Trigun Fanfic - "Morning Sickness"

Written August 2001 (and counting) by Astra M.


Disclaimer: Trigun copyright 1998 Yasuhiro Nightow / Shonen Gaho-sha, Tokuma Shoten, JVC. This is a derivative work based on the Trigun/Trigun Maximum series created purely for entertainment value; no profit is being made from its dissemination.




Vash the Stampede, notorious $$60,000,000,000 outlaw and widely feared Humanoid Typhoon, sighed as he shifted slightly in the bed, a goofy grin spreading across his boyish face. Still caught up in the semi-conscious stupor typical of the reluctantly awakened, he could sense the approaching dawn, but decided that he wasn't ready to open his eyes just yet. Not when the memory of the previous night's dream was still filtering pleasurably across his inner eye.

Unlike all of the other dreams of this nature he'd had in the past, this one had felt much more – there was no other word for it – vivid. If he concentrated, he found that he could still remember certain aspects of his lover with such detail that was surprising, even to him. Surprising, in that he had really no experience to base such details on. But that was beside the point.

He could use his imagination (something in which he had always excelled at) and recall his partner with ease, to dwell at leisure on all her finer points. Her soft hands gliding up along his chest, the weight of her delicate body pressing down lightly on top of his, her head curled against his neck...


Meryl Stryfe, claims investigator for the Bernardelli Insurance Society and employee of the month, multiple times over, unconsciously cooed with pleasure as she pillowed her right hand under her head. Somewhere in the back of her mind she was sure her internal clock must have gone off – she had a knack for always knowing what time it was, even without a watch – and that she needed to be getting up, but...

Eyes still firmly closed, a languid half-smile curled up the left corner of her mouth. There was no need to rush the morning, not when there were much more... interesting things to focus on in the dark. She almost giggled as she shifted her weight a little more comfortably.

There was no question about it. Unlike all of the other dreams of this nature she'd had in the past, this one had felt much more – there was no other way to describe it – believable. In truth, she hadn't even thought herself capable of having such dreams, not having had the experience to go on. Which was something that made this one all the more enjoyable. If she concentrated, she still could recall several fascinating details of her partner's body. The many peculiar markings covering his long, lean form; his powerful arms wrapping tightly around her; the feel of his gentle hands sliding down along her backside...


It was amazing, Vash thought fuzzily. He was almost awake now – at least, he thought he was – yet the dream was still quite tangible in his mind. He could swear he was really feeling the weight of his dream lover on top of him, could feel the warm breath against his throat, the concave slope of her back underneath his forearms, trace the tantalizing groove down her spine... Was such virtual realism really possible for a dream?

... A certain very firm roundness cupped between his hands...

Then again, does it really matter?


How strange, thought Meryl. She had almost decided that it was time to finally wake up when she felt her dream companion reach down and start doing this to her. She didn't think she had consciously willed that to happen... had she?

Regardless of that, she found that she really didn't mind. It was rather a nice sensation. On the whole, not a bad way to wake up in the morning.

Still, something didn't feel quite right...

"Not so hard, honey," she murmured.

Whoa, thought Vash. This is so freaky. He could have sworn he'd actually heard that.

"Sorry, babe," he whispered. "This any better?"

This just seems all so real.

"Mmmm... much better. Thanks, Vash."

"Anytime, Meryl."

A little too real.