The next challege was about to start and they were about to get into groups of three, yet they could not choose who they were going to team up with. would choose and Bei Berou just knew the people should would choose to pin together would not be a great mix.

"So." Cyper said eyeing them all and deciding who to pick first. "Who should I pick first?" With that Gemi stepped forward almost immediatley making her laugh. "Cool your jets hotfoot." She said. "I wasn't asking for volunteers." Gemi grumbled and stepped back almost stepping on Sakki's foot. Sakki was about to say a few choice words to him when he noticed something.

"Hey Berou look" He whispered, also getting Arianna's attention since she was standing between them. "Her aim is not half bad." Which made all three of them go into hysterics after the two of them had noticed what he had been talking about.

"Laugh while you can..." Gemi said noticing the remainder of the vomit and dusting it off, he was unaware Zophratiel was below him however. "Your going to pay for that."

"Anyone else getting tired of being threatened by someone who can't kill you?" Sakki said rather bored of the same repetition time and again.

"Uh Sakki." Arianna exclaimed. "Don't forget about Toros..." The rest of the conversation was cut short to someone calling her name. She noticed Cyper waiting with one of her looks. "Me first?"

"Yes." She said. "And as for your two compadres, they will be none other than Colonal Gemi and Tenari of Eduras." She said with a twinkle in her eye. She was well aware of what she was doing. "I want no complaints from anyone is that understood. Not a peep. The first person to whine will be sent home. No exceptions, no do overs. Capiche?" As for everyone else...well here's a list, because Cyper didnt' feel like telling the rest of the group.

Sakki Amba/ Delabarte/ Tionee

Enomaru /Zophratiel / Bei Berou

Adonis / Renquist / Ekerian

Rush / Yoshi / Tivarous

Raddison / Kale / Leviticous

Quintarous / Zydele / Dover

"Now, you will notice your vests have three circles on them. when all three are lit your out of the game. When twelve people have only one light left the gane is over."

"What happens if we somehow manage to hit members of our own team?" Gemi asked.

"Whether on purpose or accidental it still counts." She said.

"When do we start?" He asked.

"Five minutes ago." Which left everybody scrambling. Arianna, Tenari and Gemi were sort of still standing there together.

"If we're going to work together I suggest we find some cover, and quickly." Tenari said.

"What about up there?" Gemi asked pointing.

"Where? Hey!" Both he and Arianna looked to where Gemi had been pointing but he used that as a distraction so he could point his laser at the circles on both their chests.

"T'm only interested in helping me myself and I." Gemi said. "Why don't the two of you play together instead?"

"Or..." Arianna said "We could have a little fun with you." Gemi knew better than to turn around but he was interested in why this human was so bold. He turned to see that both his other 'Teammates' had their lasers pointed at him.

"Dont. You. Dare!"

"Too late." Tenari said as he and Arianna simultaniously used their lasers on him.

Now Gemi had one circle remaining that was not lit...needless to say he was furious. "When this is over, mark my words-"

"Better find cover before your out of the running...don't you think?" Arianna said smugly. He eyed both of them before finally turning away. "Well that was fun." She said to Tenari who only gave her a look of doubt. "Your going to use it against me aren't you?" She asked.

"It had crossed my mind..."

"You aren't going to do it though, because it goes against everything you stand for. If we were on opposite teams, you would. Loyal to the end, even if it means getting aid from someone you dislike a little." At least they were in an inclosed area and they could talk, she had been next to him, but what she had said brought him in her direct line of sight. Apparently it got his attention.

"How the hell do you know all this?" Tenari asked. "Are you telling me we really did cross paths, and somehow tolerated one another?" She only looked away. "Why aren't you answering me?"

"Your memories of me got erased, so whatever I say would be a lie to you." She said. "And..." She massaged her neck in irritation. "Something keeps bugging me. You say I killed your sister, yet I have no memory of it. There's this giant blank gap where a memory is supposed to be. Its like-"

"You want to remember, but you can't..." Arianna gazed at him speechless. "It has happened, and yet when I try and reach I feel as though I'm grasping at straws."

"Then you know what you must do." Arianna said. "Win. Become the champion of Oban like my cousin. Win the ultimate prize so you can use it to get back the memory that you've lost."

"I have no interest in winning, I never chose to be here in the first place."

"Why haven't you gone home then? Why compete at all? You could have just sat there and done absolutely nothing until the first challenge was over, yet here you are, competing. Why are you still here?"

Tenari stood there trying to come up with a simple answer to her question. He had his finger up and kept making these faces like he was going to speak. But each time he faltered. "Beats me." He finally explained. "I suppose I'm just bored and have nothing else to do."

"Come on..." Arianna glanced out of their enclosure to see if there was anyone waiting to pounce. "I suppose its time we try and make the best of what little time we have left."

"You know were just going to lose if we go out there."

"Not if we work together."

"I'd rather do this by myself, less chance of being seen if its just me."

"Suit yourself."

"And by the way." He said turning to face her again, he pointed the laser before she had time to react and now she had just one circle remaining. "Good talk...Lets NOT do it again."

"And here I was thinking that I knew you." Arianna said in a shockingly sad voice to no one. Arianna did eventually get out of the enclosure, the game had gone on for so long she thought that maybe she had been left behind or had been forgotten about. No such luck as a moment later she heard a rustling and her third circle lit up.

"It has been my pleasure to amhilate you." Delabarte bowed and walked off smiling. Leaving Arianna crushed. Suddenly there came a glowing light somewhere up above. The battle must have finally come to an end.

"So you didn't make it either huh?" Ekerian said a few moments later when all of the challengers were huddled together awaiting the entrance of Cyper...who was usually there before anyone. Their view however got blocked by Gemi who decided to stand before them. Gleaming.

"Victory shall be in the hands of the Krogs." Gemi said laughing. "Poor unfortunate specimens before me. Revenge is sweet, isn't it?"

There came a loud clatter and a large bubble appeared in mid-air concealing Cyper inside of it. It whirled around for a bit before finally diminishing leaving Cyper hovering in the air. "I am not going to apologize for being late." She said. "Because this was not a challenge at all but a test."

"Of what? Our patience?" Delabarte exclaimed!

"So we did this charade for nothing?" Gemi asked at the same moment Delabarte had spoken.

"You were supposed to aid your team mates in battle. Yet all you did was stick up your nose and walk the other way." She retorted. "In fact I have half a mind to make all of you do this over again." She gazed at all of them in turn, she took out one of her rocks, unidentifiable in color and threw it over her shoulder. It suddenly grew and became a sort of vortex. "Come with me."

"Where are we going Cyper, where you taking us?" Bei Berou asked apprehensivly.

"Somewhere deep in the caverns of Oban..." She said. "Come."