Chapter 1

Naruto was standing in the bridge where the team 7 waited for Kakashi-sensei. Sasuke was side by side with him and in the other side of the raven, Sakura was standing. As usual, Kakashi was late. Sasuke said, braking the silence:

-Gods, it´s been 5 years since we began be here every morining and he´s always late.

-Yeah, I mean, if there´s nothnig to do, I could go training or something- Naruto saio.

Even when the three of them had the Jounin rank, they still waited for Kakashi, because they had become like a family. Since Kakashi and Iruka had become a couple, they were the "parents" and the young jounins, were like siblilings. There was nothing that Sasuke and Naruto loved more than that feeling, one of the family he never had and the other of the family he had lost. It was the ten of February and as it was the love´s month, everything in Konoha was with hearts, and pink and red colors. Sasuke remmembered that and sighed. He saw the blond next to him that smiled and he thought:

"I wish I was brave enough to tell him, that for me is a lot more than a brother. He´s blue eyes, his sun-colored hair, god, I love him."

Sakura asked:

"So, are you planning to ask someone to be your date for Valentines Day?"

"Maybe" Sasuke answered.

"I might do it" Naruto said.

"Oh, I wish Lee-kun would ask me" Sakura said. She had given up on Sasuke and began to like Lee.

"Yo. I was comming when I got lost..." Kakashi said, appearing above them.

"LIAR!!" the three of them screamed, and then the four laughed. Naruto asked:

"Any interesting mission?"

"Well, maybe" Kakashi said "As Valentines Day is comming, there is going to be a festival and everyone that goes, must have a date."

The three of them were surprised and Sakura said:

"YEEES! Now I´m sure I´ll have a date."

"Uhn" Sasuke said, gulping.

He knew that he would have to go to his house through a secret way, because of his fangirls. Naruto simply looked surprised, but he said:

"And, that´s it? To have a date for the fourteen?"

"Yes, but to the person you choose, for the next four days, you´ll have to give him/her a present. So, I suggest that you get ready for what is comming, Sasuke and Naruto. Even when you are the kyubbi I´ve heard several girls mentioning you name while bying something. And you Sasuke, well every year is the same."

Sasuke nodded, and asked:

"Anything else?"

"Nope. Noone is going to get a mission these days, unless is extra important" Kakashi answered. "Well, I have to by several presents, so, see you later. "

He disappeared inmediately and Sakura said:

"I must hurry. Bye, Naruto-kun, Sasuke-kun."

She went away and Naruto headed the other way, to the training grounds. Sasuke asked:

"Who are you going to choose?"

"I dunno. I´ll think about it, while I train. See you. I bet there are thousands of girls waiting for you" he said, with a little angry tone in the last comment, though it was so subtle Sasuke thought he had imagined it. He answered:

"It´s going to be hell. See you."

Naruto waved as he entered the woods. As he trained, he asked himself:

"What will I buy him?"