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Smiling at the two Bryan went to the door. "This is it"

Turning down the handle, Bryan took a deep breath. "Yes?"

"That was about time, scum!" The soldiers outside shoved Bryan carelessly aside and stomped right in.

While the one in charge went right in to stand in the room that the odd 'family' used as both hall and dining-room, the two other armour-wearing persons stood by the closed door and waited for their superior to take the lead.

Bryan picked himself up from the wall he'd collided with and brushed of his clothes. "Excuse me, but what do you want?!"


The lavender haired youth stumbled backwards by the force of the blow and raised his hand to touch his stinging cheek.

"You won't talk to me, you inferior being!" The guar yelled.

Bryan felt something hot trickle down his chin and he dragged his finger through the liquid. The red substance ran slowly down his finger and down his wrist. Blood. His lip had probably split by the sheer force of the metal-clad hand.

"Bryan!" That was Tyson standing up, and by the look on his face, he was ready to jump on the guard.

The two other soldiers that stood by the door, effectively blocking the only way in and out, unsheated their swords.

"Tyson, sit down!" Bryan growled.

Tyson gave the man that had slapped Bryan a hard glare, but he sat down beside the pale and slightly trembling Max.

"We have an order to search your house!" The soldier barked out and pointed at Bryan "Don't make it more difficult for yourself or us. Otherwise we might just have to do something drastic." He glanced over at Max an Ty.

Bryan swallowed his sarcastic reply and tightened his fist into hard balls. This wasn't good.

The soldier started to 'search' the house. Notice that I wrote ' '? We, normal people would have called it devastate, break down and/or make hell of a mess. The breakfast was effectively swept down on the floor, the few books and belongings the kept in the slightly moulding book-case was thrown out and soon the whole house looked like something a tornado spit out. One man, I repeat, one man did this in less than ten minutes. The only thing the three residents could do was watch as their crumbled down in front of their eyes. After some time the man probably thought he'd 'searched' the house enough and made his way down from the stairs. He still didn't seem satisfied by the outcome, but he had to move on and examine the next house.

Everyone silently breathed out in ease. "Finally..." Max whispered quietly. But not quiet enough.

The soldier immediately twirled around and faced Max. "What did you say little vermin?"

Max froze at the spot. Being abused and abandoned by his family had left deep scars in Max and he usually was very concerned of others and he was a very caring boy. Not at all the type that would pick a fight with someone.

"I asked you what you said, are you deaf!?" The soldier spat and took a step forward in Max' direction.

"Leave him alone!" With a swift move Tyson stood before Max and he was fuming with anger.

"So, you'll take his place eh? Well I certainly couldn't care less."


"Huh, what's he doing here?" Rei was confused.

This guy just popped up from the hole, helped by Bryan, and he didn't even know what to do! Apparently, the newcomer couldn't see so well in the darkness and he slightly bumped against the rotten wood boxes that were carelessly left in the attic to mold away. And he clearly wasn't used to hide.

"What the hell have I been dragged into……" Kai said to himself trying to shake off the feeling of being looked at.

He moved around a bit, finding a decent place to hide and then, well he just sat there, trying to get his eyes to get used to the darkness. Soon he could see the silhouettes of the big boxes that he'd bumped into. But he still couldn't stop feeling like he was watched.

Soon he followed his instincts. "Hello? Is anybody here?" He whispered.

A soft rustle of cloth, a swift breeze and a twinkle of gold was all Kai managed to apprehend, when he suddenly felt the warmth of another body brush against him. Gasping slightly, he turned his head, only to meet a pair of sparkling golden eyes.

"Who are you?" Came Rei asked, very quietly but nonetheless very curious.

Kai felt himself jump slightly at the closeness of the other. "I-I'm Kai Hiwatari, the prince of this kingdom. Who are you?"

"You are a member of the royal family?!" Rei whispered, slipping into the other corner again. As fast and quiet as he'd been at Kai's side, he now retreated to the shadows.

"Yes, I am." Kai said, a bit startled by the others reaction.

Rei sunk back in the welcoming darkness, not wanting to show his face. "He can't see me! If he's of royal blood, then he most certainly will kill me if he learns who I am! Oh, god Bryan, what have you done?!"

"You didn't answer my question." Rei was torn out of his thoughts when he heard Kai's voice.

Without thinking he blurted out the answer. "Rei."

Kai frowned at the change of personality. First the boy was curious and now he's shy! And he didn't say his last name either. Kai decided to ask him about it. "Rei wha-"

Both were startled by the loud bang that indicated that the door of the house was slammed shut. Kai rushed up but Rei stopped him from taking a step, holding up his hand.

"It might just be a trick." He said.

Rei then lifted his head, listening carefully with his sensitive ears at every sound that came from then floor below them.

"That sounded like...a groan...something must've happened!" Rei sprung to his feat but before he reached the hatch, he was stopped by Kai.

"What do you mean 'sounded like'? I didn't hear even the faintest sound!" Kai said in a low voice. "And what's your last name?"

Rei looked down at his feet but didn't back off. "That is of no importance right now. I believe your Highness here stands in debt to us for letting him stay at our attic, am I right?" The change of voice was clear, now he didn't sound either curious or happy. Now it was just a plain, flat tone with no real emotion in at all.

Kai frowned and only grunted to his reply. Why didn't this guy just answer him?

"Then would you let your questions wait and excuse me, I must go down and check on my family." Rei faced Kai, and his eyes were filled with worry.

Unsure of what to do when he saw those eyes, Kai took a step back so Rei could reach the hatch. Immediately Rei swiftly swooshed past him and opened the small door, jumped down and disappeared down the stairs.

Kai didn't linger up in the attic much longer, and he too jumped down and followed Rei down to the ground floor. He was going to get to the truth sooner or later.

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