Second Meeting


Alright macho-man, its your job to carry the flour and beef, okay?" said Sakura.

" Alright then" groaned Haru as the trios walked towards the meat.

They were almost there when a hand grabbed Yuki's shoulder and a voice said in a shocked voice,

" Yuki?!"

End of recap

Yuki whirled around as she heard someone say her name. A tall boy with mauve eyes and light brown hair with white streaks stared at her.

" Excuse me but do I know you?" inquired Yuki, staring at this man with a slightly odd stare.

" You don't remember me?" said the boy with surprise.

"No I don't. I don't remember anything except the last 2 months."

"So you don't remember what I told you," he questioned grabbing her wrist.

" Hey get your hands of my sister," demanded Haru finally snapping out. When this man first appeared, Haru was too shocked to do anything. But seeing this man grab Yuki had snapped Haru out of it.

" I don't know who you are or what you want or if you have any relations to my sister so don't touch her." demanded Haru, glaring at this man.

"I'm sorry it is very rude of me not to introduce myself. My name is Kuran Kaze. I am this girl's fiancée.

"What?!" cried Haru, Sakura, and Yuki, their mouths dropping open.

"Well, Yuki and I met at a dance party 3 years ago. We were both bored and we decided to mingle with each other. We soon found we had common interests and we hoped to see each other again. About a month later, we bumped into each other at school and got along great. I asked her out about a month after that. I didn't want another guy stealing her" Kaze laughed, then continued with his story. "We went out for 3-ish years with bumps and lots of fights but I realized that I couldn't live with her so I asked her marry me. She said yes and we were palnning our wedding until Yuki lost her memory due an accident. She left the home we were living in and since then I have been looking for her. and now I have found her."

"Wait a second" Haru intervened with a stubborn look on his face. "You seem too young to get married."

"Well we are young but Yuki is going to be 18 in about two days so we thought we could get married after her birthday." Kaze replied with a smooth, calm expression on his face.

"I'm not so sure about this" Yuki muttered, then raising her eyes to look into this Kaze's eyes. Peering at his eyes, she felt a slight sensation of recognition. "I feel like I kind of know you but I don't know about this marriage thing."

"Then lets come to a compromise." Kaze offered "I will buy a house in this area and we will live in it. If you don't feel like its right after 2 months then you can leave, I sell the house, and I won't bother you again."

"Hmmmm" said Yuki as she thought about this. "I guess so." She replied slowly. "But first we need to asked my parents and I want to add the condition that I can visit Sakura, Haru and my mother and father any time I want. But I will however come home everyday and have at least 1 meal with you."

"Deal" Kaze replied a calm smile on his face as he thought of all the chances he could have to brainwash her.

Haru, Sakura, Yuki, and Kaze walked towards the home that Yuki had lived in for 2 months. There, Kaze and Yuki explained what had happened and what they were going to do. Kana and Ryo at first were reluctant to let Yuki do this but soon conceded. For the next two days, everyone worked on moving Yuki's stuff to the home Kaze had bought, 5 minutes away from the home Yuki was about to leave.

2 Days later

"Are you sure you want to do this" Sakura cried to Yuki. "Who will help me bother Haru if you're gone?"

"Don't worry" replied Yuki with a smile, her eyes filling with tears "I come over early so you and me can scare him", her voice a little watery.

"If that guy does anything to you. Tell me and I'll beat him up" growled Haru, acting tough on the outside but really sad on the inside."

"If you have any problems, don't be scared to come and visit" Kana said, crying a little. "You'll always be welcomed here."

"Yes" Ryo said, a sad expression on his face, like one of his daughters was getting married.

"Yeah" Yuki told all of them, her eyes swelling with tears. The family members all hugged, releasing each other at the latest possible moment. Yuki waved good-bye, their figures getting smaller and smaller as Kaze and her walked away.

Kaze gripped her hand, tightly but not painfully. "Don't worry, you can see them anytime."

"Yeah" Yuki said, gripping his hand while wiping her eyes with her free hand.

2 1/2 years later

"Mama" cried a little girl with brown hair and brown eyes, rushing towards her mother.

"Hey Hana, what's the matter" asked Yuki, scooping up her baby in her arms.

"Kaname and Zero were making fun of me," Hana cried, her gigantic 2-year-old eyes swelling up in tears. "They said I have cow eyes!" Hana wailed as two boys, one with brown eyes and brown hair, the other with brown hair and mauve eyes came running up.

"What ever Hana said it isn't true," cried the two boys in unison stopping in front of their mother, their 2-year-old eyes, blinking innocently.

"You boys" laughed Yuki. "But I want you to apologize to your sister."

"Sorry" the two boys muttered, rubbing their toes into the soft spring dirt under their feet.

"Happy?" Yuki asked, nuzzling her face to Hana's chubby cheeks.

"Can you lift us up mama" the two boys asked, jealous of the attention their sister was getting.

"Sure" smile Yuki as she attempted to pick up all her babies.

"Now, Hana, Kaname, Zero. Your mama has to be careful, she is going to have another baby," a tall figure said, walking up to his family.

"Papa!" cried the three children, rushing to their papa to be swept up.

"Hey" he said, a warm expression on his face, picking up all three of the children.

"Now children" Yuki childishly teased them, standing up slowly due to the 6 month baby in her stomach. "If you guys are monopolizing papa like that, then mama can't say hello," she childishly pouted.

"I'm very sorry" the man teasingly apologized, his mauve eyes twinkling softly as he leaned towards his wife to give her a kiss.

"EWWWW!!" cried Hana, Zero, and Kaname as their parents kissed. "That is so gross!" they cried, jumping down from ehir fathers arms and running away.

"Don't run to far away!" Yuki yelled at them.

"Yes!" they said while running. Kaname and Zero speed away with Hana lagging behind but when she tripped, they ran back to help her.

"They are such good children" Yuki smiled softly, leaning against Kaze as he wrapped an arm around her.

"Yup" Kaze replied" And I am sure they will be very kind to their new sibling in a few months."

Yuki and Kaze shared a gentle smile before they leaned in for another kiss.

During the 2 months they were together 3 years ago, they slowly fell in love with each other. Kaze forgetting his goal and Yuki falling in love with Kaze. The two of them got married nearly 5 months after Yuki left the house and they had Kaname, Zero, and Hana soon after. Triplets. And now they had another baby coming. Yuki had never felt so happy before and Kaze felt the same. They had 3 beautiful children, a great house, and each other. It was perfect.

Yuki gave a start as she felt the unborn baby give a kick. Kaze looked at her anxiously and Yuki just smiled, bringing his hand to her swollen stomach as the baby gave another kick. The two shared as smile as they saw Hana, Zero, and Kaname run towards them. This was the best thing they could ever wish for.

The End







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