First off, let me say that with this challenge, I put a small twist into the mix. I added five categories/ specifications to be included in each fanfic.

other characters to be included,

time (of day/ of the year, or both), and place,

situationn or problem to get out of

genre (meaning action/adventure, humor, drama/drabble, parody, angst, mystery/horror, etc.)

and I left the fifth one blank, which Cyrstal Shekeira filled in with objects to include.

prompt: #14, stuck

characters: Trailbreaker, Powerglide

Time: noon, August

place: a playground

situation: getting unstuck

genre: humor

objects to include: A tricycle, a hairbrush, and ice cream

title: a Rather Sticky Situation

Okay, so I wasn't sure how to pull this off. So I kinda included a couple more people. But the two you suggested are in there. I didn't include them as much as I would have liked to because I was hurrying, but anyways, here goes.

note: Lein (aka fireline) is my real-life son, who will be four years old this coming march. Dennis, aka HighRoad is also my husband, and yes, our last name is brush. heheheh.


Jade sat at the edge of the playground watching her husband and son play on one of the slides. She was supposed to meet them here at 3:30, but they hadn't noticed her yet. she hadn't gone back to her human form yet, either. Trailbreaker and Powerglide had been out on patrol, and since they were done, decided to go along. actually, she was supposed to go for a flight with Powerglide later, but he had nothing better to do.

A little girl on a tricycle waved as she passed, eating an ice cream cone, which was dripping all over. Jade eyed the sticky, messy substance, glancing around to make sure the ice cream truck was no where nearby. She'd hate to have Lein (her son) get so sticky. yuck. There were a few people around, including a teenage girl babysitting her little sister, who seemed more obsessed with brushing her hair than watching her younger sibling.

"So, which one os yours?" trailbreaker asked nonchalantly. "The one over there. On the climbing-thingie-patform whatever-you-call it." she couldn't really think of what it was called at the moment.

"So that's lil Fireline, huh?" Powerglide added. "I heard he gave Red Alert a caniption running around with his siren on." he added, chuckling slightly.

"Yep." trailbreaker answered "Till Ratchet threatened to disconnect it."

Jade gave him a very UN-amused glance. "Yeah, and he also scared him halfway witless. Next time he even TRIES to scare my son, we'll see who the scary one is." she warned. "You?" Powerglide sounded oh-so-amused. "Scare Ratchet? Hah. I'd like to see the day when that happens." Jade just smirked back evilly. They watched a moment longer, then Jade got up. "I'll be right back."

She turned human in a blue flash, and planned on running up behind her son, who's back was turned. Dennis, otherwise known as HighRoad, saw her coming. Lein was none the wiser, though. She grinned widely as she stalked up one side of the tower-thingie. she had her hands up over her head, about to jump out and yell when the four year old turned around.



Lein shoved her. Now everything would have been fine, had she actually fallen off the platform onto the soft wood chips below. And, had there not been a wooden railing there. the strawberry blonde did a head-over-heels, the belt loop of her pants getting caught on one of the bolts holding the thing together.


She stayed suspended upside-down for a second, completely over the railing, feet in the air, completely upside down.

Dennis laughed out loud. "Hahaha! mommy thought she could sneak up on you didn't she!?" he chuckled.

"This isn't funny!" Jade squealed, wigglingling helplessly. "Help me get down from here"
Lein simply giggled and reached out.

"At least one of you has some sense." she started. Only the four year old little boy didn't try to help her get down. He tried to tickle her.

"Nyaa-aaa-aaaahh!" Jade wiggled harder. "Lein, stop! this isn't funny! eeeyaaaah!" she squirmed, which made the boy laugh all the harder. "Mommy's stuck now!" he chortled, this time reaching out with both hands. She looked at the two 'bots on the sidelines from her upside-down position. "Guys! aren't you gonna help me out here!?"

"Nope." Powerglide chortled. "You're the tough guy, lets see you handle it."


She tried to go back and forth. Her hands were 'almost' touching the ground. too bad she couldn't get loose. She felt her face turning red. and not from embarrasment, either.

She glanced up at Lein, who looked like he was having the time of his life with this. "Ugh..." she said theatrically. Both autobots snickered. Dennis, her husband, helped their son tickle-torcher the femme, making her screech all the louder.

Finally there was a loud RRRIIIP." and she crashed to the ground below headfirst, a giant hole in the side of her jeans, from the waistline down one leg.

"...ow." she righted herself, and looked up at Dennis and lein, who were both practically cackling with delight, Lein more than his dad. She shook her head and started to get up. As her hair fell back into place she felt something wet. "Oh no." she took her hand away to reveal a sticky peach-pink colored substance. the femme scrunched up her nose. "Ice cream. eww... molten ice cream." she scrunched up her nose, and glanced at the little girl on the tricycle that rode by, waving at her again. Jade dumbly waved back. The little girl snickered and pointed. Lein guffawed from above. Anni suddenly grinned.

"Okay, I can do this. Just have fun with the situation. "Lein Brush, just wait till I catch you!!!" she called gleefully, and mock-ran up the steps of the structure, holding up her pants with one hand, and trying to keep the goo-stained hair out of her face with the other. Powerglide and Trailbreaker guffawed from one side.

Lein screeched with delight and hightailed it down the other side. "You too Dennis! you weren't helpin me none!" she grinned. "Oh yeah?" her husband's face broke out into a wide cherubic grin. "you have to catch ME first, too." he laughed and ran, ice-cream and mulch-covered wife chasing after yelling "come baaack heeeeereee!"


(and they would, too. I just know it. (sigh) cackles)