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Kate, Jack, Locke and Sayid reached the 'line' after a few more minutes, Kate's pure determination to find Sawyer and Jacks pure concern to keep up with her had gotten the group there very fast. Kate looked around the area of land wildly... there was nothing there, and worst of all Sawyer was nowhere to be seen.

"Sawyer?" She cried desperately, tears of fear welling in her eyes "Sawyer? Are you here? Where have you taken him?"

"Kate I..." Jack started.

"No Jack! Dammit! If we had gotten here faster... if I hadn't have let you make me rest..." Kate said, blaming herself, she was certain Sawyer would still be here if they had jut arrived a few moments earlier.

Then with the sudden, unmistakable click, a dart shot from the trees and hit Jack directly in the back before he dropped unconscious to the floor.

"Jack! Jack!" Kate screamed, running over to him as quickly as she could, she saw Locke and Sayid waving their weapons around, trying to work out where the dart had come from before two more darts came from the trees, hitting both men and the same time. Kate watched helpless as they both dropped to the ground, she was alone, so very alone. The fear mounted inside her, she waited for her dart to come, to knock her unconscious and take her away from the worry and the pain, but it didn't come... did they want her to beg them to shoot her? Kate was close to doing just that.

"Sawyer?" she shouted again in vain before another dart came from the trees, sending Kate into the swirling depths of welcomed unconsciousness.

"I've taken Ford back out there, we gave him and extra dose he should wake up around the same time as everyone else" Tom reported to Ben as they sat in the control room.

"Yes, yes I saw" Ben said vaguely waving to the wall of cameras, most of which were showing Ben the clearing or the 'line' where the five unconious bodies were.

"Ben, if you don't mind me asking, I thought the whole point of this was to get Austens baby? So why have we left her there?" Tom asked.

"Oh no, that was never the point of this operation" Ben said, his lips curling into an evil smirk.

"Then if you don't mind me asking, what was the point?" Tom asked, wanting to know that an entire days work had been some use.

"There was no exact point... more entertainment value" Ben replied, the smirk still on his face.

"I don't understand"

"No, you wouldn't" Ben said cruelly "This whole thing, this whole day, has just shown to our favourite little residents that we can do whatever we want to them, just by taking one away... and we didn't even have to use force to take him. If Ford's files have shown us anything, its that first he will be consumed with guilt, remorse that it was his fault that Kate and the others had followed him, endangering their child, and then anger that we can control him so easily, anger that he fell for our simple game so easily. Then, he will feel useless, worthless, like he cant take care of Austen or the baby when it arrives."

"Ok" Tom nodded, understanding what Ben had said, but still not why he had done it "But why have we done this?"

"I was simply getting a little bored" Ben said "They were all feeling too safe over at their little camp, everything was going to well, it was time to shake things up a little"

Tom said nothing in return, he acknowledged Ben with a nod, before walking from the room, and Ben returned his attention to the screens.

He did pretty much run this island after all, wasn't he allowed a bit of entertainment from time to time?

Kate sat up groggily, she didn't know how long she'd been there, but she decided it must have been a while because the sky had darkened and her skin was cold to touch.

She looked around and saw Jack stirring, and Locke and Sayid sitting up, she made her way over to Jack when she spotted a fifth body... Sawyer.

She ran over,relief and dread filling her, relief was the firs emotion, just at the sight of his body, but then dread stepped in, he wasn't awake like the rest of them.. how long had he been there?

"Sawyer! Sawyer!" She shouted, shaking his body slightly "Sawyer! Can you hear me?"

"Freckles..." He croaked, his eyelids fluttering.

"Sawyer!" She exclaimed, happy tears running down her cheeks, she collapsed her heavily pregnant and extremely tired body down over his "Sawyer I was so worried about you..."

"I was worried about you!" He said, sitting up slightly "They said - the note - but they hadn't! They tricked me... I was so worried about you Kate" He croaked desperately, but then anger flooded his features.

"Why are you here? Why did you come? Kate it was you they said they wanted! Why the hell did you come after me?" He shouted "And you!" He added, standing up and striding to where Jack was now standing. "Why did you let her come? Why? She's pregnant Jack!"

"Sawyer I'm fully aware-" Jack started, his own anger rising but Kate cut him off.

"Sawyer I made him let me come! I said if he didn't let me that I'd only follow them! And you know I would have!" Kate shouted, stepping between the two men.

"Why Kate?" Sawyer shouted.

"Because I was worried about you!" She screamed back.

"They wanted you Kate! YOU! And the baby! What were you thinking? How could you do this, how could you follow me?" Sawyer was angry now, but not really at Kate, or Jack, or anyone else for that matter, he was angry at himself for trusting the note, believing it to be the real thing and angry that he had been fooled, he was just taking it all out on Kate, and he didn't know why.

"Sawyer I-" Kate started sadly.

"Forget it Kate" He snapped, storming back through the trees, heading towards camp.

Then Kate could take no more, she collapsed sobbing and Jack caught her, supporting her body until her tears were gone, then he picked her up and started to carry he back to camp.

"Kate your in no state to walk now" Jack said when she tried to protest "Please, Kate, try and calm down, all this stress isn't good for the baby, he didn't mean it, he was just worried"

Kate nodded slightly into Jacks chest, before shutting her eyes and falling to sleep.

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