It was snowing outside when the crying brown haired girl was first found by the Millennium Earl. Her adoptive father Mana had died for no reason and the sorrow in her heart had called out to him.

"My dear did you lose someone dear to you?" Allen Walker looked up at a fat, smiling man in a top hat. The cold had numbed her face, but she could still feel the warm tears running down her face. "I can bring him back, you know. But I need your help." Something in Allen screamed out to her not to trust this man…..thing……but she nodded anyway. "Call out to him with your soul and he'll come to you."

"Mana? Mana come back to me! MANA!!!!!" She cried. A ghost like thing few down into the metal skeleton, and she heard Mana's voice. But, it was not the way she wanted to hear it.

"ALLEN!!!!! HOW DARE YOU TURN ME INTO AN AKUMA!!!!! I CURSE YOU ALLEN WALKER MAY YOU ALWAYS SEE THE POOR SOULS OF THE ONES THAT ARE TORMENTED!!!!" with that he slashed her eye and she screamed out in pain. Mana hated her. She curled up into a ball and cried.

"NOW MY DEAR AKUMA. I COMMAND YOU TO TAKE THE BODY OF YOUR BELOVED!!!" the Millennium Earl sang. With those words something inside Allen activated. She stood up and hugged the skeleton with Mana's soul inside.

"Mana I'm sorry you can have my body. I'll give it to you." The skeleton slashed at

Allen's back making her scream.

"A….Allen.." Mana's voice called out. "Destroy me, Allen."

"I…..I can't, Mana. I love you."

"Stop resisting my dear Akuma kill the boy and steal his body." The Millennium Earl commanded amusedly. Mana did not, and could not do as he commanded because Allen was a girl.

"Allen that time when I first found you that man that you hugged and died, he was an Akuma. You set his soul free Allen. But nobody knew why he died, that's why you were shunned. Do that to me now Allen. Set me free." Allen nodded and kissed Mana's cheek.

"Be free, Mana. I love you." Se said with tears streaming out of her eyes.

"I love you to Allen, I forgive you." With those final words Mana's soul departed, and Allen was left alone with the Millennium Earl, a bleeding eye, and a bleeding back.

"Well, well. What do we have here, eh? An exorcist in the making." He smiled. "Come with me, child. You are alone in the world, I will give you a home." He held his hand out to her. She took it and he lifted it up. She looked back at the grave of her Father and cried. Now, now my dear, do not cry." He said while stroking her now white hair. "I will be your new father." She cried till she fell asleep on his shoulder. It was then the Millennium Earl got a good look at his new charge. He was about 4 or 5 years old. The Millennium Earl smiled sinisterly. "You will make a great weapon my dear child." He told her.

After the Millennium Earl found out Allen was a girl, it came as quite a surprise when he was told by Rhode that "he" he brought home was a "she", Allen was trained vigorously for the next seven years of her life in the art of assassin, seduction, and deception. She remained disguised as a male, her chest bound flat and hair short, just as Mana had wanted so he could hide and protect her, to always remember Mana and the lesson he taught her. Rhode became her best friend, and Tiki, like and older brother. She had a family once, but they rejected her, threw her out. She had a family twice, and he died on her, but she would never forget him. She had a family thrice, and they loved her, and threw her out when the Millennium Earl realized that she would never do as he asked.

He knocked her out, tied her up, and dropped her off at the Black Order Headquarters, where he knew they would kill her, and left, sensing that there was someone out there in need of his special assistance.

And that is where our story begins.