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"Mommy? Daddy?" I felt my eyes watering as they continued to advance, knowing I couldn't do anything. My hands clenched into fists as I stared at my beloved Father, knowing I was about to die. I couldn't help but gasp as his hand wrapped around my throat, lifting me up.

"Come on Dad, fight! Don't you remember me?" The world slowly faded to black as my two words echoed around me. A dull roaring sound could be heard as suddenly everything broke open.

"DADDY!" I shrieked at the top of my lungs as I suddenly sat up in the narrow bed. The bright lights blinded me for a moment, but the strength of the memory was still strong, causing me to gasp for air as if I had just been released from his strangling grasp.

"Kaigan?" My eyes shot over to the voice, widening in disbelief. Not noticing the other person in the room, I launched over towards the man, sobbing against his chest.

"Oh Trunks! I failed! I failed everything!" Clutching his shirt while sobbing, I failed to notice the look exchanged between the two of them. Awkwardly patting my back, I felt my sorrow grow as I felt the bridge between us.

"It's okay Kaigan." Pausing for a moment, I looked up into his eyes in confusion.

"Who's Kaigan?" I felt a trickle of fear from the incredulous stare he was giving me. Realization dawned on me after a moment making me look to the side.

"Oh… I get it… You hate me even more now for trying to fix things." Hanging my head, I gently pushed off of him doing my best to stop the tears. 'Come on Pan, what'd Veg-head say? Never let them see you cry.' Wiping the tears off of her cheeks, she felt her fear quickly turn to shame and anger.

"Well fine! Don't say anything!" Whirling around she froze.

"Bulma?… What happened to you!"

"Wake up woman!" I struggled to obey the voice but nothing was working and it hurt so much. I wanted to chuckle as I heard him growl, but I couldn't. 'What's blocking my throat?' I could feel his presence next to me, blinding like the sun; it helped the pain a little, but not enough.

"Woman, if you don't open your eyes I swear to Kami I'll blow up this pathetic mud ball!" I desperately wanted to calm the man, but I couldn't move. 'Oh Vegeta, when will you calm down my love?' I felt his presence slowly fade as they moved away. Panic raised it's ugly head for a moment before blissful darkness replaced everything.

Vegeta stared silently after his wife as they wheeled her into the operating room. He knew her injuries were severe, but she'd be fine. Sneering, he cursed the heavens for lack of a single Senzu. Rubbing his aching neck, he found a place against the wall to wait for her return.

I did my best to keep my jaw off the floor at the end of her tale. I couldn't decide on whether I should feel pity or admiration. Sipping my tea, I watched the easy interaction between the two of them. 'They really do get along nicely. It's a shame about the other one.' Standing up, I gave them a small smile.

"Well this old lady needs to get some rest." Kissing my son on the cheek, I gave the young girl a hug.

"I'm sorry again about over re-acting to you Bulma." Laughing, she waved it away while picking up the plates.

"Nonsense dear. It's no surprise to me that I look different from your Bulma. After all, a lot more damage was done here than there."

Pan simply nodded, not sure if she should tell them about the new enemies they had faced. 'They probably don't exist in this time, and if they do, so what? The Z Fighters aren't here anymore so there's no one to challenge anyways.' She mentally cringe at the instant denial to that statement as her dark orbs met laughing blue ones. Giving Trunks a weak smile, Pan couldn't but sigh as an echo of fear rang through her at the thought of Baby. He was the only one she'd ever truly feared since he had taken everything she'd ever cared about and twisted it. After he was gone, it had taken her a while to grow up and realize that her parents were themselves again along with the rest of her family and friends. Deep down though, there was still a little spot that would cringe in fear at the thought of Baby.

Jumping in her seat, she met Trunks's laughing blue eyes, giving him a weak smile.

"Hey, you alright?" Nodding, she set the cup down before going to lean against the balcony.

"Yeah, just thinking." She stared at the sun as he joined beside her, the two simply watching sunset. She couldn't help but steal peaks at him from the corner of her eye, seeing the differences along with the similarities. He was a little bigger in his body build, but maybe a hair shorter than her Trunks. There was also the scars; he had them almost everywhere. Oh, they were very light and wouldn't be seen unless you really looked at was very close to him. Focusing on the ground, Pan chewed on her lip.

'He's the same, but he's not. I know his life has been different, but I wonder how different he really is?'

"Hey Kai… Pan, right?" She nodded, blushing slightly at his smile.

"Would you want to go out somewhere and just relax? Things have been kind of stressful lately with the city being rebuilt and all." Pan couldn't help but blink at that, thinking rapidly.

"Wait… The city is still being rebuilt? What year is it?" Trunks blinked, raising an eyebrow.

"It's 768; I only came back and defeated the androids a little over a year ago."

"I need to sit down."

I felt my awareness slowly expand from the dark depths that it was hiding from. The first thing my mind registered was the pain; everything hurt. The next thing was the current of strength that was slowly pushing me forward to consciousness. I feebly pushed against it, but there was no resisting the strength of will behind it. I opened my eyes to blinding white light and the harsh smell of antiseptic. I felt my heart begin to speed up as I realized there was a tube down my throat. I struggled against the artificial machine, making my chest hurt even more.

"Stop that woman, you'll only hurt yourself worse." Bulma's eyes flicked over to Vegeta as he pushed himself off of the wall. Standing over her, he slowly uncrossed his arms.

"I'll remove it for you, but you already know it's going to hurt." She nodded, a single tear squeaking out as the pain in her chest grew.

"On the count of three. One… Two…" Before he said three, Vegeta slowly but swiftly removed the tube. Coughing violently, Bulma tried to sit up in the bed, letting out a moan of pain as the back of her skull tried to slide off. Sliding a hand behind her head, Vegeta gently pushed her back down, giving her a mild glare.

"Don't woman, you're lucky you're as good as you are now." Wiping a hand across her bleary eyes, she glared at the man in front of her.

"Then tell me what happened." Grunting, he stepped back. Looking away from her, Vegeta took up his stand stance.

"The banshee tried to kill you. If I hadn't intervened by sharing more of my life force with you than normal, you'd truly be dead. As it is, they still had to operate on you to drain some of the blood." Bulma felt the room slowly start to spin at his words as she did her best not to hyperventilate. Everything slowly eased as her fear was pushed away by a wave of strength. Looking down, Bulma was shocked to find her mate gently cradling her hand. Meeting his dark onyx eyes, she saw all the things he'd never say.

"Woman, you'll not see her alone again." Simply nodding, she accepted his strength and assurance as his own, giving him a small smile as he continued to hold her hand.

"I'm sorry for scaring you." The grunt in return let her know it was alright.

'Oh my Kami, Oh my Kami, who could things have gone so wrong! I HAVEN'T EVEN BEEN BORN YET!' I continued to stare into space as my brain tried to process the information. Instead of going back three years, it had turned into thirty.

'Thirty years! YOU'RE NEVER GOING TO GET HOME!' Wrapping my arms around my knees, I couldn't help but let out a small moan dropping my head as a few tears squeezed out. I had to hold back a whimper as I felt strong arms engulf me. Picking me up, I felt him re-adjust until I was curled up against his chest, listening to his heart.

"It's alright Pan, we'll figure out something. If I can get there and back, I'm sure you can." Pan looked up into Trunks's blue eyes, giving him a miserable smile.

"It's not just that Trunks, it's me realizing that I haven't even been born yet in my time…" Pan bit her lip, looking away from him.

"I never even had the chance to exist in yours." She couldn't help but whisper. She felt him stiffen as that little tidbit sank home. Unknowingly, she pressed her cheek into his hand as when he gently turned her back towards him. Giving her a small smile, he leaned forward, not knowing the knot it caused in her chest.

"I'm glad you're here." Pan couldn't help but look away from him, his honesty was too much. Wanting to both laugh and cry, she simply looked up into the sky. Here, so far away from the place she had called home, she had found what she had been looking for. Sighing, she gave him a watery smile as she decided she might as well share with what had really influenced her decision to leave.

"Well Trunksie, I guess it's time you know why I really left."

Sick, that's all that man had become. Completely and absolutely sick for him to have to have done that to her. I knew she had left things out when she had talked to Mom and I earlier, but something like THAT! I couldn't decide on what to do; part of me wanted to bundle her up and hide her somewhere so she'd never be hurt again while a different part of me wanted to find away to leave with her so I could kill him. The fact that he was a different version of my Sensei didn't matter, he deserved to die.

"Trunks?" He watched her flinch at the anger in his eyes. Standing up, he strode over to the balcony, gripping it for all he was worth.

"Did he?" He felt himself shake on the inside at what her answer might be. Vegeta and him had discussed this inside the Hyperbolic Time Chamber so he'd know what to expect when it'd finally happen here. But for Gohan, who had a wife he should've mated with, to let fear get in the way and then… He raised his palms, pressing them into his eyes to stop his thoughts.

"No." Spinning around, Trunks stared wide-eyed at her at that simple word. She gave him a small smile at his incredulous look before joining him at the rail.

"I'm not sure how it happened but… I think I went Super Saiyan." He knew then that this young woman was either trying to give him a heart attack or have his eyes fall out. He watched Pan wrap her arms around herself as she remember. Before he could stop himself, he stepped behind her, holding her as he felt her tremble.

"He was about to… really get to business when I just felt so angry and betrayed. I didn't love him. I didn't want him, I wanted… someone else… I loved someone else." Pan had gotten quieter and quieter after each sentence, the last being hard for a Saiyan to hear.

"Then it happened; I just felt this… Wall drop inside of me and this energy take over, giving me a clear head from the passion. The blow-back of power made him pause for a moment, which let me knock him out before he could power up." Trunks felt a tear make contact with his arm. Not wanting to make it harder for her, he pretended not to feel her body shake as she continued on.

"I found Piccolo, he was the only person I could trust. Everyone else was a Saiyan, and I didn't… I couldn't be touched again. He caught me when the power finally left, and hid me from the world until I could face it again." Trunks made himself take even breaths, doing his best to reign in his emotions. Struggling for something to say, he decided honesty was the best.

"I'm glad you got away." Pan chuckled darkly at his statement, finally turning around and hugging him back.

"Me too." They simply stood there like that for a while, Trunks's trying to process everything while Pan simply enjoyed the feeling of peace.

"You know what's funny?"


"I've never been able to call the power back. I talked to Vegeta once, and he thinks it might be different for me since I'm only a quarter Saiyan and ruled by pathetic human emotions." Trunks couldn't but smile at Pan's snicker, knowing how bad his Father could be.

Coming to a decision, Trunks gently pushed Pan back so she was at arms length.

"How about we go out and have some fun?" Pan raised an eyebrow, studying him suspiciously.


"Yeah fun, you remember fun don't you? He's funny's distant cousin, twice removed." Pan couldn't help but give him a small smile at his pathetic joke.

"How can you have something fun around here, but so many problems?"

"Well, we need something to blow off the steam from so many problems, so there's a couple of fun things around here. I was thinking of something more physical for us, so how about dancing?"

'Chi. Chi! Chichi, you have to stop this, you have to get better!' The older woman moaned weakly, struggling weakly against the straps that held her fast to the bed.

"Go away Goku, why can't you just leave me alone?" Her bleary eyes looked around the room, trying to place any figure but finding nothing.

Chichi, you know I love you and you know why I chose what I did. Please, get better for Goten. He needs you more than you think.' Struggling more firmly against the bed, she dimly heard an alarm begin to sound.

"I hate you Son Goku! You left us so many times! How could you do it again!" Using some of the power she was never meant to hold, she broke one of the straps holding her down before orderlies began to stream into the room.

"I HATE YOU! I HATE YOU, DO YOU HEAR ME!" Chichi's shrieks echoed in the room as she dimly felt the presence of her husband leave.

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