The Prince and the Thief

It was early in the morning and the sun had yet to rise. The streets and main roads in the sleeping city were quiet and the silvery fog still lingered in a fine layer over the streets.

A single bird was singing its song to the new day and as it took off, a slight twirl in the mist was all that had been seen.

A couple of golden eyes followed the bird that spread out its wings and flew of into the sky.

The shadow off a boy materialized itself from the mist.

He wore a pair off baggy black pants, a typical white armless Chinese shirt witch was a little bit too big for the slender boy and was therefore held in place with a red sash, witch was tied around his waist.

It looked alright from afar, but if you moved closer you could see that the clothes were dirty, there were holes in the shirt and the collars were ripped up. His black shoes were thin, more like slippers, and his skin was tanned.

He was a street rat. A thief.

Despite the clothes, his hair was shining with natural glance. The raven flow was tied back in a white wrap that ended just before his ankles. His messy bangs were held back by a red ying-yang headband and slightly pointed ears could bee seen.

The face was friendly, and over his lower lip two small and sharp fangs curled.

The main evidence on that he was a neko-jin, a human whit feline abilities and features, was his eyes.

Gold and amber sparkled within them and the black pupils could change into slits when he was angry. When he was angry the two fangs grew and his nails too, until they were as sharp as tiger claws. The strangest thing was the tail that he got when he was nervous or outraged. He'd trained it to become as strong as his arm and it was to great use sometimes.

He was the last of his kind. They were all hunted down and ruthlessly killed, all because they were different and considered dangerous.

"Hey, buddy?! Where did ya go?" came a small whisper from the nearby alley.

The raven haired figure chuckled silently.

A blonde head popped out from the light mist and a shorter boy was visible in the dim vision. He had sky-blue eyes and he wore dark blue pants, a yellow t-shirt and he carried a green cape over his arm.

The neko-jin smiled at his friend, who didn't see as well as he did in the fog.

"I'm right here Max. No need to worry. Here give me your hand."

He reached out to grab Max' hand and the blonde took it and sighted in relive.

"I was looking all over for you! The guards are doing their walk soon and we better get back… Rei are you listening?" Max schooled.

Rei put a finger over his mouth to show Max to be quiet. "Sorry Maxie, I think they already begun their patrolling. Be quiet and go back to the alley and hide. I'll lure them away."

Max was about to protest but then he saw the glow in Reis eyes, that couldn't take no for an answer. Rei was something like a bigger brother to Max and he and Bryan always protected Max and another boy named Tyson.

So with worry in his eyes Max turned around and sneaked back to the darker alley.

Crouching down in the grey air Rei was completely quiet and not until the voices of the city guardians were so close that Rei could hear them breathing he made a move.

He smiled and whispered to himself "Let me go on a tour around town with you…and let's see if you are so big in your actions as in you words, scum…"

And with that he took a small rock from the ground and threw it hard.

He was rewarded with a loud swearing and angry voices.

"What the hell was that!?"

"I don't know!"

"Hey, look at this! Someone threw this!"

Rei had silently moved so that he was right behind the furious guards.

He laughed loud and threw one more stone.

"There he is! Get him!"

"Come and get me then!" Rei teased and took of into the slum neighborhoods.

The four guards was outraged that a little punk like him was rebellious and revolting , so they ran after him but they soon realized that in speed, Rei was unbeatable.

So after twenty minutes dancing through the shadowy alleys and foggy streets the guards gave up.

Snickering, Rei went back to a house in the outskirts of the large town.

The house looked like it would fall apart if even the lightest breeze hit it, but for Rei and the others it was like their beloved home.

"I hope Max made it home safely…wonder if anyone's up yet?" Rei thought while he fiddled with something under his shirt.

"There you are…" he whispered when he got a little leather pouch out.

He opened it and poured the contents out in his hand.

Small pieces of amethyst, onyx, ruby and emerald laid glistening and glittering in his tanned hand.

He smiled mockingly at them, and put them in the pouch again.

"Where the hell have you been!?" an angry voice growled from the now open door.

"Oh, hi Bryan. I was just out, stretching my legs for a bit. I didn't think you would be up at this hour." Rei answered casually and turned around to face the monster of doom in a worn-out pajamas and furry slippers.

"Hey, don't you 'Hi Bryan' me! Max just came back and he was worried sick about you!" Bryan said angrily, while he dragged Rei into the house.

Reis heart sank when he heard that Max had been so scared and concerned for him. But when he felt the pouch bump lightly against his chest, his lips curled into a vicious smile.

"This is no time to be smiling! Whipe that smug look off you face, it's scary when you smile like that." when Bryan said that something was scary, it probably would be terrifying and scare the heck out of anyone else.

Reis smile almost grew wider when he heard the lavender haired young man to say that. But against better knowing he controlled his urge, and only in his eyes, played an untamable glow of mischief and wild spirit.

Bryan frowned. "So, tell me the truth. Why, where and how? And look at me when you answer! Not like the little misunderstanding, when you 'talked with the chair' and didn't tell me the whole truth."

Rei sighted mockingly in defeat and held up his hands to show the pale youth his cooperation.

"Alright, I'll tell. Just don't interrupt me, m'kay?" he said.