"Nice work, genius," 13 said. She kicked the chair at the desk in her and 44's motel room with her uninjured foot, making 44 and 99 jump. "This is just what we need."

"I don't know why you're mad," 99 replied.

"It might have something to do with the fact that we're now one man short!"

"You should be thanking him, 13."

"Oh, yeah, 99," 13 grumbled, "Max totally deserves a conjugal visit for this one."

"He didn't give us up. That's a positive, isn't it?"

"Hardly," 13 began. "Think about it. Dozens of people saw you two. Katten definitely knows something's up, which means even if he doesn't release you from duty as his T.A., he's still going to be suspicious about your every move."

"…That is pretty bad," 44 added.

"Well, it could be worse," 99 said.

"I know what you're going to say," 13 said, placing her hands on her hips and turning her back to the others as she began to pace around the room. "'Max may be in prison, but at least KAOS doesn't have him, right?"


"Wrong! The whole point of being a secret agent is the secrecy, goddamn it! And now, thanks the stunt you and Max pulled today, even if the rest of this town doesn't know it, the KAOS agents working behind Katten almost certainly do. Our whole cover's blown. Mission over! Shit!"

"What do you mean, me and Max? We're a team! All four of us! We're all in this together!"

"How touching."

"Actually, it is," 44 added. 13 shot him a nasty look, and he nodded and shut himself up.

"Brianna," 99 said, "don't try to pin this all on me! I don't care if you have a grudge against me just because Max and I—"

"And I don't care if you are. I care about getting the job done! Who the hell cares who Max is sleeping with when national security is at stake?"

"We're not sleeping together."

"Well, that's at least some good news!"

"Look," 99 continued, "the best way to get through this is to just be calm and rational. We need to stop focusing on the negatives and start thinking about what to do next. So where are we now?"

"What, are you an idiot?"

"No, damn it, it's a rhetorical question…"

"Max is in jail for the night," 44 said, "awaiting prosecution for what they perceived as a crime and not the prevention of such, which is what it really was. Everyone in the community is now going to be suspicious of us if they weren't already, and the KAOS agents in the area, none of whom we've identified even we had seen them, know where Max is being held."

"Which means they'll be coming for him," 99 finished. "To kill him. To kill him! Guys, we have to save him!"

"You mean, break into the police station and retrieve him," 44 said, halfway between question and statement. 99 nodded. "Yeah, that'll do wonders for our reputation."

"Well, I'm up for it." 99 looked at 13 and said, "Sometimes you have to break the law to uphold it, right?"

13 shrugged. "Sure. Why not?"

"Tell me you guys aren't seriously considering doing this?" 44 said, his hands together as though he were begging. "Come on! We've risked enough as it is!"

"You have a better plan?"

"Yeah! Lay low! You said so yourself, the point of our job is the secrecy!"

"Maybe," 99 said. "But the way I see it, sooner or later we're finally going to come face to face with KAOS. When that happens, nobody's going to want to give up easily, and we're going to have an actual fight on our hands, not more of the pussyfooting we've been doing since we got here. And obviously, whenever there's a fight, it's going to be hard to keep secret."

"Might as well get it over with," 13 added. "Besides, we've done crazier things."

"Hong Kong?" 99 asked.

"Hong Kong," 13 and 44 said in unison.