Forever Lullaby
Overall Fic Rating T for Teens, mild language, violence, and some disturbing concepts
Warning this fanfiction contains Yaio, so if you have any problems with this, please close the page.
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Lightning streaked across the sky, illuminating Twilight Town for only a moment. He stood amongst the rain, listening for the following thunder. It cracked across the sky not a moment after its brethren had done the same. The cloaked figure smiled, his face invisible underneath the shadowed hood. Beside him, another cloaked figure shifted, his thumb running along something near his hip.

Life lies on the thread, yet it is the thread itself - it clings to our needs, clings to earthly things that can only be avoided by immortals, who are devoid of this planet and only exists in the heavens themselves.

"Let's go," The smaller one said, holding up the blade he had been caressing. The larger one shook his head, rolling his fingers in and out of his palm for lack of anything better thing to do, other than the mission ahead. It wasn't time yet; his instincts were bristled carefully – telling him to wait, to linger in the eye of the storm. He could feel his heart thundering in his chest, lurching every second when he thought of it. It wasn't from nerves, but from excitement. Excitement of the kill.

We depend on life's needs, its wants and craves, and without these, we shall fall. Blood flows through our veins, bringing us the life that causes us to thrive, survive, and live.

"It's time..." He whispered, his foot teetering on the edge of the building. The other looked at him, then turned his face away, his gaze penetrating the neon lit hotel looming in front of them. "Roxas," The man continued, holding his hand in front of the boy. "Wait."

"I've done enough waiting." He hissed, and, with that, leapt off of the building, the bright billboard below illuminating his cloaked frame. The man shook his head, silvery hair whipping in the breeze. Roxas hit the ground safely, though he could see that the boy's knees buckle for a moment, then he rushed at the hotel, clambering up the wall. He frowned; such rash actions were anything but acceptable. Even so, he followed suit, his feet locked carefully along the building as he toppled towards the ground, flipping to where his feet landed softly on the drenched concrete.

Nothing opposes the internal instincts to survive in our lowly life form.

The hotel towered above him, and he was glad his assignment's room was only on the second floor. Still, he didn't have as much leverage as Roxas did, so he pulled out two daggers, plunging one into the ground and placing a leather bound foot on the slippery wall. He grunted, repeating the process until the dagger slashed through a window pane. Ignoring the glass protruding from his wrist, he pulled himself up onto the windowsill, pausing to take in the dimly lit hotel room. He punched through the rest of the window and leapt into the room, lurking into the shadows. He glanced around for any sign of life, and his vision rested on a couple cuddled in the corner of the room, their clothes scattered over the floor.

Except, love. But what did he care about love? It was a figment of life, something that wasn't the pure need to live.

Bile grew in the back of his throat as he stood; the scant amount of light streaking into the room for a moment, then his visage was once again sunk into the shadows.

"Hello," He smiled at them, head tilting to one side. They looked up, eyes wide, as always. Surprise, shock - such silly things. One could never be too careful. He bent over, pulling another blade from his boot, and walked slowly up to the couple, whose backs were pressed against the wall. Cowards. "Slow and painful, or fast and easy?" He liked his victim's opinions on their doomed fate. It was only fair, after all. No response. "Hm, my partner's probably getting impatient, so I'll choose for you. Fast and easy, looks like you're in luck tonight."

He did this because of his instincts to live, even if it took other's lives. Money is what lets us live, provides us with the basic necessities. Without such, we cannot exist.

Silence. He lifted the two blades, rubbing his thumb along the shafts, watching them glimmer in a flash of light. Once the lightning faded away, he released them, watching them penetrate the couple. The lowly life forms, his assignment, fell, dead on the spot.

What does love have to do with it?

…to be continued…