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Die For Me

Chapter One- The command

Hinata Hyuuga did not want to believe that her father had forced her into an arranged marriage.

But he had.

That night. Hiashi Hyuuga had informed his daughter she would be married. He had made it crystal clear that she would have no voice in the matter.

"I refuse to believe that I have to marry my boyfriend's best friend!" Hinata cried that night to no body in particular.

She never yelled but hey this was the exception above all exceptions.

Her father told her she was to marry the village's most sought after bachelor

Sasuke Uchiha

Yet she knew she could never disobey her father's wishes and sobbed as she called Naruto, her current boyfriend and first love to break the news to him.

Why did she not tell him in person? That was an easy one.

She was weak.

She could not bear to hear his reply to the horrible news so she had decided to call him.

This way he would not see the shame plastered all over her face.

She picked up her lavender cell phone and dialed the numbers that were almost too familiar to her.

-Ring Ring-

Hello? Was the reply from the other line


This was NOT the time for her to lose the courage she had built up all night

Hello? Is Anybody there? Chouji! if this is you this is NOT the number for the pizza place so stop calling!

"Um…Naruto..?" Hinata managed to squeak out

"Oh Hinata it's you, sorry about that, whats up?

This was it. The moment of truth, the moment she thought she would regret for the rest of her days

Too bad she didn't know this would be nothing compared to what regrets were soon to come..

End of Chapter One

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