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Die For Me

Chapter Nine- The Wedding

I woke up to find Naruto's sky blue eyes staring into my own eyes.

"Hinata Chan…" he said as he looked at me with a sad face

I looked at him in almost awe.

"You let him go, just like that, forever?" I said in awe as tears began to obstruct my vision once more.

Naruto looked even more upset then before and sighed, his usually sunny countenance gone.

'I didn't let him go Hinata-Chan, he just gave me no choice, he took off and left me again! He didn't even let me voice my opinion on it! Naruto said as he became angrier by the second. He clawed his fingers into the dirt ground under us as he tensed in anger.

Just looking at him I felt a pang go through my chest.

This was the person I had sold my heart to since I was a little girl, he had been there for me even when he knew nothing of my feelings, which was just the type of person that he was.

I sighed as I dried my tears and used my forefinger to lift his chin to my face.

I saw the tears in his eyes forming and I so badly wanted to make his pain go away, to make the pain festering inside both of us go away.

I looked into his glassy eyes and gave him a soft kiss on the lips before embracing him like I never had before.

He was all I needed and I finally got the chance to be with him, I would not drown that chance in worthless tears. As he put his arms around me, our knees still brushing the grass, I assured myself that this was the man I was going to love forever.

Or was I?

Neither of us noticed the pink haired beauty, tears sliding down her cheeks as she watched us from behind the large oak tree.

(One Month Later)

Today was my wedding day.

Today I would become Hinata Uzumaki.

Once my father had found out about Sasuke's "death" he decided to let me marry the person of my choice as long as I left the clan.

That suited me just fine.

Ino was putting my hair up into an intricate hairstyle as I clutched the engagement ring that Sasuke had given me. It was on a silver chain looped around my neck. My real engagement ring was on my finger. A huge pink diamond set in platinum with baby pearls.

It reminded me of a certain someone else rather than myself, but I chose not to dwell on that.

Naruto was promised the title of Hokage in two years time and I sighed to myself.

Being the wife of the Hokage would probably be more draining than being the head of the Hyuuga clan.

I looked at my pale eyes in the mirror and managed to put a smile on my face, so that Ino wouldn't catch a glimpse of my inner turmoil. She was one of my bridesmaids after all. Sakura was my maid of honor for she had done a lot to help set up the wedding.

I got up just as Ino finished my hair and makeup and began to hear the music, indicating I should begin to walk down the aisle.

We were in a large and elaborate temple so one little sound bounced off the walls.

I came through the large wooden doors to be greeted by my father so that he could "give me away"

As I kept walking with my head up I began to wonder why I felt more dreadful than overjoyed.

I began to picture a smiling Naruto, the man I had always loved but that image soon changed to a pouting and blushing dark haired figure.


No matter how hard I tried I could not forget him. The stoic kindness he had only shared with me, the thoughtfulness, and determination that would make anyone melt. He had showed me a side of him he had shown nobody else. I didn't think I deserved it but I realized something else.

I had fallen in love with him anyway.

I loved Sasuke Uchiha.

I loved him!

I finally reached Naruto as my father let go of me and my eyes widened.

I looked at Naruto and was surprised to see he had a similar look of dread on his face.

This was not the way things were supposed to be.

The Shinto priest began to recite the wedding vows.

Suddenly I looked at everyone in the room, especially Naruto and I knew this was not right.

"Stop!" I screamed frantically.

The room became dead still.

"Hinata?" Naruto said wearily.

"I c-can't do this" I squeaked out

I turned to face the crowd of people before me.

"I-Im sorry, but I cannot do this, please forgive me for wasting everyone's time" and then I finally looked at Naruto

The wonderful boy I had adored so much as a girl had grown into a fine man.

Yet unfortunately this man was not the one for me.

I lifted a shaky hand to his face and looked at him with moist eyes.

'This isn't right" I told him firmly

He looked down for a second but then said

"I know"

Now that was the biggest relief I've had in a while.

"You'll always be special to me you know" I said with a small smile forming on my face

"I'll never stop protecting you with all I have" he said with the slightest hint of a grin.

We both turned to face the crowd, hand in hand and said with light smiles

"We are sorry but there will be no wedding here today"

As we said this I looked at Sakura and how she gazed at Naruto.

Finally I realized.

She loved him. I glanced at my enagement ring and at the pink haired beauty. For some reason I had a feeling Naruto loved her too, even if he himself didn't know it.

He always was oblivious to the important things around him.

I walked down to her and asked her, in front of the whole crowed of all our friends

"Do you love him?" she looked at me in shock but could say nothing.

I looked at Naruto.

"I think her silence means yes"

Naruto looked at me shocked and then at Sakura.

He stared at her for a few minutes before his face softened a bit.

I gently slipped the pink ring off of my finger and put it into her hand.

"This was meant for you far more than it ever was for me' I said, feeling no uneasiness whatsoever.

Now this felt truly right.

All three of us were smiling at one another when suddenly an out of breath chunnin rushed in through the doors.

"Sasuke Uchiha is engaged in a battle with Itachi Uchiha 20 miles West of Konoha! Both are severely injured! He managed to scream before he fainted on the spot.

I gasped and realized that now was the time Sasuke needed me more than ever.

"Sakura, unzip me" I said, with determination lacing my voice

She looked confused and distressed but did it only to reveal my ninja outfit underneath.

Neji Ni came up to me and handed me my Konoha headband which I proceeded to tie around my forehead as he whispered "Go get him"

I looked at Sakura and Naruto and said

"I'm leaving"

They looked at me then at each other and said "Us too" as they slipped out of their own traditional garb. I quickly exchanged sandals with the fainted Chunnin.

"Wait for me Sasuke" I whispered to myself as we pushed passed the temple doors and took off.

The End.