AN: Yes, this is M for a reason, and that reason is not violence. I hope you enjoy. I owe this entire chapter to Bella-mi-amore. I couldn't have written this without you. And thank you BonesDBchippie for all of the scar ideas. I hope y'all like this.

Booth stepped out of the shower after the long day on-site. The remains had been examined and packed, but it was so late getting back to Washington, he and his partner, Temperance Brennan stopped for the night at a motel. The shower felt good, he finally felt as though the dust and dirt from the day was off him. It had to have been worse for his partner though, she'd been the one dealing with the bones. He dried off and pulled on some sleep pants before leaving the bathroom.

Temperance looked up at Booth briefly before turning back to her notes. She lay across one of the beds, looking over the file on their case, making occasional notes. Booth walked over to the bed and flopped down next to her, picking up the remote for the television as he did so. Brennan frowned slightly before scooting over slightly to get more space.

"Bones, seriously, we're not working right now. I'm sure you can put that away for at least a little while."

"And do what? Watch television?"

"It couldn't hurt." Booth grabbed the file from her and closed it, placing it on the nightstand next to his wallet. Brennan turned to say something and noticed a scar on his lower back, just above the edge of his sleep pants.

"Booth, how did you get that?"

"Get what?" He turned back to her.

"That scar on your back."

"Oh, I was racing my brother on our bikes down a hill, and when I went around a corner, I went one way and the bike went the other. My back scraped across the ground." Booth turned his back to her, showing her a series of faint lines peppering his lower back.

"I have one of those."

"A scar?"

"Yeah." Brennan pulled the strap of her tank top from her shoulder, showing a light line running down onto her back. "Russ and I were climbing a tree, and I lost my grip on one of the branches. He caught me, but I got cut in the process."

"Ouch," Booth said as he ran a finger over the line. Brennan shuddered slightly under the touch. Booth moved away and parted his hair slightly.

"See this? When I was in Kosovo, I was walking through a hangar, and a beam fell out of nowhere and hit me on the head. Knocked me out cold."

"Things don't just fall out of nowhere," she said as she ran a hand over the scar.

"Well, everyone saw it fall, but no one saw where it came from." Brennan moved away from Booth and pulled up her left pant leg. There, on her knee was a slightly puckered spot.

"I was climbing on a mountain trail and slipped on a rock. I probably should have had stitches so it wouldn't have puckered like this." Booth sat up a little and looked at the small scar. He held onto the back of her knee and carefully touched the blemish.

"That had to hurt."

"Well, to an eight year old, yeah. I'm just amazed that I didn't chip the underlying bone."

"You're amazed now, right? Not then, I would hope."

"Yes now. I landed straight down on my knee, so I should have damaged it more than I did."

"Take a look at this one," Booth said before pulling up his own pants leg, revealing a jagged scar running up the back of his thighs. "Football injury in high school." Brennan ran her fingers over his calf, examining the contours of the old wound. Neither said a word for a moment as she moved her fingers along. Finally, Brennan looked up at him and pulled down the edge of her yoga pants revealing a small crescent shaped scar. Booth looked at her for a minute before reaching for the scar. He smoothed over the imperfection, caressing the skin around it with his thumb. Both kept their eyes locked on each other, only the sound of their breathing between them. A small hitch in Tempe's breath had Booth up off the bed in a second. He moved across the room quickly, the edge of his pants falling slightly onto his hips.

"Booth, are you okay?" Temperance looked at Booth, but her eyes fell onto a series of scars on his hip that she'd not seen before.

"Yeah, I just need to get something to drink, you know?" He gave a nervous smile to her and grabbed a bottle of water. He took a drink and set the bottle down before moving back to watch television. Brennan watched him walk back toward her, her gaze never leaving the scars on his hip. As he approached, she crawled across the bed and reached out to touch them. Her fingers danced over the lines, following them as they disappeared under his waistband. She pulled a little at the pants, uncovering more of the scars, which ran toward the back and inside of his thigh. Again, she pulled on the band of the pants, fascinated with the scars, not noticing that his backside and a lot of lower hip was exposed.

"Whoa, hey, Bones. What are you doing?" Booth tried to move away, but Brennan still had his waistband in her grip. She slapped his rear lightly, her eyes never leaving the trail of scars.

"Stop being such a baby. I'm a doctor; I'm not going to hurt you." She examined the patterning, wondering how he'd gotten them. It would have taken quite some time for them to heal, and most likely was very painful.

"I'm not worried about you hurting me. If you want to know about the scars, you could just ask, you know." Brennan opened her mouth to say something, but her cell phone rang. She looked once at Booth before moving away to grab her phone. Relieved, Booth pulled his waistband back up.

"Brennan," she said as she answered and rolled onto her stomach. Booth let out a sigh of relief that she had stopped trying to examine his legs. "Zack, have the remains gotten there already?" Booth looked at her feet as she raised one in the air. Along the soles were a series of very small circular wounds. Carefully, he reached forward and touched one of them. Each hole was about an inch and a half from the next. Booth frowned. They looked exactly like stun gun wounds.

"What are those?" Brennan looked over her shoulder at Booth as she listened to Zack. She glanced quickly at the soles of her feet, before locking gazes with him again.

"Taser wounds." She turned her attention back to the conversation. "No, Zack I wasn't suggesting that the dimpling on the bone was from…oh, okay. Double check the findings." Booth captured her foot and began to probe at the holes. He pressed gently but firmly onto the pads of her feet, gauging the depth of damage to the skin and muscle. Temperance closed her eyes, not stopping the small moan that escaped. Her eyes popped open when she realized what she'd done. "No, Zack, nothing's wrong. I've just got a pain on my foot." She kicked her foot free from Booth's grip, but he grabbed her other foot and continued with the same activity. "Yeah, I think I've got the massage thing covered. Look, Zack, why don't you finish with the preliminaries and I'll call in the morning, okay?" She hung up the phone and glared back at Booth. He looked back at her innocently as he continued to run his hands over her feet. She rolled her eyes when he gave her a self satisfied grin.

"Problem with your feet, Bones?"

"You could say that." She threw her phone onto the bedside table and spotted Booth's wallet. Curious, she picked it up and opened it.

"Why exactly do you have Taser burns on your feet?"

"Why don't you have any pictures in your wallet?" Brennan showed him the wallet, satisfied that the change in subject made him drop her foot.

"Bones, put down my wallet." He lunged at her to grab it, and she rolled away from him, springing to her feet.

"Well? Why don't you?" She pulled out his driver's license, examining the picture. It really didn't do him justice at all.

"After what Epps did, I thought it better that I not carry any pictures around. Will you put that back?" Booth stepped onto the bed, and as he did so, Brennan hopped off, moving to the other bed.

"Hmmm, what else do you have in here?"

"Bones…" there was warning in his tones. Brennan looked at Booth briefly as he followed her, snatching at the wallet whenever it came closer to him. She jumped off the bed again and ran across the room toward a desk in the corner.

"Booth, it you keep scrunching your face like that you're going to get wrinkles."

"Yeah well I'll take my chances. Give it back, now."

As Booth closed in, much like an animal on the prowl, Brennan flipped through the contents again. She came across something that caused her eyebrows to rise. She pulled the item out and looked at it.

"How long has this been in there?" She looked at the item again. These things come in different sizes…I knew about the colors. I wonder if they come in small too, she mused with a smile. Booth skidded to a halt just in front of her, eyeing the prize she'd found.

"Unless you're planning to use that, put it back now." He closed in, effectively trapping her between his arms. Brennan let her eyes flick downward for a moment before meeting Booth's intense gaze. She squirmed slightly, widening the distance between her legs as Booth settled into the space. Tempe slowly scooted forward until her body was nearly pressed into his.

"I don't exactly have the right equipment to use this myself," she said, her voice low. His eyes flick down to her lips, seeing a smirk resting there.

"Dr. Brennan, I'm well aware that you can't supply the necessary equipment," he answered, leaning in ever closer. The words were more of a caress than something she could hear. "…just like you know that I can." Seeley held her gaze, both of them holding the intensity. Without hesitation, Brennan moved forward and caught his lower lip with her teeth, sucking gently. With a growl, Booth grabbed her upper lip in a similar fashion, slowly changing it to a deep kiss. He touched his tongue to her lips, tracing them, tasting her. She opened her lips for him, meeting him with her own tongue, rubbing and circling, each battling for control of the kiss. His arms went around her waist and hers to his chest as she still held onto the condom. Finally it broke and they looked at each other.

"Bones, we shouldn't be opening a door we can't close."

"That door's been opened a long time, Booth. You just need to step through the doorway." She offered him a small smile as she placed the foil wrapped condom between his teeth and pulled off her tank top. Booth looked at her for a long moment before spitting the wrapper out onto the desk and pulling her in for another kiss. His hands slid down her back to the waistband of her pants as hers reached for his. They struggled out of the clothes; she wriggled to escape from them as his fell to the floor. He reached next to her to pick up the condom again, breaking the kiss long enough to tear open the wrapper with his teeth.

"You want me to put it on you?" Brennan asked, breathlessly.

"Nah, that's okay. I know how these things work." He grinned as he rolled the condom onto himself. Temperance offered him a little smirk.

"Ah, but can you do it without your hands?" She pulled him in for another kiss. Booth wrapped a hand on either side of her thighs, and picked her up from the desktop.

"How's about I let you do it next time?" With that, he thrust into her. Brennan threw back her head and made a loud, "unh" before tightening her legs around his waist. Booth made his way to the desk's chair, sitting down on it. Brennan let her legs fall to either side of the chair and began to rise and fall, at first matching Booth for each thrust he made. The sexy little noises she was making drove him crazy. He pushed her hair from her face as their rhythm increased, and looked at her. When their eyes met, they both smiled.

Seeley could feel himself getting close, and shut his eyes, concentrating on the sensations. Brennan paused before rising to his tip, where she paused again. Booth's eyes flew open and he looked at her just as she dropped down his length, letting down a breathy moan as she did so. He moved to thrust again, but found her rising up. As she reached his tip again, she leaned forward and captured his earlobe between her teeth.

"Damn you, woman. Stop teasing," he growled as she sunk back down. In an effort to gain control again, Booth tightened his grip on her hips, his knuckles going white. Temperance let out a rasping, sexy laugh, tipping her head back as she continued to play with the rhythm. Finally, Booth had enough. As she rose and sank again, Booth stood, eliciting a surprised a gasp from her. "One word, bed or wall."

"Wall," she moaned without hesitation. Holding to Brennan tight, her legs wrapped tightly around his waist, he moved to the wall, pinning her to it as he kissed her again. He thrust hard, and deep, the rising tone of her moaning driving him almost to a frenzy.

"Oh, god, Booth," she whispered, throwing her head backwards and biting her lip. She gripped into his back, her nails digging deeply as she held on. Seeley brought his lips to her neck, nipping and sucking on the skin as his pace quickened. He knew he was close, and could feel that Temperance was as well. Her moans and grunts increased in volume, as she pressed her hips into his, matching his rhythm.

Booth looked up, dazed as someone began to pound on the wall. He looked at Temperance, whose eyes were glazed and unfocused.

"Hey, keep it down in there," came a voice through the wall. Temperance slammed her head back into the wall as her body convulsed in pleasure. As her walls contracted around him, Seeley followed her ecstasy, listening to her frenzied cries. Slowly, they came down from the high, and Booth very gently set her to the ground, hoping her legs would support her weight. He kissed her one last time before pulling out and heading to the bathroom to clean up. Tempe took a few deep breaths before attempting to move, and stepped over to one bed, pulling back the covers and climbing in. As Booth emerged from the bathroom, she smiled and made room next to her.

He switched off the light and climbed in, wrapping his arms around her and shutting his eyes. Neither said anything as they began drifting to sleep. Finally, as Booth heard her breathing becoming that of the deep regularity of sleep, he smiled.

"Girls are nice," he whispered, kissing her hair. He laid his cheek onto her hair, smiling as he closed his eyes. Temperance sleepily opened hers and smiled softly.

"Boys are nice too." She closed her eyes and drifted into sleep, wrapped in his arms.