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Harry felt the light seeping in from the cupboard window, and groaned. It must only be 5 in the morning, he thought. Slowly Harry opened his eyes, and tried to get up. He found himself still chained to the lumpy mattress.

"Urrg," Harry exclaimed as he felt the pain from the beating that occurred the day before. "Hedwig", he croaked to his first friend. "I don't feel to good."

Hedwig hooted condescendingly as if to say "No Duhh".

Harry sighed and looked down at his chained hands. The chains seemed to get tighter by the minute, and slimy goo traveled down his wrist. In sudden epiphany, he realized that is was blood that was on his wrist.

The chains must have caused them to bleed. I just hope that Vernon does not wake up soon and expect me to do my chores. I don't think I'll be able to move.

Suddenly the knob to the cupboard started moving. Seconds later a dark figure loomed over Harry.

"Sorry M m master I will wake up sooner tomorrow I promise", Harry said. He has long ago learned that being submissive got him a slightly condensed punishment. It still hurt like hell, but is was a tiny bit better. Harry looked at the dark figure ahead whom he assumed was his uncle, yet now that he really inspected the figure it was too skinny to be his uncle. If it wasn't his uncle then who was it. The figure neared and Harry curled up as far away as he could from the mysterious being.

"Harry there is no need to fear me. My name is Lord Vladimir and I have a proposition for you", Lord Vladimir said answering Harry's unspoken question.

"W w what is it", Harry stuttered thinking that his life just couldn't get any weirder. He might not have been the smartest person in Hogwarts, but he recognized the name from the only history lesson that he halfway paid attention to. Lord Vladimir was the king of the vampires, he was known for his ruthlessness and brutality, but maybe that was exaggerated. After all Harry was now lying completely chained and vulnerable yet Lord Vladimir made no obvious effort to hurt him.

"I will take you away from the Dursleys, and train you for your destiny while still allowing you to retain some of your childhood", Lord Vladimir answered.

"I am not a child, besides I can't leave the Dursleys. It is the only place I am safe because of the blood wards Dumbledore placed on it", Harry replied with contempt.

"Don't be silly young one. Do you honestly believe that your safe in this place where you are lying chained in a cupboard. Never mind the fact that the blood wards are completely useless. Didn't Voldemort take your blood during the third task? Haven't you already been attacked by dementors in this place. This place is no safer than any other from the wrath of Voldemort", Vladimir replied.

"Where would you take me?" Harry inquired as he inspected Vladimir. Now that he was closer Harry could see Vladimir's brown long hair that was worn in a pony tail, and his shockingly blue eyes. His eyes twinkled yet they weren't laced with mischief like Dumbledore's were. Instead they were warm and gentle; they held knowledge but also a bit of concern. For me? Surely not. Why would anyone care about me. I am just the stupid Boy Who Lived. Nothing else. I am not worthy of his concern. Harry thought. Years of neglect and abuse had played with his self-esteem. He no longer thought he deserved anything other than abuse.

Lord Vladimir was annoyed. Not that he showed it to Harry, but never the less he was pissed. Vampires especially powerful ones, were known for their ability to read minds. This ability was unlike Legilimency in which wizards searched through memories. It was more or less like telepathy. Vladimir heard Harry's thoughts and was disgusted by Harry's so called relatives. What had they done to make him feel so worthless? Lord Vladimir knew that fixing Harry's emotional scars would take awhile. Perhaps therapy, he thought. Lord Vladimir now noticed Harry's expectant eyes. Wait expectant. Oh the question.

"I am sorry Harry I can't tell you exactly where I will take you, but I promise I will take you somewhere safe where you will be trained, fed, loved and clothed" Lord Vladimir replied to Harry's question.

Harry looked down and then noticed that the rags he wore before the beating were not on his body. Oh Merlin. This is so embarrassing. Harry blushed; he was lying chained and naked less than two feet away from royalty. How do I get myself into these messes, he morbidly thought.

Seeing Harry's embarrassment, Vladimir took off the black cloak that he was wearing and carefully placed it on Harry's naked body.

"Listen Harry, I can't stay for much longer. I know it is hard, but I need an answer now".

"Will I be able to go back to Hogwarts sir? ", Harry mumbled. If Lord Vladimir was offering him a safe place and training it would be ridiculous to refuse. After all he could just take me anyway. I know he is powerful might as well go willingly. If Vladimir was willing to help him defeat Voldemort it would be worth it.

"I wouldn't keep you away from your friends. If you wish to go to Hogwarts you may", Vladimir gently said. Vladimir could see Harry's resistance fading, and knew Harry's answer before it was spoken.

"O ok sir", Harry stuttered, "I will go with you if you swear you won't harm me or kill me". Better safe then sorry.

Lord Vladimir chuckled and asserted "I, Lord Vladimir, king of the Vampires, swear on my blood and that of my enemies that I will never intentionally harm or kill Harry James Potter".

Harry felt the magic in the room tingle and was satisfied. He suddenly felt tired. The blood he had lost and was still losing was taking a toll on him. The last thing he felt was being picked up and the world blackening.


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