HPDM Drabble Competition: Round Two

One Night Out

"We should go out tonight."

Draco rose one silvery eyebrow. "Why? I'm lounging tonight."

He ducked the flying broomstick that was chucked at his head and scowled. "What was that for Potter?!"

Harry looked furiously dejected. "Because we never go out together! Never! Maybe, just once, I want one night out with my boyfriend!"

Draco peered over their upturned couch suspiciously. "Did Granger put you up to this?"

The dark-haired wizard turned to leave, angry and upset.

Draco grabbed his arm.

"Can you be ready in an hour?"

Harry's brilliant smile was his only answer.

Word count: 95

Okay here's the next prompt. I've gone from amusing thoughts to sickening sweet couple in the blink of an eye. Is that bad for my health?