Ryou Ninomiya remembered that night in the woods years ago where he and his childhood friend, Takeru Takemoto, discovered Hikari. Takeru found Hikari and Ryou, a few days later, found Akari. Both of their names, meaning light; Ryou had no inclination of what those two aliens had came to Earth to do. Ryou had grown up, like Takeru, without parents there to support him. He took care of himself and raised his little sister, Kimi, all while he parents ran off somewhere. Even after Ryou told Kimi that their parents had in fact not died in a car accident, she forgave him. They never had luck in finding their parents though. Resolved to just going back to normal after Akari and Hikari left seemed to be the only option.

Kimi was growing up now. She had already been through a few boyfriends even though she was only fourteen. All Ryou could do was watch out for her now that he was a handsome man of nineteen years. She still cooked for him; he never had that in him for some reason. They had little arguments here and there, but nothing too dramatic. As for Takeru, they finished high school together and were now looking for some decent colleges. Ryou had not really had the time for women, considering schoolwork, Kimi, and all. Always in the back of his mind was Akari though. He wondered every night as he gazed at the stars from his roof where she was and if she was safe. Technically, she did not have a body, but her soul was still out there guiding new life to their destinations. Takeru did not talk much about Hikari, though they both knew he missed her dearly.

It was a Saturday that Ryou decided he would take a day off from work and the he and Takeru would just hang out. It was still early in the day when Ryou arrived at Takeru's place. Takeru let him in, and after some lunch they began their discussion that could change everything.

"It's been a long time since they left, you know that Takeru?" Ryou began.

"I know. Four whole years. I'm surprised that Sumie and Itchou have let me stay with them here like this so long.

"They figure you need them, I suppose."

"Yeah, but if they haven't noticed, I can take care of myself."

"Then why don't you just leave already?"

Catching him off guard, Takeru regained his composure and made a comment about not finding any good apartments anywhere. Ryou just laughed and the two continued their light conversation about weather and random things until Takeru made a suggestion.

"Want to go back to the woods, Ryou?"


"How about it? Let's get our bikes and just go."

Ryou had a serious expression on his face when Takeru sighed, "If you don't want to, I understand."

"Are you really ready to go back?"

"Me? You're the one with the long face. It's been almost four years, and I'm curious to see how much it has changed."

"Maybe we have ignored this problem a little too long. Pack some snacks though and let's head out then."

Just as they opened the garage door to go, Mari came home. Her hair had grown out and was now shoulder length. Though she still had feelings for Takeru, she managed to ignore her feelings and have a few boyfriends here and there. This made Takeru assume she was completely over him. As for him, he had not really been interested in love; same as Ryou. Here she was, eighteen years old and a beauty at that. Ryou gave her a smile and a wave as he turned on the motor to his bike.

"And just where do you think you two think you're going?"

"Mari, I'll be back before dinner okay? We're just going out for a while."

With that, Takeru's motor on, the two men sped off into the street leaving a fuming Mari.

Ryou recalled the last time he saw Akari. He had wanted to kiss her badly but instead she turned away from him. That has always bothered him, but he tried not to think that way. She was quite young at the time now that he thought about it. She only had to be about eleven or twelve; he was fifteen. There was just something about her that he could not explain in words. He missed spending time with her, and he missed most her beautiful eyes and philosophy about his world; his life. Suddenly, as they were turning the corner to where they met their alien women, he stopped and pulled over. Takeru, sensing that he was not behind him anymore turned around.

"Hey! What's the matter, Ryou?"

"I don't know if I can do this just yet, Takeru."

Takeru was not even sure why he wanted to do this, but his heart was calling him to this place now that they were so close.

"Ryou, don't you feel it? We're supposed to come here today," he said and looked at Ryou who had gone pale white as the moon.

"What is it, Ryou?"

Ryou pointed behind Takeru and what he saw when he turned around almost made his heart stop.

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