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Consummating Love

"Thank you for tonight. I...I had a wonderful time."

A twenty-six year old Haruhi Fujioka stood at the door of her room, refusing to look into the eyes of the man who stood before her. Her thumb was gently stroking the gold band that sat on her finger. She shyly looked at the hand of the man before her and looked at the identical band that adored his finger.

"I'm glad you enjoyed yourself tonight." The man spoke with a hint of indifference in his voice.

The man standing before Haruhi suddenly leaned in and placed an awkward kiss on her cheek. He leaned in closer and Haruhi felt his steady breath against her ear and neck. The rate that her heart had been beating began to quicken as she fought the warmth that was surging through her body.

"Good night."

With that, the man straightened himself before walking down the long, dark hall. Haruhi stood in front of her door, refusing to move as she stared as his lean, retreating figure. She heard the door down the hall open and watched as the figure moved to take a step into the room before a soft voice spoke.

"I'll see you in the morning." And with that, the man disappeared into the room shutting his door softly. Haruhi let out a small sigh before turning and placing her hands onto the knob. She stood there for a second as her other hand unconsciously made it's was to touch the spot where she had been kissed. After a few minutes, Haruhi opened the door and disappeared into the room silently.

Fifteen minutes later, the young woman walked out of her bathroom dressed in a cream colored nightgown after having just taken a shower and slowly made her way to the plush queen size bed that stood before her. She crawled under the covers and moved around for a bit before finally settling herself into a comfortable position to sleep in. She let out a soft sigh and stared up at the ceiling. As her eyes began to shut, she let out a soft, sad whisper.

"Happy anniversary, Kyouya Ootori."

A silent tear fell from the shut eyes of Haruhi and traveled down her cheek before disappearing into her pillow to be forgotten as she slowly fell into a deep sleep.


Kyouya let out a low groan of frustration as he lay in bed trying his best to get some sleep. He had an important meeting tomorrow morning at 9:30 with the CEOs of a very important overseas company that could possibly become potential partners with the growing Ootori Corporation.

The twenty-seven year old heir to the Ootori Corporation sat up on his bed and ran a hand through his dark locks as the black silk sheets fell into a dark pool of fabric at his waist. His eyes wandered over to the clock that sat on his bedside table. It flashed 1:54am. It had been three and a half hours since he had last seen Haruhi.

That night, he had taken her out for dinner to celebrate their two year wedding anniversary. He thought it to be appropriate to do so, seeing as last year, for their first anniversary, he was unable to take her out for it was the night that his father had held a party and named him the successor to the family business.

The young male let out a sigh before letting himself fall back, his head landing on the pillow which failed to bring him any comfort. He sat and laid in a comforting silence before shutting his eyes in an attempt to will himself to sleep. With no success, Kyouya's mind began to wander to the woman who was slumbering in the room adjacent to his. He felt a slight tinge of jealousy that they woman was able to sleep while he was still lying in bed, awake.

Kyouya had eventually given up on sleeping and had gotten up from his bad. He walked outside for a few moments before standing out in the balcony leaning on the large cement railing as the cool summer air surrounded him. The plaid pajama bottoms clung to his lean legs as the wind blew by, causing a chill to wash over the uncovered upper half of his body.

His mind was mulling over the kiss that he had given Haruhi earlier that night. Though it was not the first time he had kissed her, this time was different: there was no one to show off to. No cameras, no press, no business partners (potential and current), no family who was under the impression that they were in love, no one. So why he had decided to act the way he did, was beyond him.

After a while, Kyouya reentered back to his room before exiting once again into the dark hall. He quietly made his way down the hall until he stopped in front of the door that served as the entrance to his wife's room. Entering quietly, the youngest Ootori watched as Haruhi slept on, her chest rising and falling steadily. He made his way to the head of the bed and looked down at the young woman who had not noticed his presence.

Kyouya bent down slightly and ran his hand through her soft, brown locks and for the second time that night, he kissed Haruhi this time on her forehead. He then turned and quietly walked towards the door to exit and return back to his room, suddenly feeling sleep tug at his eyes. As he opened the door, he turned back to the sleeping girl and spoke softly.

"Happy anniversary, Haruhi."

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