Chapter 4

Lois smiled contently. She was happy. She didn't know why but at the moment she didn't care. Feeling the sun on her face Lois snuggled deeper into the bed. It was warm and soft. The blankets were wrapped around her body tightly. Lois frowned; she had woken up yesterday feeling warm and safe.

"Clark" she yelled sitting up. Lois began to suck in deep sobbing breaths.


" Lois its alright, I am right here" Clark said sitting up and wrapping his arms around her.

Lois turned to look at Clark. She stared at him for a few seconds before throwing her arms around him and holding him tight.

" I thought you were dead," she told him.

"It's ok Lois. Remember I am bullet proof" Clark said with a smile.

Lois pulled away from him and smiled. "Did the police believe you?"

"They asked about a million questions, but yes they did believe me"

Lois smiled triumphantly. Her idea had worked and now Clark and Superman would stay in metropolis.

" I told you it would"

Clark laid back down on his bed and put his hands over his eyes.

" I am never going to live it down am I? Every time you have an idea I don't agree with you will bring this up. My idea worked last time"

Lois turned to argue with Clark when she realised where they both were. She lifted the blanket and peaked under it. Clark began to laugh and Lois looked at him. He had removed his hands from his eyes and now had them behind his head.

"We didn't do anything but sleep Lois," He told her.

" I feel asleep on the couch. How did I end up in your bed?" she asked him.

" I don't know. I went to bed alone" Clark tried to keep a straight face as he lied to Lois. He watched as her mouth opened but nothing intelligent came out.

"I umm I"

Clark laughed. " I carried you in here"

" Oh"

"The couch isn't very comfortable," he informed her.

"So you figured, big bed why not?"

She was getting angry he could tell. At least she would be angry with him for sleeping in the same bed instead of being Superman.

" I figured it had been a long couple of days and all I wanted to do was fall asleep with you in my arms." He told her climbing out bed and heading towards the shower.

Ok so he was using the shower tactic to avoid her. Holding her in his arms last night had been the best feeling in the world. He didn't want her to tarnish his wonderful memories.

" You wanted to hold me," She asked getting out of bed and following him. She stopped at the entrance to the bathroom when she heard the shower turn on.

"Why?. Is that so hard to believe?" He said ducking his head under the spray.

"Yes" she stammered.

When Lois was going to marry Lex, Clark had told her he loved her. It had been a shock. She knew men looked at her and figured Clark was no different. It had thrown her world into jeopardy. Clark had been her rock, her strength. Good old dependable Clark. The one thing in her life that had been stable. How could he love her after the way she was always treating him. It hadn't mattered. When the planet was destroyed and their lives became separated, Lois realised how much she loved him too. When Clark had taken back that he loved her it had rocked her world yet again. She had been ready to tell him she loved him when he told her he didn't. Since then she had been harbouring her feelings. Lois lane wasn't going to go chasing after some guy. At least she wasn't until she had lost him. He knew she loved him. She had told Martha and Jonathon who had obviously told Clark as Superman had asked her about it. Superman/ Clark same difference. He knew, but hadn't said anything. Unless that was the reason he had told her who he really was. He could finally trust her now that he knew she loved him. Could she really be angry at him for keeping his secret. She knew what it was like finding people to trust. Martha was right if people found out that Clark was Superman he could say goodbye to a normal life.

" Lois, Lois are you there"

Lois grabbed Clarks hand that was waving in front of her face.

"I love you," she told him. Oh my! Had she really said that?

Clark smiled and reached a hand out to her face. " I know"

Lois backed away. "I know. That's all you have to say," she yelled angrily stalking out of the bathroom. She had barely taken two steps when she bumped into Clarks fully clothed form. He raised her chin so she was looking directly in his eyes.

" I love you to"

" You don't ha..."

"I have loved you from the first moment I saw you" he said interrupting her.

" But you told me you lied" she reminded him.

" I only lied when I said I wasn't in love with you," he told her. " Once I knew that you didn't love me I couldn't risk losing you. Things had already started getting awkward between us. I had to lie so we could spend time together, work together."

" I thought when you wouldn't come work at the news station with me it was because you hated me"

"I hated lex," He told her.

"And I was stupid"

"Well I can't argue there"

Lois smiled and gave him an affectionate smack on the chest.

"So if you love me and I love you, why are we standing here talking" Lois asked.

Clark smiled and lowered his mouth down to hers.

" Ok you can change back into your Clark clothes" Lois informed Clark as they stepped into the elevator.

After their very long kissing session Lois had returned home to change and then they had both gone to the police station to give their statements. As employees of the planet would be scattered throughout the building Clark had entered the planet building as Superman. Now they were in the elevator he could change back.

" Ok so ill go in and get every ones attention while you stay in the lift hidden"

"Lois we don't have to do it like this" He told her.

" Yes we do. You're alive. This is big news it deserves a big announcement." She said poking him in the chest.

" Ok ok" he said agreeing with her. She already had a copy of the Clark Kent Returns story in her hands ready to hand it to Perry.

The lift dinged to let them know they were at their floor. Lois pushed Clark up against the wall. " Keep the doors open" she said before kissing him.

Lois strolled out of the lift head held high. She walked to the railing and looked at the people working busy below. God she loved this place.

" Every one can I have your attention please"

A few people stopped but not everyone. Lois placed her fingers in her mouth and whistled. This time the whole newsroom stopped.

"What's going on here?" Perry said coming out of his office with Jimmy following.

" Perry I have some news that's going to knock your socks off"

"Lois honey" he said walking closer. " I told you to take a few days off. You shouldn't be here. The rest of us can write the news"

" What I have to tell you is better than a story, but I do have a story for you" she said holding up the papers in her hand.

"The last few days have been very strange and they're about to get stranger"

"Lois what's going on" Perry asked.

" Maybe its better if I show you. Clark" she called.

" Honey Clark is …" The Chiefs words were halted at the sight of Clark Kent walking out of the elevator.

"Great shades of Elvis"

"Hi" Clark said giving everyone a wave.

" C K" Jimmy called before running and jumping over a banister and grabbing Clark and pulling him into a hug. Realising what he had just done Jimmy stepped back and laughed. " He's real"

Lois linked her arm around Clarks.

" Yep he's alive and here to stay"

"You know Lois we never did have that talk about me being you know who"

Lois turned and looked at Clark. " You know what. I have decided it doesn't matter. Your alive that's the important thing"

" So you're going to yell at me later" he asked knowing Lois.

" Right" she told him. Pulling him into a kiss.

The newsroom erupted with cheering and clapping. A few "Its about time" could be heard from a people. Meanwhile Perry stood in the middle of the newsroom frozen with shock.

The end.

Authors note: I wasn't really sure on how I was going to end this. Which is really unusual for me I usually have the beginning and the end worked out but no guts. I decided not to have THE talk. I have a few other ideas in my mind for other Lois and Clark stories where THE talk , will happen, hopefully. I have been thinking of writing a story set during "The eyes have it" (the one where superman is blind) and "Honeymoon in metropolis" (Where they stay in the honey moon suite) although they may only be little one chapter stories not sure yet.

Well I hoped you liked Until it's Gone. Please review its what keeps me writing.

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