Guns 1

A/N: I had this weird idea to show Mustang up at something. I don't him, In fact I like him a lot…I just wanted Ed to get the best of him. (First complete and posted fic on FMA)

Warning: I've only seen a couple of episodes…they took the English version off YouTube before I had the chance to finish watching them. In other words, characters may be OOC.

Summary: Roy takes Ed for a lesson about guns, but gets a shock. There is more to Edward Elric than meets the eye.

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"What are we doing here Colonel?" Asked Ed. He stared around at the range. Ear muffs were at every station, some occupied. Men bent over, focusing, concentrating hard. In the distance black and white targets could be seen. "Are we waiting for Lt Hawkeye?"

Roy smirked. "No, not quite."

"But why else would we be at a shooting range?" snapped Ed. Roy smirked again. The tiny blonde really did have a short fuse. He was going to enjoy watch Ed explode. The added bonus of seeing him humiliated was what had made him take on the task in the first place.

"We are here Fullmetal," Roy replied, leading his young charge over to a station, "so you can learn how to fire a gun." Ed looked at the array of weapons in front of him. Pistols, rifles, shotguns, air rifles, and a sniper's rifle. "All of them." Roy added seeing the question in the amber eyes." He watched Ed run his hands over the different guns, picking them up and replacing them, getting a feel for them. He was mildly surprised to see that the boy knew how to hold them. Probably from watching Hawkeye and Havoc. He grinned. This was going to be fun.

"Come here Fullmetal. You had better learn quickly because we're paying by the hour. And money is in short supply due to your constant useless expeditions."

"They're not useless. And I'm not short." Ed automatically responded, but without his usual fire. "Why do I have to know how to fire guns? It's not like I'm ever going to use them." Roy frowned. The boy was only half-paying attention.

"Because, it's Hawkeye's wish. In case something happens to your arm. I had to learn in case it was raining."

"I can draw arrays you know. And I'm good in combat." Mused Ed.

Roy sighed. "Whatever, Hawkeye still wants you to learn."

"I thought you were the superior officer?" asked Ed. His tone was simple but his eyes gleamed wickedly.

"Save it." Muttered Roy. "She's the one with the gun. Speaking of which, come here. We'll start with the handgun. It's small enough to hide away."

"Wait a moment." Ed said and walked to the adjoining station."

"Fullmetal…" ground out Roy. He was the one beginning to lose his patience.

He was surprised to see Ed come back with another set of muffs. He was further shocked when they boy placed them on his (Roy's) own ears, then picked up the other set laying at the station and put it on. The other patrons had come to investigate. It was always fun to see a rookie try and shoot. Mustang remembered his own mortifying experience here. Is only chance to get his pride back was to teach Ed.

Ed had surprised Mustang in the past. He had even shocked him a few times. But those times were rare. The blonde was pretty predictable after all. So Roy was dumbfounded when the teenager took the handgun from him and shot 10 bullets total at the target. The speed in which he reloaded the five-shot handgun rivalled Hawkeye herself. Roy was further astounded when the teen proceeded to do the same thing with each gun, switching the targets in between. When he had finally gone through the – rather extensive for a beginner – array, his slipped the muffs off and looked up at his superior.

Roy swallowed nervously, but before he could formulate any coherent thoughts, someone beat him to it.

"You may hold the guns and shoot like a pro kid, but that don't mean you are one!"


"You probably missed them all!"

"No way a shrimp like you could even see high enough to aim let alone shoot!"

Roy winced and waited for the outburst that never came. Ed simply remained calm and stood their quietly as the men continued to hurl insults at them.

"Ed, why aren't you going ballistic on them like you usually do?" demanded Roy in slight worry. What if this really wasn't Ed after all? Though he did blow up outside, and Mustang hadn't let him out of his sight since…

"I'm going to make them eat their words," replied Ed calmly, "you'll see soon enough."

"How are you gonna do that Shorty?" yelled another man.

"Yeah! You can't even hit the target! And that's what matter's he-" the man was rudely cut-off by the panting owner of the range. Everyone respectfully fell silent as the man recovered his breath. They all saw the large roll of paper he was carrying.

"Which one of you…is in…station…15…" he panted. The men wore evil smiles as they parted ranks to reveal Ed and Roy. "Was it …you…sir?" the man asked Roy, still breathing hard. Roy simply shook his head and pointed out Ed who remained completely calm the entire time. "Impossible!" cried the owner in shock. "It's unbelievable!"

"See," smirked one of the men. "You're not even old enough to come here!"

"What is going on here!" snapped a voice. The men whirled around to see a very annoyed blonde woman in the uniform of the military. Everyone immediately parted ranks. Lt Riza Hawkeye had quite a reputation with the men at the range. After all, she could outshoot the lot of them. And frequently did. "I leave you alone for one afternoon sir! Can't you even go to a shooting range without kicking up a fuss?!"

Roy held his hands up quickly and pointed to Ed. "It was him!"

Ed looked amused, then turned to face Riza. "I was just shooting, just what you're supposed to do here." Riza's eyes narrowed. She didn't fully believe him. The teen was hiding something, that was for sure.

"What exactly were you aiming for?" she ground out.

"The targets!" interrupted the owner. "Here, look." He spread the papers out on the ground, there were ten of them in total. "Each one is the same. Above it is the name of the gun he was using." The men and Riza looked at the papers, then stared at the owner.

"There's nothing on here."

"Hah! And I thought missing the person was bad enough!"

"But to miss even the entire target?"

"How the hell did you manage that?"

"I didn't" responded Ed calmly. Walking over he picked up one piece of the sheet. "Observe." With that, He pushed his fingers though the two eyeholes, revealing the bullet-holes. He then showed them the holes in the neck, the chest, the stomach, one each in each leg and one in each shoulder and one in the centre of the forehead. Any of them would severely cripple a soldier if not outright kill him.

All was silent for a full 60 seconds. Then chaos erupted.

A/N: So…there…next chapter you can find out how and where Ed learned his skills. I seriously doubt that anyone can guess correctly – it's obvious not Mustang or Hawkeye. Sorry for switching the names around. I do that when I can roll out an entire chapter in one go (or in this case two and the main line for a possible third if people are nice. I missed dinner to write this. Grr…)

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