They locked eyes for at few moments, but he didn't buy it. As much as Lorelei had convinced herself that she was in love with Chris and their marriage, not even he could miss the obvious self-denial. Lorelei was not finished with Luke, not now and would probably never be able to reach that point. He knew her that well, and part of him had resigned himself when he had read that letter of character reffrerence. He looked angry, but she knew him well enough to know that he was hurt, he was right in the second choice part. But she could not let her self admit that it still was there, no her and Luke had done the whole "Love" thing, and they had ended up hurting themselves over and over, and as much as they wanted it, they could not make it work. She had moved on, and part of her knew that she could not ever let go of the image of Luke's face, hearing her tell about the sleeping with Chris part, the day after they broke up. She didn't answered his last question and he looked at her with at fierce look, so intense that she had to look down even though only for at fraction of a second, but she had no answer for him, this was like a movie happening for someone else,. Her mind racing to make sense of all this. Was this right? She murmured some vague denial and kept pleading for him to reason, but this was the final straw for Chris.

It had been hours since Chris left and he hadn't called her and she knew he wasn't coming back again. It hurt, but she knew that as much as she loved Chris, he was not the man she was in love with. Lorelei looked up at the big plasma screen from her fetal position in the corner of the couch and kept seeing the hurt look on Chris's face. It was mocking her, the plasmatv. A big, flat and still clean symbol of their marriage; without any charm, practically and looking good on the surface. But Lorelei didn't like the screen, it didn't match her house and the cost of it was ridiculous and obscene, more than she had made in a year when she was a maid back at the independence inn. Part of her knew he was right, deep down inside. She had known it all along, but a part of her was not ready to admit the Luke gut thing yet, it still hurt that they weren't together and Christ was simple and easy. He wanted her, she would snap her fingers and he would be hers. It wasn't any work at all.

Tears in her eyes as she finally fell asleep. This was going to be hard for all of them, but the road had to be taken, even Lorelei knew that she would have to do this. Tomorrow she would waltz in the diner and get some coffee, and little by little they would start to repair the broken foundation of their friendship. A smile made it on her lips and springtime was about ready to begin.