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It was midnight. There was a girl dragging a trunk outside, careful not to make a sound. Her breath came out as little clouds as she turned her head to the stars. She sighed as she, with much effort, lifted her trunk and put it in the back of a muddy green Jeep. She quickly shut the lift gate and ran around to the passenger side. She opened the door and hopped in. Once she had safely shut the door, she turned on the radio and began to hum with the tune. Suddenly a middle-aged woman emerged from 966 Nina Drive, and she walked to the Jeep. She scowled at its dirty state as she opened the door and hopped inside. She looked at the girl sitting next to her, before she put the Jeep into drive and pulled out of the driveway. The girl looked back at the house and smiled as the 666 fell out of view as they drove away. It always amused her that the nine had flipped itself upside down.

Three hours later the girl and the woman were in the middle of a crowd. They hugged each other, and teary-eyed, the girl walked away. She didn't look back as she walked onto the airplane. She found her assigned seat and settled in for the long journey. She was tired. Her head nodded, before her eyes closed and she shut out the world. In her head she saw the star-studded night sky and an old man. They were in front of a small white house, in a garden. She smiled at him and he smiled at her before a gray car pulled up.

"Bye, Papa," she said in the voice of a little girl.

"I love you," said the old man before hugging the little girl. "You be good."

"I will," she yawned as she walked around the passenger side of the car.

Suddenly, she woke up. Wide-eyed, she looked around her. There were now two more people in her row. A tired looking woman in a flower sundress looked at her, before she picked up a clear cup of pop and took a large gulp. A small boy poked the woman and told her not to drink it all. She sighed and handed the cup to the boy who look a little sip and set it down. The woman rolled her eyes and looked up the aisle. The girl looked out the window and saw the sun rising on top of tiny buildings. She smiled at the pink clouds welcoming her to a new land. Then she frowned; she had slept a whole nine hours. At least she was in Europe.

Within a half an hour people poured into the aisles and off the plane. She just watched each person go by. She loved watching people; they were so interesting and unique. When there were only a few stragglers she grabbed her purse from the floor and got off the plane. Almost immediately outside the boarding area was a gentle looking old man with graying hair. He had her trunk and a sign that said 'Maiper'. The girl walked over and greeted the man and within minutes they were walking out of the airport. He led her to a sleek black car and held the back door open for her. She thanked him and looked back at the grey airport. She smiled as she watched an old couple walk out of the sliding doors holding hands.

A thirty-minute drive later took her to a stone mansion. She opened her mouth in awe as she squinted her eyes and crooked her head upward to see all the way up. There were several windows, but they were covered in dark curtains. There was also a balcony that seemed to wrap around the house. Her door opened and she directed her attention to the old man, who was holding it open. She thanked him and approached heavy wooden doors. Before she could knock they opened revealing an extremely thin girl. The thin girl hugged her visitor, her sickly sweet smell hanging thick in the air. She took her hand as she drug her visitor into the enormous house and up some marble stairs. They ran down the hallway and somewhere there was a television on. The girls barely heard the word "fishy", before laughing and crashing through an open door. The room was very large and spacious. Everything was pink or white except for the walls. The walls were black and several posters of several bands and several models clung to them. There was a bed right in the middle. The girls jumped on the bed and giggled at each other. A few seconds later the old man brought in a trunk and told them breakfast was ready. The thin girl waved him off before she walked over to a full length mirror. She frowned as she looked her body over. She was tan and had blonde hair that bounced. She looked just like a model, but she frowned. She could never see herself being pretty. Her lips formed a tight line as she left her room. Her visitor follwed quietly, trying to suppress a smile. She didn't like it when the thin girl looked in the mirror. It always ruined the day. She didn't mind today though, because tomorrow she would be starting a new school. She couldn't wait.