"Freshmen," Saladin started while coughing "The roof of the gym is about collapse everyone help each other and get out as quickly as possible." He continued.

All the freshmen started to cough uncontrollably because of all the debris and started to make their way to safety. The gym then in a jolt collapsed right in front of the students and both alfea's and Red Fountain's principles. It was a good thing that everyone was out… well almost everyone.

"Ms. Faragonda! We can't find Bloom, Stella, Brandon or Sky anywhere!" spoke a frantic Ms. Griselda.

" WHAT?" Ms faragonda screeched. "Everybody listen up! Fairies of Alfea use your powers to lift up some of these ceiling parts and while the heroes use man power."

Just as the freshmen were about to take orders a yellow red force field came up from all the debris and collapsed ceiling and walls. Inside were the four missing students. Two heroes and two fairies that were using their last bit of energy to hold up a forcefeild that was nearly gone. As they started to walk to their teachers, Stella lost her balance and fell onto Bloom which made the forcefield instantly disappear.

"Freshman's go and help them all out." Saladin commanded. All the teachers and students walked closer to get a better look. And as they neared the four fallen students, they seemed to notice cuts and bruises on the two princes and two princesses.

Two freshmen boys each picked up one of the two powerful fairies as four freshmen boys helped out Brandon and Sky.

"I hope that our kids are alright!" Faragonda said looking a tad bit worried.

"They will be" Saladin assured her.

The hospital Wing:

"Oww… whe… where am I? OMG Stella!!" Bloom started as she came back to her senses. She got up from her hospital bed and walked over to her god sister. "Stella wake up" Bloom yelled at Stella's motionless body. Although her yelling didn't wake up the Solarian Princess it did wake up the two sleeping princes.

"Yo chill with the yelling" Sky said covering his ears.

"Yea please its very painful." Brandon said rubbing his forehead.

"Well Sooorrrryyy, but Stella isn't waking up" Bloom said to the two boys.

"Good because she gets annoying when she's cranky." Sky grinned.

"Seriously come on she's not waking up. Help me wake her up!" Bloom whined.

"Okaaaaayyy! Just please stop your whining I can't take it anymore" Brandon said. He then got on top of Stella's hospital bed and put his lips only half a centimeter away from her ear. He took a deep breath which let in the smell of Stella's Chanel perfume which was mixed with the smell of debris. As he let out the breath he started to whisper something into the blonde princess' ear "Stella! There's a shoe sale at Gucci!"

Stella then suddenly woke up and started to babble "Oh my gosh where?" This made her three classmates laugh. "hey why did you lie to me?" Stella yelled at Brandon.

"Hey Stop yelling at my friend this is all yours and Bloom's fault." Sky yelled as Ms. F and Professor Saladin walked in.

"Our fault, You mean your faults. How is this our fault?" Stella and Bloom said at the same time.

"No seriously yo, do you rehearse that or something?" Saladin asked trying to be all hip and cool.

The four students ignored his comment and continued to fight. " Well if you both didn't use your powers at such a high level the gym wouldn't have collapsed and we wouldn't have bruises covering our bodies" Brandon and Sky said.

Bloom and Stella were about to back talk but Ms. Faragonda interrupted "Stop arguing. You are apart of the same team so stop biting at each other's throats. We want you all to drink this potion that the nurse has brewed up" she then handed each of them a glass of the potion. As the four gulped it all down their bruises all vanished.

"Cool!" Sky said as Brandon gave a slight nod.

"Now we would like all of you to go back to your dorms and head off to bed. And we don't want to hear anymore fighting. Understood?" Professor Saladin said in a firm voice.

"Understood!" the four of them said at the same time which made them all glare at each other. They all headed for the door and Brandon pushed Stella as Sky pushed Bloom so they could get through first. After the two girls slapped the back of their heads.

"They'll never learn will they?" Ms Faragonda said with a little laugh.

Up in the Dorm:

"Ow Sky you stepped on my foot" Bloom cried.

"Well then move your foot. And it aint my fault its dark in here" Sky said in an annoyed tone.

"Well then instead of being a wise ass why don't you find the light switch?" Stella said getting a bit angry at his stupidity.

"Hey if you think your so smart why don't you light up this room with light!" Brandon said to Stella.

"Fine I will" Stella summoned a sun energy ball in her hands and then flicked the light switch. "See how smart I am unlike you Sky" Stella giggled.

"Dude she's dissing me help me out here" Sky said to his best friend.

"Sorry bro but she got you there" Brandon laughed as his friend came near him to punch him. "dude kidding" Brandon said hiding behind Stella.

"Aw are you scared Brandon?" Bloom teased the brunette Prince.

"Pssh of Sky hell no! I just don't need any bruises on this hot face." Stella and bloom began to laugh uncontrollably at his statement. After a few minutes they were wiped out. Stella had gone to bed to get her beauty sleep, Brandon had gone to take a shower, Sky was pigging out on ice cream while Bloom was knocked out on the couch while watching her favorite soap opera.

"Dude did you know that Stella replaced all the bar soap with body wash" Brandon started as he walked out in shorts. "All though I do admit it smells better than bar soap." Brandon said as he dried his hair with a towel.

Sky than walked over to his friend and sniffed his hand "Yea your right! It does smell better than bar soap. I think the girls should tell us where they got it cause you smell good, dude" Sky said earning an awkward look from his brunette friend.

"Aw shit I forgot to get my shirt. I'll be back in a sec." Brandon said as he ran to his "former" room. He Slowly crept to the left of Stella's bed where all of his stuff was. When he got there he saw that Stella was about to fall off since she was nearly hanging at the edge of her bed.

'Hmm should I help her? Tough question.' Brandon sighed and lifted Stella back up on her bed. He fixed her pillow and laid her head peacefully on it. He put her pink blanket over her body and whispered "Sweet dreams Stella!" before he turned to leave he swore that he saw Stella's sleeping face turn into a smiling face. Brandon couldn't help but smile as he walked out.

"Bro, why are you smiling?" Sky asked looking at Brandon's smiling expression.

"Umm, no reason!" Brandon said wiping the smile off of his face.

"Well whatever. I think I'm gonna go to bed. Oh come on!" Sky said.

Brandon walked over to Sky's couch and saw Bloom fast asleep. "So what! Just carry her into her room."

"Fine" Sky sighed as he picked up Bloom into his arms. He carefully carried her into "her" room. Sky turned around and when he reached to close the door, Bloom's dragon fire necklace fell to the floor. But before he could pick it up another hand popped down and picked it up.

"Are you looking for this Prince Sky?" A dark figure in a cloak asked picking up her necklace. Sky became freaked out and held Bloom closer to his body.

"Brandon, if that's you, quit it. Its not funny bro!" Sky said nervously.

"Oh, I'm not Brandon, bro. I'm the one thee only Salavador!" Salavador said taking off his cloak. "Give me the red headed princess and no one will get hurt."

Sky clung onto Bloom "I'm not going to give her to you"

"Awe stop being a little prince charming and give me the girl" Salavador said.

"What don't you understand about the word no?" Sky said as he grabbed a dictionary and hit him in the face. The evil wizard fell to the ground unconscious as Sky picked up Bloom's necklace and ran out of the room. Sky ran with Bloom still in his arms to Brandon's couch where he was fast asleep.

"Brandon! Wake up!" Sky said shaking his friend with one hand.

"Dude what time is it." He asked rubbing his eyes.

"Who the hell cares? Salavador is here. Go get Stella." Brandon stood up and tried to wear his shirt. "Brandon, forget about the shirt and go run before that guy wakes up." Brandon and Sky ran as fast as they could into the room where Stella was in.

"We can't stay in this room. Get Stella and let's hide in the closet behind the coat closet." Sky said.

Brandon lifted Stella up and nodded "Good idea dude" The four of them went to the closet. "Okay I think that we should try waking them up" Brandon whispered to his friend.

"Hey Bloom, Stella wake up" Sky said tapping their cheeks.

"What's going on?" Bloom said sleepily.

"Yea! And why am I in a closet lying on your lap?" Stella asked confused as she got up.

"Shh… Salavador is here" Brandon said as he covered Stella's "big mouth."

"He is?" Bloom asked. Just then they heard something crash out somewhere near the kitchen.

"Okay I feel really scared now" Stella said crying as she sunk into one of the closet's corners. Bloom went to sit next to her and she started to cry too.

"Hey, look at me Bloom! Stop crying. You have to be strong. For god's sake you both have the most amazing power, you can fight him." Sky said as Bloom smiled.

"You know what your right. Come on Stella! Magic Winx!" Bloom said but after she was confused.

"We can't transform!" Stella said starting to cry again.

"Hey, Hey look at me!" Brandon said as he wiped one of Stella's tears. "Don't worry, We're gonna get through this." Brandon said as he gave her a hug.

"Yea so don't worry" Sky said also giving a hug to Bloom who had stopped crying.


"Okay can we get out of here before he finds us?" Stella asked frantically.

"Hey look there's a vent up there." Sky said as he climbed on Brandon and opened it.

"OMG Sky your so smart. Oh yeah sorry for calling you dumb before." Stella said as bloom and her started to laugh. The two boys helped them up into the vents system and then soon enough they were all crawling on metal. They crawled until they reached two routes.

"Okay I think that our best bet is to split up into pairs." Brandon said to his friend and his annoying classmates.

"Fine. Then Bloom and I will go that way while you two losers go that way!" Stella said.

"Hello earth to spoiled heiress. You two can't go together." Said an angry Brandon.

"And why not? And don't call her stupid" Bloom asked as if she read Stella's mind.

"Because you stupid girls can't use your powers for some stinking reason" Sky fumed. "Look, Bloom and I will go together which pains me. And Brandon you go with Stella" Sky said to his friend.

"Hey why am I always stuck with little Ms. Blondie?" Brandon asked loudly.

"Hey stop calling me names before I call my Daddy!" Stella yelled.

"Well to bad you don't have your cell phone. I'm telling you, Sky we should've left them and just made a run for it." Brandon said trying to control his anger.

"Right now I agree with you, but we have to go before Salavador finds us. So can we just go?" Sky asked nicely.

"I hate to say this but Sky is totally right! Wow did I just say that?" Bloom said surprising herself.

"FINE!" Stella and Brandon said at the same time. Both pairs crawled in the two different directions.

With Bloom and Sky:

"Do you even know where this leads?" bloom asked Rudely.

"No! But if you crawl faster maybe we'll get there and find out" Sky said losing control.

"Stop yelling at me! Oh I am so getting sick and tired of you." Bloom stuck out her tongue at Sky. "Ewe it totally smells here kinda like dirty gym socks?" She said pinching her nose.

"Well I know where this leads now. To the laundry room" Sky said opening the vent and jumping out. He held Bloom's hand and then lifted her out of the vents.

"Ugh it really, really smells in here." Bloom said.

"Yea lets get the hell outta here." Sky said leading the way out of the laundry room.

With Stella and Brandon:

"Are we there yet?" Stella asked stopping.

"No so stop your whining." Brandon's phone started to ring.

He picked it up and said "Oh hey Stacey." Stella glared at the name.

Stella heard a voice so she tugged on Brandon's arm "Brandon!"

"Um Stace this isn't a good time. Yea I'll call you later. Bye!" Brandon spoke in the phone and then hung up. "What do you want now" Brandon yelled at Stella as she began to cry.

"Aw shit don't cry Stella just tell me what's wrong." Brandon apologized.

"don't you hear that?" Stella asked.

"Yea now I do. Okay come on just keep on crawling." He said. As the two kept on crawling they heard the noises getting closer. Brandon found the vent that was right on top of the pool.

"Stella jump!" Brandon said as he heard the noises closer than ever.

"But this is a couture outfit" Stella pointed to her pajamas.

Brandon didn't care about Stella's outfit right now. All he cared about was saving her and not to mention himself. So he pushed her out of the vents and into the pool and then jumped in after her.

Stella came up to the surface of the pool for breath and so did the prince that jumped in. "you messed up my outfit." Stella said splashing water at the hero.

Just then both of them heard the door knob turn. Brandon swam to Stella and put a protective arm around her shoulder. Stella grew scared and held onto Brandon's arm and closed her eyes.

The door flew open and to Brandon and Stella's relief it was just Bloom and Sky.

"Omg are you guys okay?" Sky asked as he helped Stella and Brandon out of the pool.

"No I'm not okay. I'm not okay because he pushed me into the pool and got my outfit wet." Stella pointed at Brandon.

"You guys are total jerks!" Bloom said helping Stella squeeze the water out of her hair.

"Oh we're jerks. I only pushed her to save her." Brandon said defending himself.

"From what?" Bloom asked.

"Yes Prince Brandon from what?" Salavador said appearing out of nowhere. "Oh yea from me!" he said answering his own question. "You know I think its time to finish you two princes since you've corrupted all of my plans to get the powers of these fairies. So say goodbye boys!" Salavador said throwing an energy ball at Sky and the wet Brandon.

"Oh no, you don't! Nobody hurts anyone while I'm around" Ms. Faragonda said blasting Salavador with an attack which made him disappear.

"thanks Ms. F." the students thanked.

"you totally saved us. But one thing. Why cant me and Stella use our powers?" Bloom asked.

"Well the potion that we gave you doesn't let you use your powers for a day. That way you guys can rest." Faragonda stated.

"Well that sucked today!" Stella pouted.

"Well why don't you all head to bed and NO arguing." Saladin yelled. Apparently they had ignored the no arguing statement. The Solarian Princess started to complain and started to blame Brandon about her couture outfit. And Brandon argued back at her while Sky and Bloom yelled at each other about how they both smelled like dirty gym socks.

"What did I SAY?" Saladin asked.

The four teenagers looked at each other "No arguing." The four royals left the room and headed upstairs to bed with out further discussion!

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