Muse of Air Waves

NL" this is a sequel to The Hyuuga's Rival. I give credit to a song that inspired me for this fic, which song? Well read and you will know. I DON'T OWN Naruto








Chapter 1: Lost and Found

There was loud laughter in the bar. Some of them were not even supposed to be there. The owner did not mind since he believed ninja should be able to control themselves. He did not know Lee. It was a large table on a corner where they sat. Some snuggling and others talking rather loudly.

"One week of vacation over already!" cried Naruto "this sucks"

"We should get going," said Sasuke "tomorrow we have to go back to Konohagakure" he took one more drink of sake and stood up. Sakura clung to his arm and they left together back to the hotel.

"I don't think they will be doing much resting," said Ino with a giggle. Mina started to cough. She looked at her friends, some who came as couples. She could bet they would not be doing much sleeping either.

"We were lucky to get any time, things are starting to get weird" said Shikamaru. He looked at Kiba who sighed

"So that's what have been bothering you," said Mina

Kiba glared at her, he still did not like the idea of her seeing how he felt so easily "there were some odd bodies when we patrolled the border with the Rain country"

"They weren't human or any other creature that we know of," said Shino who had not drink a single drop.

"Could you guys shut it?" said Naruto; he had already heard the details from Hinata.

"Let's go" said a half drunk Hinata with a smile meaning to apologize for his attitude. They were followed by Ino, Sai, and Lee with Tenten.

"No offence, but what does she see in him" said Mina to Neji referring to his teammates.

"She admires his strength and will," said Neji

"But I mean, the eyebrows!" then she took a long drink from the sake bottle "what's with that! And those freaky eyes!"

"You are one to talk!" laughed Kiba.

"Hey!" she jumped and tackled him

"No fighting!" screamed the owner before they were kicked out.

"Let's go look for some girls for the night" said Kiba elbowing Shino who simply nodded.

"This is not the same without Choji" said Shikamaru.

"You should have gone to Suna to visit Temary," said Mina as they walked on the still vivid streets.

"She was already on a long term mission" said Shikamaru "and besides, it wasn't so bad, see ya tomorrow" then he went back to the hotel.

"Wanna go do some sparring?" Mina asked Neji.

"No" said Neji as they continued to walk.

"You are no fun" said Mina turning to a dumpling shop. Neji continued walking a few steps later; he turned around and went to sit next to her. He really didn't have anything better to do.


"just how long do you think it will take them to accept they like each other?" asked Hinata as they arrived to the hotel.

"Mina and Neji?" he asked surprised "hm, not long I suppose"

They went up the stairs and were getting close to their room when they heard a crash.

"Oh man," said Naruto shaking his head before they ran to their room farther away not wanting to hear whoever it was copulate.

"We won't have much free time once back home, will we?" asked Hinata as she removed her shirt

Naruto sighed at the view "I guess not if Tsunade-bachan is giving everyone some time off" he slipped off his shirt and pants as fast as he could "but one week goes away so fast"

"It was a good one," she said embracing him, now that they were only in their undergarments "I will never forget it"

"How can we?" he said passing a hand through her hair and down her back before unlocking her bra. Her bare breast against his chest made him inhale deep. He could swear he never got used to this, but he meant it in a good way. He let go of her a minute to place the futons on the floor. Hinata sat with her knees drawn up to her chest. She watched him. His muscles stretched as perfectly as he gathered some blankets and pillows.

"I want to ask you something," said Naruto placing the pillows and blankets before her.

"...?" she looked curious

"Would you marry me?" he asked her simply and straight

Hinata did not know what to say. She inhaled deeply "I will marry you but we got things to do first"

Naruto lowered his head; he had known this from the beginning. She had a duty to her clan as the next leader, she would need to concentrate on that and as matrimony went a child would be expected from them soon after, they knew they weren't ready, but that was just the beginning. They had received notice that they might be chosen for the ANBU training. Part of him had waited for that time for a long time. The training was said to take several months to one or two years. Then there was the fact that they were chosen for becoming Gennin team leaders. He wasn't looking forward to that.

"you still want to become Hokage, right?" she said wrapping her arms around him "it might take a few more years but I have heard the Hokage say that as soon as you were ready she would make you her successor"

"She has only been a few years at it and she is already planning on a successor," said Naruto with a snort. He looked at her smiling face. He would give anything to make her happy. He would even give up on being Hokage but that was something she wanted him to follow through. He would and the Hyuuga clan would have no denial that he deserved her.


He laid her softly before kissing. His hands traveled from her shoulders to her bare breasts down to her flat belly. He blew air on her skin, she shivered excited. His eyes had that kind of animalistic look on them as well as that soft melted blue. She did not know which one to believe; the soft kisses on her skin and the lovely words that reached her ears or the fast hands that ripped her panties and spread her legs. He took a deep breath as he watched her readily opening drip. His hands caressed her tights as she bent her knees. He blew warm air. She moaned before grasping his blond hair.

"Don't tease"

She heard him chuckle before he started eating her. There was no other sound but her breathing and his mouth making those sucking sound that made every hair of her body stand. He listened to her before dipping a finger inside and moving it at a good speed. He looked up at her sweating form. He plunged one more finger, going faster and deeper. She moaned out his name. He wanted to take her now.

"You are so perfect" he said as he pulled down his shorts. His erection threatened her sometimes by moving.

"Only because that's what you see in me, I have many faults," she said kneeling before him.

"To me they are attributes," he said before she grasped his dick and started pulling on it. Her thumb played with the tip feeling a few drips slid down her hand. She kissed his neck as her hands worked his member. Naruto arched his body back, eyes close and a smile on his face "Hi...Hinata" she kissed his chest and watched the muscles twitch at her touch. His hands ran up and down her back offering warmth that the blankets could not equal. She reached on one of the blankets. She pulled it over them just as her lips reached the base of his erection.

"Don't look," she told him as only his head remained out from under the blanket.

Her lips wrapped around the head of his erection before her tongue started to flicker and taste. Naruto clawed his hands to the futon and moaned as his hips jumped by themselves. He could feel her smile before she took him inside her mouth all at once. She had a strong hold on him to keep him from moving again as she went back and forth. She teased him until she felt it was time to go for the main course. She pulled away from him and laid her head on one of the pillows before spreading her legs. Naruto was at top of her in less than a second. His mouth roamed her face, lips, neck, and breasts. He sucked on her nipples before going inside with all his strength.

"Hinata..." he said huskily before his eyes rolled back with pleasure. His body moved on its own. He could not help it. Her hands scratched his back leaving red marks and a few drops of blood. His skin healed almost instantly. He grasped her hips before he started to buckle. A part of his mind screamed for more, Hinata saw this on his eyes. She pulled away from him. He had been very close to pull her back before she got on her knees. She lowered her head to the futon knowing he would come inside with eagerness. She breathed deeply before moaning. She heard his skin slamming against hers. Something inside her threatened to explode and she could not wait. She cringed before her vision turned black. Her whole body shivered and she could tell she was screaming but could not hear herself. He flipped her and went in a last time before coming. Hinata felt as he hit that special spot and pulled another orgasm over her last one. Her vision returned and she could see him again. his body dropped over hers, his forehead against hers.

"Let's sleep" she said caressing his face before they lied next to each other and falling sleep.


Xxxx A few days later xxxX

In that warm afternoon a few Jounin stood in the office of the Hokage. there were as well the clients, all wearing what it seemed to be expensive clothing. Surely the ones that wanted their services but why there was a TV in there too?

"Please look very closely" said the fifth Hokage before turning the TV on along with a video producer. The image of a girl maybe fifteen or sixteen was there. She had long very light brown reddish hair, sparkling grey eyes, light skin, and a serious look. In the background, some other people that like her were holding musical instrument all of them looking happy and excited

"Okay, we are all ready?" she asked her voice booming strong and clear

"Yes!" the people in the back shouted, all not as well dressed as her.

"Then lets do this" then she started to sing, play a guitar and smile

"Ye!… ye!…ye!…ye!" sang the people in the back ground

"You are my complement

Are what I am not

All turns perfect

When with you I go


You gave me what I lacked "ye!"

What before displeased me "ye!"

My half of the orange "ye!"

Starts where yours ends "ye!"


The water that fans the flames

The north that travels south

The fast that goes slow

The moon that embraces the sun


I fell in love with the inverse "ye!"

And completed the universe "ye!"

Kiss the two extremes "ye!"

I concave and you convex "ye!"


"Yeee…yeee…yeee…ye, ye…ye, ye, ye"

Look at the same thing "yeee…"

And to see opposite "yeee…"

To want the sky "yeee…"

Be in the earth "yeee…"


Dream to unite us

To join the pores

"Ye!… ye!…ye!…ye!"


You are my complement

Are what I am not

All turns perfect

When with you I go"

(Complemento-complement by Aterciopeladosy, I don't own them)

The song ended and the girl smiled before scratching the back of her head with a bigger smile while the others around her congratulated her and themselves. The Hokage turned the TV Off before a blond ninja spoke for his team.

"So we have to find that girl," he asked his serious expression confirming he had matured. He was twenty years old and wanted to be Hokage.

"Yes but there is one more detail" said the Hokage looking at the foreign group in her office

"Well, yes it had been almost thirty years since she ran away," said an older man who sent a disliking look at Naruto

"So she is old now," said Naruto

"I wouldn't say old, in her forties maybe" said the Hokage, this boy never learned

"Hokage-sama?" Sakura asked not to sure it was a possible mission. She was the best medic ninja in the village following Tsunade.

"The girl or woman was the princess of the Air Wave kingdom inside Suna, the youngest of all but she disappeared or better say she ran away after her father died" said the Hokage giving an angry look at the lords' representatives. She knew when people did not tell her about all the details for the mission.

"But why look for her now?" asked Naruto. It sounded suspicious to him.

"Because of what you just saw" said the Hokage

"Let me explain. She was the kind of person who didn't care about social classes and hanged out with the servants and did that kind of things, a real trouble maker" said the lord representative as if it was something wrong "A few years ago we discovered the servants had that video and we saw she had a great talent"

"So you want to find her to exploit her" asked Naruto in a neutral voice keeping his temper in control but the glare he gave them had an intensity that made it unnecessary to use words to express what he felt.

"Actually they just want to buy off the rights for that video and her voice" said the Hokage

"Same thing" said Naruto expressing the opinion of his team

"So would you accept?" said a young man kindly to the Hokage.

"Please she also has to get her share of the inherency," said the old man thinking once about her and not them, or maybe he was just lying.

"But how are we…" Sasuke was asking but the he was interrupted 'Idiot' you don't interrupt Sasuke Uchiha

"Please would you show them Hokage-sama?" said the younger man cringing away from Sasuke and his murderous look.

"Yes" the Hokage turned the TV and the video producer and rewind it and then stopped it "Do you see?" she asked and they closed in

The Jounin looked even closer

"No way" said Sakura while Sai did not get it

"The fourth?" asked Sasuke while Naruto just stayed in silence. And there he was; the fourth though younger was there against a wall watching frozen in time with a neutral look

"That man was the one that helped the princess escape," said the older man

"Are you sure?" asked Sakura

"We believe so since she was quite attach to him for what the old servants told us"

"So you think she may have come to Konoha?" asked Sasuke

"It wasn't like that," said Kakashi all of the sudden

"What do you mean Kakashi?" asked the Hokage

"She came here about twenty years ago to see the fourth and from then stayed close to the village," said the copy ninja and they thought about it. She had run away about thirty years ago, where was she those other ten years.

"Is she here then?" asked the younger man happy

"Actually yes, but not as you hoped" said Kakashi 'or maybe you did'

It didn't take them long to arrive to a small cemetery outside the village where an old tomb with weeds and flowers was and in that tomb was the name Kushina printed alone (Kushina used to be the name I gave her but I like Kushina better)

"But her name was Masako" said the older man

"When people run away they usually change their names, do they not?" said Sai as if it was a game

"So we finished with the mission already?" asked Sakura.

"I guess" said Sasuke actually they felt bad for the woman but that was how life worked.

"Do you know how she died?" asked Naruto to Kakashi as they began to walk back to the village.

"When the fox demon attacked the village, how I am not sure," said Kakashi

"Oh" said Naruto

That same day the people from the Air Wave kingdom left kind of pleased because they no longer had to pay her for her song since she was already dead. Naruto despised them for that. They couldn't even wait to leave to celebrate. That night when sleep could not arrive to him even as he slept next to the woman he loved, he went to the grave and pulled out the weeds and only left the flowers. He cleaned it and even prayed a little. He thought her song was beautiful and glad that at the end they never caught her. He wondered how much was untold of her. She was just a person in a video that could sing beautifully. It was a strong song of love that could still ring in his ears. Orange, who uses the word orange in a song when one can't even find a word to rhyme with it. He was glad the Hokage had made a copy of the old video. He would get the chance to hear her again someday.

"So you can't sleep too" asked Sasuke with Sakura

Naruto turned around and found they were not alone. There were him, Sakura, Sai, Hinata , Kiba with Akamaru, Shino, Neji, Lee, Tenten, Ino, Shikamaru, Choji, and even Kakashi, Kumi (Kakashi's wife) and Mina (Kumi's daughter).

"I guess he did it almost all by himself" said Ino dropping the bucket she had brought which had many beautiful flowers. She, Sakura and Hinata planted them at top and the guys placed smooth stones around the grave.

"She had a beautiful voice," said Naruto feeling something hurt inside of him

"Let's go, is getting very late" said Hinata pulling on his sleeve because the rest were already walking away. Naruto nodded before he followed the others only giving one more glance back at the grave with the name Kushina. She did not seem like a Masako to him.


As the days passed Naruto began to forget about the woman in her grave. That was until a CD arrived to Konoha. A CD that had the title 'The Muse of Air Waves' and in the front was a reconstructed picture of Kushina. He bought it and listened to the same song and others. He wanted to know what she did in the ten years before coming to Konoha.

"She used to live just outside the village in an old hut" said Kakashi as their team finished with training

"Hey Kakashi, hello Naruto" said Kumi brining lunch to them, on her back she carried a little boy of silver hair.

"Hi, and good bye" said Naruto not wasting any second

"Is not very polite to walk away from others, why do you something like that" said Kumi with a calm tone

"Because I can" he said with a grin

"He got you back" said Kakashi

"Shut up baka" she hit his forearm

"Yes dear" said Kakashi in submission

"And don't call me dear" she said hitting him again

'I will never understand you' Kakashi thought for the thousandth time referring to his wife


Naruto reached a hut in the direction in which Kakashi had pointed. With sad eyes he saw it was half destroyed. He was about to go inside when he saw another hut not too far and an old lady walking toward the half destroyed one.

"Hello there boy, did you come train here?" asked the old lady

"No, I am sorry but did you know a woman that lived here about twenty years ago"

"Of course, I rented the place to her. Poor thing, she was so young and always sang. It was very pleasant to have her around but she died the night the demon fox attacked"


"She had been very sick, didn't come out because she said it was a sickness from her land that was terminal and didn't want me and my husband to get infected so we let her be and I just brought food to her door so she wouldn't starve. She refused from us any other help or even calling the medics from the village. She told us she was hiding from her family and that they would find her if she showed too much attention like that. At the end she died all because of the demon fox, I guess her body was too weak to run away"

"Did you give her that grave at the cemetery outside the village?"

"Yes, but we are so old now that is impossible to go visit her that's why I sometimes come here to pray for her"

"Some people came looking for her a while ago. They found she was dead and then left"

"Then she was really telling the truth. Well I say she was a very interesting girl"

"So is it because of her you haven't rebuilt this place"

"Yeah, we don't think it would be adequate to since it was her place of death and her last home before the grave"

"Would you mind if I gave a look around"

"Of course not, just be careful since it's an old place, not as old as me but still is kind of dangerous" she laughed

The old lady left and Naruto went inside. There was only half a roof and three walls two of them broken. The place was very small but enough for one person. There was nothing around but dust, an old broken bed and desk and what he guessed were baskets. He walked careful with every step until he stepped into an odd sounding board. He kneeled and tapped it before lifting it and finding a large rectangular box. He brushed the years of dust off it and found it was made of metal with a blue spiral in the top. Carefully seeing that the old woman wasn't around he took it.


Hinata arrived fast as she could to her department after getting a message that she had to be there fast from Naruto. She climbed steps and was about to unlock the door. He opened before she could get her keys out. He pulled her inside and sat her on the couch. He was acting like a little kid with a big secret. He just stared at her with those vivid blue eyes of him that laughed in misbelieve of whatever he had found or done. She hoped it wasn't nothing like the new sexy no jutsu.

'That was close' she thought holding her nose. He had created that new jutsu especially for her.

"Look what I found" he said dropping a metal box at top of the tea table. She wondered how many scratches it got.

"What is it?" she asked.

"A box with stuff" he said before opening it and brining out a sword "what do you think?" he said passing it to her. It was on its sheath but she took it out and saw the incredible artisanship. She could see the thin marks on it of waves and birds. The metal was strong and she noticed a green gem at the handle. It was also double-edged, very deadly.

"Is beautiful," she said before Naruto let a small rock at top of it. It fell on one edge of the sword and was cut like paper. She placed it back inside. It was incredibly sharp. She had to be very careful. She looked over the open box and saw some notebooks all with numbers. Naruto saw her looking and brought one with the number one roughly engraved on the skin.

"Remember that woman named Kushina?" he asked and she nodded "I went to the place she used to live and found this" he looked at the box "I think they are her diaries"

"Naruto" she said looking sadly at the few notebooks

"They start when she meant the fourth" he said with a smile "I have only read a few pages but I think I would have liked to meet her for real"

04-15-XX (what year is in Naruto world?)

I was born in the country of Suna in the Kingdome of air waves where my father is lord. He loves me and my sisters but people usually say he loves me the most. Though I was the reason why my mother died, my sisters never stop reminding me that. Father doesn't mind. I think he loves me still. I know everyone misses her but I can't help it to be alive and not her. Even if I ended my life it wouldn't bring her back. The most I can do is please everyone so she won't be missed. But it is never enough. People say I am cursed. That I will die when I give birth. That my life is going to be a very short one. My father believes those words and won't let any man marry me. I am happy for that. I don't want to marry I don't want to be bonded to other person just because of social status. There are no good people and there is no such thing as love, just affection so one doesn't feel alone, like me. That was how I thought before I met him; Minato, a ninja from the village hidden in the leaves. People can be nice without the need to get something in return. But I am getting ahead of my self. It all started a few days ago…