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Friday afternoon the Gryffindors found themselves in Professor Snape's Potions class. Everyone was working hard on the Potions exam, but Hermione Granger was already done. Snape tried finding faults in her potion, but she had perfected it so he was forced to give her a perfect grade. She sat bored in class while everyone worked vigorously. She occupied herself with a book, well aware that Draco Malfoy was feet away from her. The Slytherins were sharing their period with the Gryffindors. Malfoy had also finished his exam early, and Snape was pleased with him. He also gave him a perfect grade. Hermione was so absorbed in her book that she nearly jumped when a piece of parchment hit her in the head. She looked around in confusion. No one else noticed anyway. She opened the parchment and gasped. Inside was a very explicit drawing of her and Draco having sex, and it was bewitched so the picture was animated. Below the drawing something was written:

Pretty soon I'll be fucking you senseless.

Hermione looked up and locked eyes with Malfoy. He winked at her. She blushed and looked away, stuffing the parchment in her pocket. She had grown very impatient now, wanting, no needing, him to take her. She closed her eyes and imagined the two of them together. Malfoy would lay her on the bench, pushing her thighs to her chest. He moves aside her panties so he could enter her. She smiled as she imagined him pounding into her roughly, and she would scream his name to fuck her harder.

Oh, how she wanted to just ravish him right now.

Her erotic thoughts were interrupted by the dismissal of class. Everyone began filing out, groaning about how poorly they did on the exam. Ron was still at his desk, desperately trying to fix his potion. It had turned an odd green color and had a rancid smell. Snape snapped at him to stop, and failed him. Ron was crestfallen, and left with Harry and Hermione.

The next period was Transfiguration. Professor McGonagall had assigned her students a Transfiguration report that was due on Monday. Her students groaned in protest.

"I don't see the problem," She said sharply. "You have the whole weekend to do this!"

The students were not happy. By the end of the day everyone was ready to kick back and relax. Hermione wanted to get a head start on her report, so she asked Harry and Ron to accompany her to the library.

"Are you kidding? We have the whole weekend and you want start now?" Ron asked. "Thanks, but no thanks."

Harry said he couldn't because he had Quidditch practice. The witch sighed and went off to the library later that night by herself. She headed to the Transfiguration section, looking for a certain book that would help her on her report. Once she found it she attempted to reach for it on the self, but two strong arms wrapped around her waist.

"Hello, precious." Malfoy's voice breathed by her ear.

Hermione shuddered. She turned her head so they could share a kiss, and then Malfoy's lips found her neck. He ground his arousal against her bottom.

"Draco, no. Not here." She said.

The blonde wizard continued kissing her neck, his hands moving up to feel up her breasts. "Don't worry. I have it all taken care of. No one will bother us, so you could scream as loud as you want." He whispered.

Hermione wondered what he meant but didn't bother to ask.

"Besides, isn't it a bookworm's fantasy to be fucked in a library?" he asked humorously.

Hermione chuckled, and held Draco's hands to her chest as they felt her up. One of his hands slipped down to her thigh and up her skirt to probe her panties.

"I've been craving your pussy all day, Hermione." He whispered, stroking the wet fabric and grinding against her.

Hermione moaned softly. "Talk dirty to me, Draco." she said.

Malfoy smirked and ran a hand through her hair.

"Yeah?" he asked. He nibbled on her ear. "You know, when we were in Potions today, I thought about fucking you. I wanted to throw you over the desk and fuck you from behind until you came hard and screamed my name" he said, and thrust his hips.

Hermione bit her lip. She had thought of him taking her too. Seems like their thoughts weren't too far from each other. Malfoy teased her through her underwear fabric.

"You want me to touch your pussy, precious?" He breathed into her ear.

"Yes, please." She answered.

"Say it. Tell me you want me to touch you there."

"I want you to touch my pussy." She said, feeling dirty saying it. It was a good feeling.

Malfoy snickered in her ear and slipped his hand into her panties, and slipped a finger into her entrance. Hermione moaned and rocked back and forth. He moved his finger quickly, mimicking what he wanted to do to her later.

"You like that?" he teased in her ear.

All she could do was nod. The Slytherin student slipped another finger in and quickened his pace. He ground against her some more. Hermione threw her head back onto his shoulder. He slipped his fingers out of her and sucked on them. The sight of this turned her on, and she begged him to take her.

He unbuttoned his pants and let them drop to his ankles, and his boxers soon followed. He pulled her hips back a little so she was leaning against the bookshelf with her hands. He quickly pulled her underwear down. He then parted her legs and slipped inside her from behind.

Draco hissed sharply. "Oh, bloody hell. You're so tight." He gasped and began moving slowly.

"Oh," Hermione said.

The boy moved faster. Instead of thrusting himself, he guided her hips to him, moving her body towards his pelvis. Hermione clutched the bookshelf for dear life. Her eyes were half lidded with pleasure, there was a slight blush to her cheeks, and her breathing turned into heavy panting. Draco leaned over and moaned in her ear. His hand moved to stimulate her clitoris. She hung her head, the ecstasy quickly overcoming her.

"Oh fuck, I'm going to come." she moaned.

Draco continued to move her hips, her bottom slapping against his thighs.

"Yes, come for me Hermione." he groaned.

She let out a loud cry as she climaxed and yelled out his name. He came after her and continued to move her until their orgasms ended.

"That's my girl." He panted behind her.

Hermione leaned against the shelf, fearing if she moved she would collapse. Malfoy pulled out of her and stumbled back onto the opposite shelf, leaning his back against it.

"You know, I just simply get over you, Granger." He said, breathing heavily. Hermione turned her head to look at him and smiled.

"Likewise," she said.

Hermione returned to the common room very late. Despite her tryst with the Slytherin student she still managed to get the book she wanted for her report. However, she wasn't really in the mood for once in her life to do any work. Malfoy worked her hard , not that she was complaining. The sex was absolutely amazing. Fortunately for her, he promised her more. As they were leaving he told her he wanted her in his bed.

"How will we manage that?" she had asked.

"I'll sneak you in. Come to Slytherin tomorrow night around midnight. I''ll come for you." he said. He kissed her and had walked away.

She wondered if their plan would work, although she knew very well he had his ways. She was very excited to be with him once again. Although all they had was just sex, Hermione began to feel something for him. She went to her bed and laid down, looking up at the ceiling.

Hermione hadn't come to terms with her real feelings because they were masked by lust. She was afraid to fall in love with him because he was Slytherin. He was the boy that no one would approve of if she dated him, and she was sure it be the same for him. How did he feel? She was pretty sure all he felt was lust too, but could there be more? Hermione turned in her bed and clutched her pillow.

Maybe I shouldn't be thinking about this now, she thought.

She told herself it was too early to think about love. She had other things to worry about. Shutting away her thoughts, she drifted off into a deep sleep.

The next day Hermione woke up after noon. She really didn't feel like getting up, but she figured she had to. She had a report to do. She decided against going to the library, and went down to the common room to work. Few people were around. She wasn't sure where Harry and Ron were, and for now it didn't concern her. All she wanted to do today was work, for later she would meet Malfoy for another romantic tryst. The whole day she worked, and by 6:00 pm she was completely done. Feeling accomplished with her ten-page report, she put away her work and headed to dinner.

Hours later Hermione was waiting in bed. Too impatient to wait any longer, she set out at 11:45 PM. Dressed in all black with a hoodie, she snuck out the Gryffindor common room and made her way through the dark corridors. She managed to find her way to the Slytherin corridor. Hiding herself in the shadows, Hermione waited for Draco.

She heard footsteps and then a voice called out in a whisper, "You there, Granger?" Hermione emerged from the shadows. Malfoy smiled at her and took her hand.

"Come quickly." He whispered.

After the young wizard spoke the password, the portrait opened up and he quickly led her through the common room to the Boy's Dormitories. She entered the room and noticed that there were sleeping boys in their beds. Hermione hesitated.

"Draco, there are people in here." she pointed out, just in case he didn't seem to notice.

Malfoy gave her an amused smile. "Yes I know that. I slipped some strong sleeping potion in their drinks during dinner. They'll sleep through a stampede. I told you I have it covered." He assured her, bringing her close for a kiss.

The witch was impressed. He pulled her to the bed. Hermione breathed as Malfoy removed his pants and t-shirt. In the moonlight she could see him fully. God, he was gorgeous. Her eyes trailed from his toned body, complete with a delicious six-pack. She blushed at the sight of his arousal. She didn't realize he was so large. Her blonde lover watched her watch him and laid down on the bed. Hermione slowly removed her clothes, her eyes locked with Malfoy's as she did so. He reveled in her beauty and beckoned her to join him.. She climbed on top of him.

"What do you want me to do?" She asked innocently. He gave her a seductive smirk.

"I want you to suck me." he said.

She moved down to his shaft and slowly took him in her mouth. He groaned and suppressed the urge to thrust his hips. She moved her tongue along his shaft, from base to tip, and then began bobbing her head.

Malfoy arched his back and moaned, "Oh, Hermione."

The brunette never heard him moan her name before and it elated her. She moved faster to elicit more sounds from him. He bucked his hips and moaned loudly, as he released his seed into her mouth. She devoured it all like a starving child. Once she was done she rose up and smiled. Malfoy rubbed his thighs.

"You can be on top." He offered.

She eagerly mounted him and lowered herself on his cock. They sighed in unison, and Hermione began to move her body.

"Oh yes, I love this." Hermione moaned.

She propped herself on her hands on both sides of Malfoy's head and moved faster. He gazed up at her and realized how wonderful she looked right now. She was looking down at him as well, her mouth slightly open as she moaned. He kissed her and put her hair behind her ears. Hermione could feel herself coming close to her climax. She moved slowly, making Malfoy hiss as her tightness gripped his cock. He held onto her hips while he sucked her neck. Hermione's moans became more high-pitched as she came, her orgasm milking his cock and triggering his. She fell on top of him.

Malfoy stroked her back gently. Hermione lifted her head to look in his eyes.

"Want to have another go? You take charge this time." she suggested.

Her lover smiled and pushed her off him onto her side, with her back facing him. He lifted her left leg and slipped inside her sideways. Hermione clutched the bedsheets as Malfoy began thrusting into her.

"Her-Her-Hermione." Malfoy panted heavily.

She reached behind her and kept her hand on his neck. She could hear him moan in her ear and she loved it. Malfoy anchored her leg with his hand as he continued. Her vaginal walls tightened around his member as pumped a little faster. He nibbled on her ear and she cried out as her second orgasm hit her. Malfoy moved quickly until his release came too. They moaned together loudly in beautiful harmony. The blonde wizard pulled out of her and let her leg down. Hermione turned around and wrapped her arm around his waist, kissing his chest. She could feel his heart beating fast. She was sure her heart was the same.

Malfoy held her close, finally at peace. He kissed her hair and whispered, "I think I'm falling for you."

Hermione lifted her head to look at him in surprise. She could see it in his eyes that he really, truly meant it and she felt her heart soar.

"I think I'm falling for you too." She whispered back.

They smiled at each other and kissed passionately. Malfoy held her possessively in his arms as she snuggled into his chest.

The sound of his slowing heartbeat lulled her into a deep sleep.

The End

Wow, this took longer than I thought! Anyway, I hope you guys enjoyed, I sure did. Until next time, kids.