Author's Note

First of all, many thanks to all my reviewers! Whether you stuck around for the long haul or just wrote one review, all your suggestions/praise were greatly appreciated! No matter if I argued with you about your (very helpful!) contstructive critisism.

One of my friends is (or may?) be making a manga based off of this! So once she's completed the first volume/chapter, I'll definitely post the link here! She's already showed me the storyboards and sketches that she has at the moment, and I can say it'll be really awesome...and will guarantee the damn cutest chibis you've ever seen!

Also, I apologize for not reading/reviewing stories when I promised to do so ;; I'll get to it soon!

Now for the really cool news!

I may be submitting this in Kumoricon '07! I'm not sure how my parents will react, or if they allow shounen ai. I read the rules and they didn't specifically address it, so I'm not sure if I will be able to use Forever Lullaby.

I am going to submit something, though. Probably Kingdom Hearts...maybe DN Angel. I don't think I'll do romance, because after writing shounen ai for so long it's somewhat hard for me to go back to straight pairings...

It'll probably be comedy/crack 8D

If you're going (it's in Oregon, by the by. it sounds like a really fun convention, so if you're interested look it up!), be sure to look out for the penname Pretty Rainbow. Also, that'd be really great if you want to meet up there. I'll probably be cosplaying as Namine, and if not...I'll be holding up a sign for Kingdom Hearts lovers xD;; or something...

And also!

I'll be editing Forever Lullaby soon...I did redo chapters 1-3, but then my laptop crashed and eh D:

Look out for updates!