"Beware the Ides of March" (takes place on February 28th (almost March) 644 words) (with Shadow, Bluestatic, and whoever's really annoying. :-)

Jade was right about Kit being friends with the twins. It hadn't seemed as though they had pulled any pranks at first. Of course, Kit had helped them pull some of their pranks. It seemed the tiger cub especially enjoyed the ones that involved silly string. Not that Jade didn't mind, particulary. Silly string was fun and washable. It was just that riggind it so it hit her in the face and air intakes was annoying. Escpecially if said air intakes were cycling air. Which they were.
It took her a while to pick all the strands out of her intakes. She finally decided it would bei mpossible to do herself, so she decided to ask for help. Ratchet, of course, would have a caniption if he found out about the twins's latest prak. So she decided to call on Bluestatic. The young engineer might know a thing or two on how to remove the remaining strands without using water. That would do damage to the jet's air circulators, getting water in them.

Ah, yes. Now to the present moment. She grinned at her sneakiness. Yet another plan was coming together neatly. Bluestatic had been removing the last few bits when shadow walked in, and Jade just hapenned to mention his helping them on occasion. And ask for the twins's doorcode to get into their quarters. Shadow, of course, had just been pranked the day before, and was still just a little upset.

Needless to say, she gave her brother an earfull, and with a little prodding, he gave Jade the code.
The jet grinned wider. She wasn't sure how the twins had gotten their hands on silly string, since it was banned from the Ark, and all the stores in the area had been banned from selling it to Autobots. But not to a human. A simple can of spray-in wash-out hair dye and pair of sunglasses later, the "lady who was throwing her five year old a birthday party" walked out with three boxes of the stuff. Jade stiufled a snicker. "You get what you give." she told herself.

Around the corner from the twins's quarters, jade listened intently for the sound of the door opening. than a pair of startled cries, and the satisfying hiss of about fifty cans quirting their contents opnto their victims. Jade grinned and looked around the corner.
Prowl and Optimus Prime stood at the twins's door, frozewn in mid-step. Jade's optics went dinner-plate, and she *ran*
OhsnapOhSnapOhSNAP! She skidded around the corner to the safety of her own quarters. Turned out Prime had found out about their pranks, and he and Prowl had gone to ask them some questions. This didn't look good AT ALL.
The doors shut behind her. She turned and hit the doorlock, and resisted the urge to squeak as something cold, wet, and bright red sprayed all over her from the ceiling. She turned around. Red ink. From head to toe. The tv flipped on. "Hiya Jade." the twins waved. "A little birdie told us you were comingto get us, so, well..." Sideswipe grinned at Sunstreaker, who growled "You had better NOT try it."

Jade growled under her breath. If the prank happenned as soon as she locked the door to her quarters, it meant she had just got there. she didn't lock it any other time. "Unless..." the jet thought aloud. "I didn't just get home, but why would I lock it?"
A smile crept over her face. "Looks like we're about to have round 2 of the old pranks wars, twins. Beware the ides of march." and Jade headed for her shower, laughter echoing behind her.

(It was Bluestatic who gave the twins Jade's door code when they found out he'd told Jade theirs. You just know how Shadow's going to feel about all this. *grins*)

P.S. sorry for not having Shadow and Static in it so much. The bunny bit, and dragged me away from my original storyline.