A Heart's Vow

Yuki accidentally saw Kaname kissing Ruka after Kaname said he would only be with Yuki. She ran to her room and locked herself in and refuses to come out. She doesn't eat and Headmaster Cross, Zero, and Kaname think she might die. ( im terrible at previews!)

"Yuki please open up! You're going to kill you self if you don't eat'Yori shouted as she banged on Yuki's door. " I have no idea what has gotten into you!"

" Just leave her alone," said a passing classmate to Yori. " With out her around we get to see the night class with out a big fuss from her."

"Ya!" chimed the other girl. "She's always hogging Idol-senpai and Kain-senpai from us."

"What makes her sooo special that she gets to hang with the Night Class?!"

"That is mean. Yuki only does that because its her job." Yori said with a frown.

"No," said Yuki. "Everything is all my fault. I'm a selfish, stuck-up, spoiled brat."

"That is not true!" cried Yori. "You're a selfless, non-spoiled, humble person!!!!"

"It is true. Now please go you will be late for class," mumbled Yuki


"No buts' whispered Yuki. "Just go"

"kay" said Yori dejectedly.

Yori began to walk away with a sad expression. She was angry for who every did this to Yuki. She thought in her head evil curses for the person who did this to best friend. Changing her from a cheerful person to a depressed, dejected person.

As soon as Yori was far from hearing range a person with dark brown and deep brown eyes stepped out of the shadow.

He walked tentively towards the room that Yuki was in and raised his hand to knock when he heard a heartfelt sob. They were filled with anguish, pain, and sorrow.

His decided he would talk to her later when she calmed down.. He walked quietly away so he wouldn't disturb her. Then a certain someone stepped out from behind a pillar.