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Everything changes. Sometimes for the better, sometimes for the worst.

You wouldn't believe it if you'd seen it, but he held everything together; he was the glue that made everything possible. Sure he was usually late to the party, and only seemed to care about the "ultimate battle," but he held it all together. Without him…

My parents did a complete turn around this last time he left, since he's gone for good. Yeah, I got into some trouble when I was younger, but they'd yell, fuss, and ground me for a while, and then we'd be back to the loving family. Now…I can't do anything right, nothing is good enough and I only cause problems. I never knew the kind of effect my grandpa had, since he wasn't around that often.

My friends… my one and only girlfriend turned on me six months after he left. I was too depressing and wrapped up in my own problems, according to her. I wouldn't listen to hers and I constantly complained about my parents. She couldn't take it, and couldn't be seen with me anymore.

A month after that, my best friend, my one true love, whom I desperately needed, told me to shove off, he had a date.

And everyone else? I use to train with my friends dad, but since I've fallen out with them, I don't anymore. I only see him if he comes to me. My grandma is slowly becoming an alcoholic, everyone else has just disappeared. The only people I see are my uncle, and someone who I've surprisingly become close to.

I never thought I'd see the snotty, brainy, rich, beautiful woman as a mother figure, but she has become my second mother. Her dream and my ambition is what have kept me going.

The time is soon. I won't have to worry about my parents endless arguing; their endless fights. I won't have to watch my grandma drink herself to death, or worry about running into people I don't want to see. I will fix the mistake that should never have happened, and make sure I will be okay, even if I, myself, won't be.

Everything changes. I'm going to make sure it changes for the better, or die trying.

This story is mostly from Pan's POV. If anything from this story has all ready been done, I apologize, I haven't seen it, otherwise I wouldn't be doing it. Also, this story has been re-vamped. Most of the first eleven chapters are the same, I've just gone through them, fixed some stuffed, and added a tiny bit. I do apologize for the wait, alot has happened, and honestly, I forgot what I wanted to do with this. I do want to finish this story, and will be working on it again as I now have plenty of free time.

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