A/N - This is set in the aftermath of season four episode ten, after Lucas has had his heart attack and Haley got hit by the car Dante was driving. (if you havent seen it download it! It was an amazing episode! Or visit and have a look at what happened!) Him and Haley are still in the hospital and even though the next couple of episodes have already aired, I wanted to do a different spin on it. Hope you like it, I've never written OTH fan fic before but I bloody love this show so much! This is only a really short chapter but the first couple of parts will basically be setting the scene before it all really gets heated so stick with it! I promise there will be muchos drama.

"Open your eyes Lucas… open your eyes…"

Hazily the room came into focus. He heard the constant droning of a machine to his left, rhythmically beeping in time with his own heart. In his muddled mind set he thought this was still part of his dream and panicking, he half rose his head expecting to see the bodies of Keith and Jimmy lying on the floor but as he glanced around the sterile white washed room he realised he was no longer in the halls of Tree Hill High.


He tried to sit up but pain erupted through his chest and down his left arm causing him to cry out and his vision to swim.

"Luke? You gotta lie still."

Lucas blinked, trying to clear the white spots from his eyes and turned groggily to voice. He knew instantly it was Peyton. He would recognize her voice anywhere but her curly blonde hair was a blur. He blinked again and after a moment her face came back into focus. Her expression was a mixture of anxiety but obvious relief that he was awake.

"Peyton… what...? Where's…?"

He licked his lips. his mouth was so dry that talking was almost painful. It had seemed so real. He had touched Keith, walked with Keith, stood at his own grave and watched Peyton putting flowers on it. He had seen Brooke fall to pieces over the death of her best friend and he had felt the agony of Keith sending him back. He had even seen his own body fighting to live in this very bed. His mind told him it had all been a dream and nothing more but he could not dismiss it so easily.


"Where's Keith?" Lucas mumbled.

Peyton frowned deeply at him and rose from the chair at his bedside.

"I'm going to get a… um nurse. I'll be back in a minute." She leaned over him and kissed him gently on the cheek as if she was afraid she would hurt him but when she pulled back she had a smile on her face. "Its good to have you back stranger."

He glanced at Peyton again. Suddenly he remembered everything. State Championship. Nathan. Dante. The accident. Haley. His heart… his heart giving out…. the look on Peyton's face when Brooke had told her he was in the hospital. Absently he brought his hand to his chest.

"Luke, Haley's-"

"Ok." Lucas said softly. "Yeah I know."

Peyton gave him a strange look.

"How do you know?"

"I saw… I had a um..." He was too tired to explain it and so he let his voice trail off.

"I better find a nurse, and your mom. She's pretty much going crazy worrying about you."

Peyton left the room, closing the door quietly behind her. Lucas stared at the door for a moment, his mind wandering.

"Open your eyes Luke the way you opened your heart…"

Lucas tried to remember what he had seen that day. He tried to remember every single painful detail that had led to Keith's murder. He didn't want to remember but Keith said it was important. He had to remember for his sake. He told him he knew in his heart what had happened but what could he know? He had left Keith with Jimmy Edwards to take Peyton out of the school. He hadn't seen anything.

"Lucas!" He glanced up as his mom entered. With tears streaming down her face Karen was at his bedside in an instant, running her fingers through his hair. Glancing up at her, he smiled faintly.

"Hey mom." His voice cracked as he spoke.

"Open your eyes Lucas…"

Karen was talking to him but Lucas wasn't listening. Keith's words were rolling around in mind like a maelstrom threatening to engulf him.

"Jimmy was your friend, Luke… open your eyes the way you opened your heart…"

Lucas promised himself in that moment that he would discover the truth of what happened to Keith.

"You should go home and get some sleep."

Nathan glanced up at his wife and shook his head. Up until an hour ago he had thought both her and their baby were going to die. He never wanted to leave her side again. For the millionth time that night he felt guilt stabbing at his heart. The accident was his fault. He had inadvertently caused the events that had led to Daunte trying to run him down in the street. Unfortunately Haley had been hit instead of him. Nathan would never forget the image of Haley's body flying over the bonnet of the car. Nor would he forget how close he had come to loosing her. The guilt threatened to consume him. It gnawed at him every time he looked at her face and saw the bruises and cuts. He could have lost both his wife and his son because of his stupidity. Glancing down at his hand in hers he frowned deeply.

"Hey," Haley stroked the back of his hand gently. "It's gonna be ok, Nathan. You heard what the doctor said. The baby's ok. I'm gonna be ok. "

"Hales? I need to tell you something."

Her brow furrowed.


He opened his mouth to confess everything but the door opened. He turned to see Peyton smiling.

"Lucas. He's awake."

Haley sighed relieved and leaned back into her pillows.

"Thank god…"

Nathan smiled faintly. He was relieved that his half-brother was alive but the moment was gone. He didn't know if he had the courage to tell Haley what he had done now.

"That's great Peyton." Nathan said finally. "Tell him I'll drop in on him in a bit."

Peyton nodded, but hesitated in the doorway, wringing her hands together.

"Everything's gonna be ok, isn't it? I mean… you and the uh baby… you're ok now aren't you?"

Haley glanced at Nathan and smiled, her hand going to her stomach.

"Yeah. Everything's going to be fine."

Peyton smiled.

"I better get back to Luke."

Haley turned back Nathan once she had left.

"What did you want to tell me?"

Nathan wavered, considering telling her but she looked so happy. He couldn't bring himself to ruin her mood. He would tell her tomorrow.

"Nothing. It can keep." Rising he kissed her softly on the lips. "I'm gonna look in on Lucas and then go home. I'll be back in the morning. Get some rest baby."