The doctor sighed "I'm sorry we did the best we could but……………." He started but was cut off by Chris's cry of pain.

"No, no she's not dead she can't be!" Sam put a comforting around her.

"Miss, Denvers you didn't let me finish. Dylan flat lined twice and we were able to bring her back. Unfortunately the second time she was deprived of oxygen for to long and she slipped into a coma." The doctor finished.

"Well what dose that mean?" Dean asked.

"We were able to get her oxygen before it was to late, and her vitals are showing that she will make a full recovery………if she wakes up."

"IF! Oh no, oh no. this is all my fault!" Chris said to Sam's shirt.

"Now, don't get me wrong she could wake up at any given time!" The doctor added hurriedly.

"Can we see her?" Dean and Sam asked at the same time.

"Yes of course, follow me." They followed the doctor leading them to Dylan's room. Chris pulled away from Sam, and ran to Dylan's side.

"Hey, Dyl, its me your annoying baby sister. You got to wake up for me, okay?" Chris asked sniffling. She could sense that her sister was lost, scared and worried. Even in a coma the twins still could sense the other ones emotions and pain.

"Come on sis, you have to wake up, you can't leave me. Not now, not after everything we've been through." Sam walked over to her and put his hand on her shoulder. He knew in a small way how she felt, because only mere weeks ago he was in her position, and Dean in Dylan's.

(Three days later.)

"Chris come on you have to eat something." Sam said pushing her plate back in front of her. It had been three days and still no improvement from Dylan. Chris hadn't slept, eaten or even moved for three days. Until this mourning when Dean and Sam had convinced her to leave and eat something, and stretch her lags.

"I'm not hungry" She mumbled pushing her plate away for the third time.

"Chris if you don't eat…" He let his sentence trail off.

"But I'm not hungry and this food tastes like shit!" She replied, "I shouldn't even be here. I should be with Dylan, for when she wakes up!" She was getting frustrated.

"If anything happens Dean is going to call us, come on Chris please eat something." Sam begged.

That was it! She jumped up and stormed off heading back to her sisters room. Sam got up and followed, unfortunately for Chris he was taller and faster then her.

When he caught up with her he grabbed her arms and spun her around.

"Chris stop! Will you just listen, Deans' not going to let anything happen to her ok don't worry."

"DON"T WORRY! MY TWIN SISTER IS LYING IN A HOSPITAL BED DIE-" She her breath caught in her throat. "No, no she's going to die, she's going to wake up." She said more to her self then to Sam.

"Chris why don't we go out side for a little while, so you can get some fresh air?" Sam asked gently.

She looked him in the eyes, she could trust him couldn't she? I mean in the past week what had he done but help her? She nodded.

They didn't get vary far before, Chris saw something that made her blood run cold. She stopped in her tracks. Sam who had been holding her hand stopped and looked back at her confused. He hadn't seen what she had.

"Chris what's wrong?" He asked looking around to see what had freaked her out so much. Then he saw them, the Dempsons