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As midnight came upon the neighborhood of Privet Drive all of the residents were tucked away in their beds sleeping peacefully; or at least that is what the untrained eye would see, but Lord Vladimir was by no means untrained. As the king of the vampire community his eyes had seen many obstacles in their 179 years of life. For a vampire he was still young, but the challenges he face made him superior to the elders.

One might wonder what it is the Lord saw in this seemingly normal neighborhood? He saw power. Raw, wild, power that when released could very likely rival his own. However, this power was restrained by a meddling old fool by the name of Albus Dumbledore. Of course Albus didn't know the suffering that he put upon his young protégé, Harry Potter, by enforcing him to return to this pathetic neighborhood every summer. He didn't see that by forcing Harry to return there he was suppressing the boy's magic and ruining his confidence.

However, Lord Vladimir saw. He saw the abuse that the ebony haired boy suffered through every summer. He saw the ridicule that the boy was forced to endure. He saw the beatings and whippings that the boy received, and most clearly of all he saw the helplessness that had fallen upon the boy-who-lived and he planned to change that….