Blood in the Snow Shido woke not long after sunset. It had snowed during the day and the result was a 3 inch fresh white blanket that glittered in the moonlight. Shido decided to go for a walk just to clear his mind and breathe the fresh winter air. Shido's mind was cluttered with endless thoughts, his work, his friends, his enemies, and just about everything else was buzzing so wildly in his head that he wanted to scream. He had only walked 1 or 2 miles when the thirst began to stab at him. He hadn't drunk much the night before and he was paying for it now. Shido looked down the road and saw the lights of a city no more than a few miles away from him. As he neared closer to the city the scent of human blood swirled around him. It was so luscious that he almost couldn't control himself. But he had to. He didn't want to make a scene. He knew that if these superstitious mortals suspected anything they would burn him aliveā€¦or worse. Shido had grown up on the fear of witches and the steaks they suffered their fiery deaths on, that was the last thing he wanted. He walked the dimly lit streets and even went into a few pubs to sit. But soon the thirst was so unbearable that he had to take someone soon or he would loose all control. After paying for the wine that he didn't drink, he went unseen into a dark alley. He waited. 1 minute, 2 minutes, then 5. Then finally a young man, no more than 20, walked slowly past the alley where Shido sat waiting. He called to the boy with his mind finding his name and seducing him. The boys name was Nicholas, but Shido found that his love, Gabriella had called him Nikki before she died two months ago. Shido disguised his voice to sound like Gabriella.

"Nikki, my love, I need you"

"Gabby?" Nicholas said stuned, "Is that you"

"Yes," Shido lied. "come hold me again." When the boy was no more that 2 feet away Shido grabbed him and viciously drank from him. Nicholas fought and struggled but didn't have a fighting chance against the powerful vampire. He actually enjoyed the boy struggle. Finally snapping his neck to stop the screaming, he dropped his victim likes a rig doll in the snow. He looked at the dead boy lying in the snow. He wiped the access blood from his lips and slunk against the wall. He had never been so vicious, so careless with a victim and enjoyed it. A few minutes passed. He stood and watched the little blood that remained drain from the boy to spill and mix with the snow. He was ashamed and this wouldn't be the last time. He hid Nikki's body and returned to his home. He stared out the window at the rising sun and the city. As he walked to his days rest he finally realized he would never be apart of that world again.