Chapter 1

Harry had been at the Dursley's for two weeks and was becoming increasingly bored. He had already done his homework and a cold front had come along making him stay inside. With his trunk unpacked and the trash from the previous six years successfully in the garbage can, he had resorted to wandering around the dimensions of his room and thinking of possible Horcrux locations.



Borgan and Burkes.

The Orphanage.

No matter how many times he went over the possibilities he could not think of any others, and there were still three to find, three to destroy.

When the Dursleys were in Harry would stay in his room and stare at the walls. When the Dursleys were out Harry would stay in his room and stare at the walls. The only thing that truly occupied his time was writing letters to Ron and Hermione. Pigwideon was currently sleeping in Hedwig's cage. Pig had come yesterday with a letter from Ron. He promptly replied with a letter carried by Hedwig. In fact, Hedwig would be returning any time now. Uncle Vernon allowed Harry to send letters as long as no one saw Hedwig or Pig.

If the entire summer was going to be this dreadful, Harry might march ip to Voldemort himself and beg for a way out. It wouldn't be too hard to convince the man.

Downstairs he heard the doorbell ring and Aunt Petunia saying "I'll get it."

Aunt Petunia's POV

The doorbell rang and she told Vernon and Dudley that she would get it. She had been cleaning the kitchen when the doorbell had rung. On the way to the door she looked at the clock-11:30. Who could be here at this hour? She thought. She opened the door to see a young girl around 15 standing in the doorway crying. She had red hair and her shoulders shook. The girl looked up when the door opened. "Honey, what's wrong?" she asked. The girl said one word, "Harry"

"What do you mean 'Harry'?"

"I need to see him"

"How do you know about him?"

"I am his girlfriend"

Petunia let her step inside from the cold. "Who's at the door?" her ignorant husband called. "Some teenagers ding-dong ditching." She yelled back to Vernon.

"Come on dear," she said quietly, "What's your name?"

"Ginny" the young girl said. Petunia nodded, and headed up the stairs. "Don't let Vernon know you're here; be very quiet." Ginny nodded. Petunia knocked on Harry's door.

Harry's POV

Harry was lying on his bed when there was a knock. He lifted the back of his head off his hands and looked up. The door opened and Aunt Petunia stood there. She smiled slightly as she moved out of the entryway to his room. Ginny was standing behind her. He was on his feet with his arms around her before he could actually calculate that Ginny was here.

She was crying into his shirt. He looked over the top of her head to look at Aunt Petunia. Petunia was smiling as she walked into the room and closed the door. The door opened again and Dudley walked in. Harry heard the door shut. "Who's that Harry?"


Dudley nodded. "It's okay Harry, Dudley and I are with you." Said Aunt Petunia. "We have been trying to think of ways to contact the wizarding world. Basically we are sorry that we mistreated you we were wrong, and well…we want to help you."

Harry was shocked to say the least but he smiled anyways and nodded. "Now introduce us to your lady friend, Harry," said Dudley. He looked down at Ginny who was still clutching him. "Dudley, Aunt Petunia this is Ginny Weasley. Which brings we to, what in the name of Merlin are you doing here? It's not safe anymore-you know that." Ginny looked over her shoulder at Aunt Petunia and Dudley. "Sorry" Aunt Petunia quietly led Dudley out the door closing it behind her.

Ginny rounded on Harry ", You can't do this to me. I refuse to accept the fact that you are dumping me and I am going with you to fight Voldemort!" Harry was shocked. ", Ginny, you know you can't…"

"Harry James Potter." She growled. ", I am going with you."

"You are not going with me and that is final. There is no way that you can change my mind!" Before the last word was even out of his mouth he felt Ginny's lips on his.

Ginny pulled away for air, and then started to kiss his neck. "Ginny…please...this isn't fair." Harry thought for a second. If she did come with him then he could keep an eye on her, make sure she didn't get hurt. And besides Snape and Malfoy already know about us so they would have told Voldemort already. "Fine, you can come with me." Ginny giggled and stopped attacking his neck.

That being decided he opened the door and let Aunt Petunia back into his room. Dudley wasn't there but Aunt Petunia walked in when he gestured to the middle of the room. "Can Ginny stay?" he asked before he could stop himself. Aunt Petunia seemed to think for a moment. Probably about if Uncle Vernon found out but then after a minute said ", Yes. Don't make a sound though. Harry can you…well I was wondering if you could do us a favor? You see in a few weeks I want to announce a divorce to Vernon. When you were at Ho…school Vernon...well he said some mean things and I didn't like that. So I have decided to follow what my sister said and move on. Lily never liked Vernon she thought that I could do better than that and now I see she was right." Harry stared at her.

She could come to Grimmauld Place. No! She's a muggle. Then he thought of a question that made him shiver. Could she know more about the wizarding world than he thought? He might as well ask "Aunt Petunia, are you a squib?" not sure how she would react to the question he prepared for the worst. Petunia looked at him for a second before answering ", Yes, Harry I am a squib. I didn't get a letter to Hogwarts for obvious reasons but I knew all about the wizarding world. I even got to go there once when I was really little but a few years before Lily went into hiding with you I fell in love, with Vernon. I didn't know back then what he was. But I loved him. We got married. He didn't know what I was so when my last name changed I changed my first name to Petunia Dursley." She sighed ", The rest of the world knew me as Emily Evans." She sat down on his bed and smiled "That was the good days." She stood back up suddenly ", Well I am off to bed you two don't stay up to late." With that she walked out of the room.

Harry just starred after her. "I don't think she has ever talked so much to me in one period of time." Ginny smiled. "Well now you heard Emily…um your aunt. Get into bed. "Ginny you can sleep in the bed I will sleep on the floor. I will just go get some extra blankets." He walked out of the room and down the hall to the cabinets. Opening one and grapping a few small blankets he then walked back to his room. When he walked into the room the blankets immediately were taken from him and laid out on the bed. "Um…Ginny…those were for me. Remember I am sleeping on the floor." He directed the statement to her back. "Honestly Harry. We will both sleep in the bed. Now may I borrow one of your t-shirts to wear? I have pajamas but they are inaccessible at the moment."

"Um…okay." He pulled out a big grey shirt from his wardrobe and tossed it to her before turning around and staring intently at the door. We are both going to sleep in the same bed. This might get interesting. NO! Harry stop thinking. Now! You are just sleeping you aren't doing anything. Just lie down and go to sleep. He heard Ginny giggle. "You think too much, Harry. Come on in." With that she laid down on the bed leaving enough space for him. Harry slowly walked over to the bed and laid down. A little uncomfortable he shifted so he was holding Ginny.

Ginny's POV

She could feel Harry pushing against her thigh. She wiggled into him for and heard him gasp. Giggling she tried to go to sleep but was finding it hard. This is what I always dreamed about. Lying in bed with Harry Potter. She just never thought that it would actually happen.

"Harry." She murmured into his neck.

"Yeah?" He eyed her. She ran her hand through his messy black hair, and pulled his lips down to meet hers. The kiss started slow and sensual but soon grew passionate. Ginny crawled on top of Harry, straddling him.

"Ginny." Harry moaned.

"Shhh…" She stopped him with another kiss. She felt his hands run up her back to her neck. They rolled so that Harry was lying on top of her. Ginny ever so slowly trailed her hands down to his pajama bottoms hemline, and slipped her hand beneath the fabric. He gasped so sharply, Ginny thought she had hurt him. They had never gone this far at Hogwarts. It had always stopped at kissing, and some touching.

"Ginny…" Harry moaned again. "We shouldn't."

"I want to."

"Please, not tonight." Harry squirmed away from her hand. Ginny sighed and pulled her hand away from him. He relaxed against her chest, and soon both of them were asleep.

As you can see this is already totally different from the first story I posted. I am going with the same idea, but am adding more detail. Hope you enjoyed the first chapter.