them rest.


The party ended two hours later, but the couple was not even aware of it. They had fallen asleep on the couch, with Kyoya's arms around Haruhi, looking very, very peaceful.


He found her standing by the window, quietly staring outside.

"Haruhi?" Kyoya crossed the room and walked up to her. "Is there something wrong? Is Yoshio kicking again?"

She shook her head as she touched her stomach. "Not anymore."

"Then what is it?"

Haruhi let out a sigh. "I was thinking how Yoshio is going to look a lot like you," she told him in a disappointed tone.

He paused. "And is there something wrong with that?" he asked in composed uncertainty.

"Well, that would mean that he's going to break a lot of hearts too when he grows up, wouldn't it?"

Kyoya blinked. He fell silent as he watched her stroking her stomach absent-mindedly, gaze resting outside the window.

"Haruhi," Kyoya began casually, making sure his voice was devoid of any emotion, "did I ever break yours?"

"Most of the time," she replied, blinking. "But you would always make it up to me somehow, so I guess it's all right."

Kyoya fell silent for a moment before he quietly walked up behind her. He wrapped his arms around her, from the back, his hands resting on her stomach. He took a deep breath, inhaling her sweet scent before letting go of her reluctantly. He turned her around so she could face him. She blinked at him.


"I'm sorry," he said before he could stop himself. She frowned.

"For what?"

"For everything. And thank you."

"For what?" Haruhi repeated.

"For everything."

She stared at him. "You're weird," she commented.

Kyoya smiled. He leaned forward and gently lifted her chin and he kissed her. He didn't try to pull her close because he doesn't want to squash the baby, but they stood there, with him leaning over her as his lips pressed against hers. After a while, Haruhi slowly pulled back and stared at him for a moment.

"You really are strange today, Kyoya," she finally said.

Kyoya merely smiled again.


"What are you doing, Kyoya?" Haruhi asked as she paused from folding the baby clothes the twins had given them.

"I'm trying to decide what stocks to buy for Yoshio," Kyoya replied as he turned the page of the newspaper on his hands.

She blinked. "Stocks?" she echoed. "As in market stocks?"

"Yes," Kyoya pointed at one of the articles. "This showed that investing on technology stocks is the most popular choice nowadays. But I'm still considering telecommunications or media. What do you think?"

"I think you're going into this too soon," she replied, rubbing her right temple. "Our son hasn't even been born yet, but you're already thinking about that."

"We should start considering it as early now. It is for his future after all."

Haruhi was about to answer when she suddenly gasped and touched her stomach. A trail of water seeped down her legs. "Oh God, please," she gasped, clutching her belly. "Not now. It's too soon."

"We should do it right now, Haruhi," Kyoya disagreed, unaware of his wife's situation. "I was actually thinking of investing on researches on nuclear weapons – " He saw the pained expression on Haruhi's face. "Not," he added quickly, "because I approve of using it, but when you think about it, it's not such a bad idea, I mean, we do have to – "

"Kyoya," she cut in through gritted teeth.

"I know it's not right," Kyoya agreed, pushing his glasses, "but we have to be practical about these things. And I know a lot of people who are, well, willing to help us out. To tell you the truth Haruhi, I've always been interested in the weapons of mass destruction – "

"Kyoya!" Haruhi shrieked, practically grabbing the bed comforter for support.

"I told you it's not bec – " Kyoya turned to look at her. He froze. "Haruhi… your waterbag broke?"

"Because… stocks," she panted, beads of perspiration falling from her forehead, "plans… for… destruction…"

"Why didn't you tell me?" he demanded as he dropped the newspaper and rushed to her side. In one sweeping motion, Kyoya carried Haruhi in his arms – complete with the extra pounds in her womb and all – and hurried down the stairs.


After three hours of listening to the nurses who kept on entering the room to check her condition ("Why do they sound so darn cheerful?" Kyoya growled darkly, glaring at a particular nurse who told them that Haruhi is doing just good, when Kyoya could perfectly observe that Haruhi wasn't. Kyoya made a mental note not to let that person work in Japan again), of seeing Haruhi writhing in pain ("I'm never going to do this with you again, Kyoya," she cried as she gripped his hand tightly. Kyoya pretended he did not hear that one), and having everybody stay outside the room as Haruhi went into labor (The twins were reprimanded by the Hospital security after getting caught as they tried to enter the delivery room, posing as doctors), the long, nine-months of waiting was finally over. A piercing, high-pitched cry coming from a wailing baby filled the entire room and Kyoya could only stare as the doctor swaddled his son in a blanket.

He could not remember whether he had answered Haruhi's hoarse question of "What's his blood type?" In fact, Kyoya could not remember everything too clearly. All he could think about was the newborn baby being gently placed on Haruhi's tired outstretched arms, looking blissfully happy. Haruhi looked at him, her eyes shining. Kyoya smiled at her as the realization sunk in.

Ootori Yoshio, Kyoya and Haruhi's firstborn child, was born.


A/N : This one will probably the last chapter of this series. :) I've been trying to write the tenth chapter for a year now, but, obviously, I failed. And I definitely do not want to write a chapter that I'm not proud of, so I think I'll end it here. If by any chance my muse finally visits me and decides that yes, I've suffered a loooong writer's block for this story and help me out, then I'll be more than willing to continue this. Living with Kyoya was the first story I've ever published (made obvious by the atrocious grammar and stuff.. haha), but I fell in love with KyoHaru pairing as I was writing this, so I hope you guys enjoyed reading this even a tiny bit. Thank you for reading. (and by gods, I hope my muse reads this and finally come home to me. XD)