Feelings of Foreboding

The former prince felt like a cruel joke was being played on him, he was awoken from his slumber by someone whispering his name, a somewhat familiar voice to which he could not for the life of him figure out who it was. And alas when he awoke no one was hovering over him with a questioning face either.

Nevertheless the voice still called from within his mind, not like the way he communicated with everyone in his kingdom, it seemed to Aikka hard to explain without seeming like a total loon to everyone around him.

As much as he preferred to ignore the invisible fathom it could not be disregarded no longer for Aikka could not sleep much more and the voice was growing in his head. Before he had the chance to move a muscle a ghostly form appeared.

"Satis?" Aikka barely whispered not daring to believe what was in front of him. Reaching out a hand he tried to touch the image, though he knew ghosts could not be touched. Satis only gazed at his hand in mild amusement before speaking.

"Well hello there!" Satis said in his ever so annoying happy voice. "Why don't be so surprised young one." He said to Aikka whose mouth was open.

As for Aikka he was unsurprisingly enough taken aback at the sudden appearance of the little Avatar. To be further specific he was shaken in a way that was almost traumatizing. Aikka's mind felt claustrophobic and his body felt numb to what he was ordering it to do was stand and flee, or at least wake up. Instead he kind of crab walked backwards a few steps until he was up against a huge hollow tree.

"There's no need to be frightened." Satis said as he watched what was happening with sad eyes as he could only guess what Aikka was feeling. "Please just hear me out."

"Forgive me…" Aikka said, slowly standing up to bow, he could feel himself shaking and wished himself to stop his inner trembling which was no use to him for he seemed to grow weaker as he could not stand on his own and had to lean against the tree for support. "For my manners has somehow Eluded me. " "Not to mention my self esteem." Aikka thought to himself

"My death was not your fault." Satis said placing his hands inside Aikka's and looking into the young Nourasian's face. "No one, not even you should be blamed for what happened. It was just my time to go. End of story."

For so long Aikka had kept those feelings of guilt inside of himself, for letting Satis die, always believing that somehow it was all his fault, that if he had done…something, Satis would still be alive. Never had he shown a moment of weakness to anyone and tried not to let it bother him all those nights after it happened. But here now, he could no longer avoid how much it hurt.

And yet as he turned away he felt stupid for feeling shame at how much he wanted to cry, and in front of a ghost. Still he did his best to keep his feelings in check. "Thank you…" He said taking in a breath still triying his hardest not to cry, you could actually see his face screwing up in determination it was almost funny if not sad.

"Anytime. And Aikka," Satis said placing his hands again on Aikka's, who felt something cold against his skin. He glanced down and saw the dagger he had given Molly for protection. Who had told him later it had melted. "Feel free to grieve…and be at peace" And just as he had appeared in front of Aikka, he disappeared as well.

"Peace…" Aikka whispered finally letting the tears flow. Wiping the tears away to let more flow he said "Sounds wonderful." He said to no one but himself.

Little did he know there was someone who was watching the exchange that had happened just now. The human avatar, trying not to spook Aikka slowly came beside him. He was unsure Aikka knew he was there.

The former prince however felt the strong presence, out of the corner of his eyes he saw Jordan gazing at him in question, he hadn't understood until then, and Aikka's guard went up a few notches, the former prince was smiling but it wasn't out of happiness.

"I hope you're pleased with yourself." Aikka said wiping away the tears, staring up at his adversary with anger. He used the techniques Canaan trained him in his youth for circumstances such as these. "Is this my atonement? Or have you not finished with your retribution?"

Jordan's hands flew up as he said "Whoa! Whoa!, You got the wrong idea Princey…" hearing his old nickname from the gunner Aikka's hand tightened on the dagger. "Uh. Sorry…" Jordan chuckled. "Old habits." He placed a large hand on Aikka's shoulder. "Look. Just let bygones be bygones. I don't want to fight you anymore. I have no reason to…." Jordan gazed off into the night. "Molly chose you…not me."

"Things may have been different if you had shown her more respect."

"I'm not so sure, see.." Jordan said going into further explanation. "Molly's she's, she uh…" Jordan started blushing. As always Aikka gazed away to give the Avatar privacy to compose himself. "I barely knew the girl for more than an hour and here you come 'Mr. Knight in shining armor' next thing you know its Aikka this and Prince that…" Jordan said. "You won from the start."

"Molly is not a prize to be won." Aikka said. "You can't win someone's heart simply by fighting one on one. Molly chose me Jordan, because I was gentle, kind, and understanding." Jordan was the one to look away this time out of guilt.

"You weren't so kind and understanding during the race if I recall." Aikka gave him another glare "Definitely not gentle to our Star racer." He added. "Thanks to the Krogs. Aikka ignored the Krog comment. "Can I tell you something? The whole reason I brought Satis to you was because of what happened when Molly found you unconscious."

"What do you mean?" Aikka asked.

"When you told us Satis had died in your arms, you had a haunted look painted on your face." Jordan said. "Satis warned us no to play with death, I had to, I needed his guidance. It was then he asked me to bring you here so he could tell you all those things himself."

Suddenly Jordan's body collapsed and Aikka stood there wondering what to do. "Don't worry about me." Jordan said while clutching at his chest in pain. "I just need to find Cyper."

"Let me." Aikka said and he channeled his energy and focused on the whereabouts of his female assistant. 'Help Jordan.' He whispered in his mind link with her. Two minutes later Cyper appeared out of thin air, coiling Jordan in silver silk.

"You must go…" She said to Aikka who nodded. "Wait!" he heard Jordan gasp and he turned around to see Jordan's fist in the air, like Molly does when the agree on things.

"Well I guess we're even now." Jordan said. Eyeing Aikka who in turn bumped his fist against Jordan's. "But this doesn't mean anything changes." He said before he disappeared.

"Your mistaken Jordan, everything is changing." Aikka said.

Author's Note:

OMG SORRY SORRY SORRY! I haven't updated in soooo long because I haven't had Microsoft Word so writing stories sucks. But I got it now so yay!

I was planning the Satis and Aikka chapter earlier on in the story when Aikka goes running after Molly. I dislike how fast I did that scene. And I wanted it to change.

Too late now. Jordan wasn't going to appear here, but this sounded so much better than Molly appearing.

Oh wait…did you want that to happen? Maybe next chappie.

Until next time then.