"Hey Emily!" Matt pushed his chair away from the desk and stood up as his partner approached. Emily grinned and surprised Matt by placing a hand behind his head and pressing her lips against his.

"Emily?" Matt mumbled, torn between arousal and confusion. Rule number one prohibited them from showing affection in the office. And Emily liked rules. Matt realized why good girls had an attraction to the ever-famous 'bad boy'. There was something endearing when his princess from Princeton broke the rules.

"So… I was thinking…" Emily let her voice trail off playfully. She reached out and fidgeted with the hem of his shirt, letting her fingers tickle his stomach.

"Em-" Matt smiled, abandoning confusion completely. He only wished arousal wasn't the other option. Emily laughed and leaned close enough to whisper something to him.

His eyes widened, "And what did I do to deserve these… sexual favors?" he asked.

Emily gave him a conspiratorial look, "Look, I have to meet with Cheryl before my class starts. I'll stop by later tonight?" Emily said it as a question, rather than a statement.

"Yeah, of course. About 8."

"8 it is," Emily grabbed a file from her desk and hurried to Cheryl's office.

(Later, during lunch)

"That's so sweet!" Lia exclaimed, genuinely happy for her colleague. "Did he send you roses?"

"No. Gerber Daisies," Emily sat down across from Lia and pulled an apple out of a small paper bag.

"Gerber Daisies? That's random!" Lia laughed.

"They're my favorite," Emily said, scratching at the sticker on the side of her apple.

"Those are edible, you know," Lia added, watching Emily lose the battle against the sticker.

"Gerber Daisies?" Emily asked, confused.

"No, genius. The sticker. On the apple."

"What? How do you know that?" Emily finally removed the offending sticker.

Lia shrugged, "I'm from Washington, remember? We have more apple orchards than people. And anyway, that seems like an odd thing for him to do."

"Eat stickers?"

"No! Send you flowers!" Lia screeched, frustrated.

"Well, quit switching topics!" Emily ordered.

"Look, I'm not trying to be a downer or anything. It's just-Matt doesn't strike me as the 'sending random flowers' type. He doesn't really seem like a flower kind of guy." Lia stood up and threw away the rest of her lunch, "Sorry to- I just better go."

"Okay, see you later," Emily mumbled as Lia left the break room. Emily sighed as she realized Lia was right. Matt had never mentioned flowers, neither had she. Emily had just assumed the flowers on her doorstep were from the man she was dating. She remembered his look of confusion earlier. 'And what did I do to deserve these… sexual favors?' he had asked. A cold feeling swept over her, giving her goose bumps. She threw her lunch away and hurried off to find Matt, hoping he had an answer.


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