Chapter 3.

Sasuke had been in the training grounds for an hour before sunset and had been pacing like a caged lion. As he saw the sunset aproaching he bagan to think:

"What if he doesn´t come? What if he´s making out with someone? What if he rejects me and we are never friends again? What if something bad happened? What if...?"

Until, he heard a known voice:

"Sasuke... I´m sorry I´m late"

Naruto landed before him, with the last traces of light behind him and Sasuke, lokking at him, was speechless. As Naruto had grown, he had become more handsome and his hair covered slightly his face. And now, with the fading golden light, he looked even more entrancing. But, when he regained his cool, he said:

"Naruto... There´s something I most say to you."

"I also have something to say"

"This is something I´ve felt since long... It has been for such a long time, I can´t remmember when did this began, but... I must say it."

Naruto, even when he was hearing what his friend was saying, he began to get closer, and closer to the smallest man. The moon, that was appearing behind Sasuke, made his pale skin shine and enhanced his beautiful features. He couldn´t resist and cupped Sasuke´s face with his right hand, saying:

"So beautiful..."

Sasuke closed his eyes at the contact and rubbed his face slightly against the soft and gentle hand. He had longed for that kind of contact for such a long time that he was enjoying every single second of it. Naruto pulled him closer with his left hand and began to caress all the face of Sasuke, asking, with a low voice:

"What were you saying?"

"Naruto... I... I... love yo.."

He stopped talking as he felt soft lips against his own, moving slightly. He got closer to Naruto as he put his arms around the blond´s neck and Naruto put his around his waist. Linking the lower Sasuke asked for permission to enter, which was granted inmediately. They began a little fight with their tongues, with Sasuke winning. But, as they parted for the needed air, Naruto said, still touching the other´s lips:

"I love you too"

Sasuke smiled and kissed him again. Naruto kissed him back with passion, and leaved Sasuke wanting more. He grabbed his hand and then said, with a lustfull look:

"Naruto... Your house is closer... wanna have more fun?"

Naruto smiled back and nodded. When they got to their house, they didn´t really acknoledged when did they closed the door or where did they put their clothes.

The next day, during the festival, everyone; except tor Kakashi and Iruka, were surprised at seeing the new couple, that wouldn´t separate one from each other. Their faces, were more than happy, and most of their friends congratulated them, though the fangirls weren´t happy at all. But as Sasuke said, when Kiba mentioned that:

"And who cares?"

"If we are happy, the world can break into pieces" Naruto added, giving Sasuke a slight kiss. But then, Ino asked:

"Question... who is seme and who is uke?"

"Both"- they simply answered, leaving their friends amazed.

The End