So, a new fic from me! My LOST high story is first job right now, I may or may not carry on with this fic depending on the response I get, its just something a little different to what I've written before, and thought I'd give it a try, if I carry on is really up to you readers!

Thanks for everyones support with all my other fic's ;)

Kate woke up in Sawyer's tent, just like she had done many mornings before, and ran into the jungle. She breathed as slowly as she could, trying to push it back but she couldn't. Kate threw up into the bushes groaning as she did.

Kate had first thought it was something she ate, but after two weeks she didn't stop, she knew it was something more. She hadn't eaten anything the day before, so how on earth could she be sick now? She had tried to push the thought that had been creeping into her mind for the past two weeks away, but it wouldn't go, she shook her head in denial as she was sick again.

She sank to the floor in the jungle leaning back against a tree. This could be happening to her, not here, not now, she wasn't made for it, Kate had never imagined herself like this, it wasn't who she was.

And know she was given a new life here on the island, but her old life still haunted her, she still couldn't be a new person.

That was another reason it couldn't be happening, it could happen here on this island. How could it, something would go wrong, for other people it might not have, but with Kate's record it would.

And how would he react? Kate wondered. She honestly didn't know, he loved her, he had told her many times, but would he cope with this? She knew what he had been like before, he had told her just like she told him, they knew everything about each other, in his life before when things got tough he would cut and run, would he know? He couldn't run on the island, but what if they got rescued would she be left alone?

But the fact was, if this was true, she would be alone at all.

Because Kate Austen was trying to face the fact, that she was probably pregnant.