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They arrived at Mateel as the sun was setting, casting an ominous omen for the deserted town. Shadows around every corner kept the two exorcists on alert for danger. Allen looked out into the town ahead of them and suddenly dropped down in surprise. Kanda stopped running and turned sharply to look at the fallen squirt. This was the reason he didn't want a partner, too much excess baggage.

"What's bothering you now Bean Sprout?" he demanded more then asked .Allen look sharply up at her annoying "partner" then sighed.

"Not that it's any of your business but there's a few Akuma in there." He turned to her sharply and glared.

"And just how would you know that, Bean Sprout? Got ESP?"

"No I do not have ESP so you can just shove that up yours, and I don't want to talk about how I know I just thought I'd warn you," she said without a second thought and took off into the city.

"Damn that Bean Sprout! Taking off without me like he can defend himself, that stupid brat couldn't defend himself from a tree stump. Hmph I hope he doesn't hurt himself or it's my ass that's on the line." Kanda muttered to himself as he ran to catch up with his latest annoyance.

To say Kanda was annoyed could only be addressed as a massive understatement. It turned out that Bean Sprout could fight (AN: see chapt.1 Earl's assassin training), and not just any style of fighting, the stupid idiot could fight in every freaking style that Kanda had ever heard of and then some.

They were now waiting for the Doll of Mateels' friend to die so that they could take her they could take her innocence. The Doll was singing a beautifully haunting song that reminded Allen of her past with Mana. Allen was almost asleep when a great rumbling shook the ground on which he was standing and an Akuma burst through the ground. She could instantly see the soul inside the Akuma crying and screaming for salvation. She felt tears come to her eyes but blinked them away. She would have to weaken the Akuma before she could free its soul. Unfortunately this was a level two Akuma and knew how to talk and apparently knew who she was.

"Ahh…..My lovely Master Allen. I had wondered where you had gotten off to. Obviously you were still alive or else we would've had a lot more crap from Tiki and Rhode than normal. But never the less after I kill you I shall let them know that I have seen you. I sure the Millennium Earl would greatly reward him for getting rid of rejection."

"You! You just shut up about that! You don't know anything I should kill you where you stand."

"Ah. You should, but as you cannot kill sand I'm afraid you shall be unsuccessful." With that being said it attacked Kanda and managed to run a hole through his shoulder adding to his inventory of injuries.

"Kanda!" Allen ran to her fallen comrade and covered his body with her own to shield it from another attack. As the Akuma charged forward the same blue bubbly appeared around them and rebound the Akuma's attack back on itself. Looking down at Kanda Allen saw that he was bleeding heavily; cursing The Akuma who was now recovering from the ferocity of his own attack took off her exorcist coat and managed to stop the bleeding.

Allen turned to the Akuma and the mangled bodies of the Doll of Mateel and her friend. Seeing that no one was conscious enough to see her Allen unleashed her full power on the Akuma, taking it down within minutes. When she was sure that she had decapitated it enough that it couldn't move she bent down, and kissed its cheek and whispered into its ear "I forgive you of all your sins" with those word the chains binding the soul to its fake vessel were broken and the soul gave the child a fleeting smile as it disappeared.

Turning back to look at Kanda who was now an ugly shade of gray she looked him evaluating his condition. 'Please don't let him gain consciousness while I'm doing this.' She leaned over his body mindful of his injuries and whispered into his ear, "Death, accept my body's offering to you in exchange for his life." She moved over to his lips, praying and pleading in her mind that he wouldn't wake up, and kissed him full on the mouth. She bit her tounge slowly pushed the bleeding appendage into his mouth and gave the Death residing in him some of her life essence. Not enough to harm her but enough that he would accept her offering in return for a favor.

By the end of the kiss Kanda's life was spared and he was breathing normally, his wounds already starting to heal. Allen looked over to the doll and her human. The human was dead and the doll damaged beyond repair, silently saying a prayer for their honest friendship she retrieved the innocence from the doll as her promise indicated (they would wait until the human was dead to retrieve the innocence). Removing her cloak from Kanda's shoulder she put the innocence in the pocket, gathered up Kanda and his things and ran to the nearest hospital, in the nest town silently thanking all the finders who had given their lives to protect the innocence.

She made sure that she was close enough to the hospital that one of the nurses who were out in the garden with their patients would discover them as the walked around, before promptly passing out having almost reaching her limit. The small blood loss from minor injuries and her encounter and deal with death had taken more out her than she had expected. The last thing she heard was a scream as one of the nurses stumbled upon them.

Allen woke up to Kanda being berated by the hospital doctor for being up in his condition. Apparently there was more blood on them then she had predicted and as a result Kanda was being babied which she had to admit amused her to no end to see Kanda so irritated until they realized that she was awake and the doctors wrath was unleashed upon her. A flurry of questions came out of his mouth until she raised a hand and tried to speak but all that came out was a raspy whisper of "water?"

She was immediately given a glass by a nurse who was standing by the pitcher. "Hello, how are you feeling? You and your friend gave my friend quite a scare when she found the two of you in a bloody heap oh the floor. Suddenly all the memories came rushing back to her. The innocence that was in her coat pocket!

"Where is my coat?" she asked the nurse urgently.

"It's hanging on the door. We put it there after we found you. Didn't know if you wanted it washed or not and this man here wouldn't tell us what to do with it." she explained, pointing at Kanda.

"Kanda the Doll's side of the deal is in my inner coat pocket put it somewhere safe." Allen all but ordered. It took Kanda a few moments to fully comprehend what she was talking about and went to her coat to take out the desired object and put it into his own coat.

Allen got up from her bed and pulled on her jacket relieved to see that the doctors hadn't taken off any of her clothes. "How long have we been here?" she inquired lightly.

"Nearly three-and-a-half days, I couldn't understand why there was so much blood on you when you had little to no injuries, much more then him who had more severe injuries."

"Ah, well most of it isn't mine, and Kanda it's time to go." She told the brooding exorcist. To the doctor she said "Please send the hospital bill to the Black Order. Thank you for all your hospitality." She bowed and walked out the door following Kanda. She Doctor stood there for a minute digesting what the sweet little boy had said to him and reacted when he realized that they were leaving.

"Wait! You can't leave! You've just woke up." He shouted after them. Allen turned and gave him the angels own smile and continued walking after Kanda who had paused momentarily. The doctor didn't follow.

They got on a train that would take them home, and Allen wondered what new challenges would await them. 'After all' she thought 'that was one hell of a first mission.'