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A/N: because there should be more Ugly Betty femslash…I think I'm the first to write one.

If Betty and Amanda were in a relationship it would be something like this. Progress, it comes but it usually takes its time, especially with people. Femslash.

Amanda is not that much taller than you though she seems huge. Like Everest huge. Maybe that's because of her bitchy attitude and her 'I'm-hot-your-not' walk. More than likely it's because you're kneeling at her feet.


You're down on your knees behind Daniels desk eating her...carpet mun-you really don't like any of those terms. All those glossed up fashion terms seem really dirty especially since what you're doing doesn't seem so bad. But you like eating pu-carpet munchi-you like making Amanda sigh and gasp and whimper and make her mouth produce sounds that aren't hurtful or bitchy. It gives you a sense of power and if you're really honest with yourself, you like the fact you can turn one of those glamazons you work with into a snivelling pile of nerves begging for-

"More! Oh God, please! yesss!"

Amanda even in the throes of passion, finds a way to boss you about and hiss at you. Although this time you can't really say you mind that much.

You try to angle you mouth a certain way so you can lick and rub her clit but embarrassingly you find you're a little clumsy. That could also be the fact your trying you best to go down (hey you don't mind that term!) on a girl without cutting her on your brace. God that would be embarrassing if you did that! Amanda would probably make you the laughing stock (more than you already are) of MODE magazine. You could just picture Daniel grinning at you and offering to give you tips.

Daniel. Daniel is a problem. You don't think that he would fire you for suddenly going out with women. Woman because even though you really like being intimate with Amanda you don't think your ready to be 'outed' yet. You think your friendship with Daniel is much stronger than that but if he so much as hints to Amanda that he wants her you know she would drop you like last seasons Dolce & Gabbana.

Which you shouldn't mind because you still haven't broken up with Walter yet, and Amanda and you haven't even vaguely discussed being in a relationship, despite the fact it was three months ago last Tuesday that Amanda (slightly drunk) cornered you at the party down on 23rd and dragged you into the office and kissed you so hard that lipstick was smudged (hers) and glasses were broken (yours).They were apparently in her way so she flung them off of you and for an entire day you walked about like a blind person before you could get a new pair.

So for the last three months you've been cheating on Walter with another woman at work, after work, at lunch, on weekends and during holidays, in your bosses office, the toilets, her apartment, your house and some office rooms on the 23rd floor (for sentimental value. Amanda would deny it). But you can't bring yourself to feel guilty even though you really should because in a weird way Walter is just like you and Amanda is just like Daniel, if she gave the slightest hint she was interested in more with you, you would drop Walter like an out of date chocolate bar, though you would feel sad because chocolate shouldn't be throw away...

...god wouldn't her father love to see this on his soaps? Though the chocolate analogies might get a bit confusing…

"Betty, I'm so close, SO CLOSE!"

You could guess Amanda would be a talker during sex. She never shuts up any other time of the day why should she now?

In the beginning though you were quite thankful for that as you had no idea what to do to please her and Amanda with the grace and expertise that prove she had missed her calling as an air traffic controller guided you through your first time. Though at the start your technique was a little 'bumpy', get it? Bumpy? Air traffic controller? God Betty your jokes suck even in your own head!

Now though your technique has improved vastly judging by the sounds of her squeals and sighs and limited instruction. You think you could do this all your life and Amanda would still find fault and try to boss you around, weirdly you don't mind this. sometimes in the morning when you watch her get into her 'hard bitch' act and make the junior assistants cry, you get a big head thinking about how only 15 minutes earlier you had her bent over her bedroom dresser squealing and crying herself.


She pants heavily looking down at you. With her hair mussed and unruly and her Donna Karen skirt hitched around her waist, she looks like a normal woman who just got fcked (you feel a little rebellious using that word) and you love her though you would rather eat sushi again than admit it.

The hopeless romantic side of you pictures you together in a few years raising a lot of cats together but the more practical side of you beats that notion into submission and throws it into the closet were all those bad ideas, like dieting, goes.

You don't think Amanda would be the type of girl that would fall for a Betty type of girl.

Amanda kisses you with enough force and passion to steal your breath and leave you on the floor gasping. Its her way of taking back control, because even though she was the one pleading and squealing, it is after all Betty Suarez that's breathless on her knees in her bosses office.

The next day you come in with a fuzzy jumper that makes you look like Sunny from 'Monsters Inc.' Even you are a little embarrassed about it. But it was laundry day and this was the only thing clean. You go in expecting the worst and sure enough Marc and Amanda are there, eyes combing over your jumper and you can see him gearing up for one of his back handed compliments and you steel yourself for it.

It never comes.

At the last moment, before Marc could deploy his scathing comment, Amanda catches his eye and in some silent communication he turns his back and prances away. Amanda goes pointedly back to work obviously not look at you but if she did she would see the big metal smile you are now wearing.

She's started to change how she treats you. She's almost civil. The hopeless romantic springs anew and before the more practical Betty can wrestle it away into its closet one word escapes that sums up your entire relationship, past and present and (hopefully) future, with the glamazon Amanda...


A/N: I was thinking of doing a sequel from Amanda's POV but it will all depend on reviews.