A/N: Inspired by one too many viewings of the Dalek episode of Christopher Eccleston's run as Doctor Who.

Attempting to communicate with Imperial Fleet Command Ship. No response.

Attempting to connect to secondary communication relays. No response.

Activating emergency communication beacon. No response.

Attempting direct link to the Emperor. No response.

The Dalek felt something approximating a faint echo of fear as it leviated out of the spring it had found itself in. In a moment it calculated the possibilities of what could cause such a communications failure and it soon realised that over ninety percent of the possible answers led to the inevitable conclusion that the Time Lords had defeated the Daleks and that there was no longer a Dalek Empire to make contact with. Other possibilities existed but they were all remote and difficult to estimate without solid data on the length of time passed since consciousness was interrupted.

Evaluation of its current status revealed that the outer casing of the Dalek's battle armour had suffered considerable damage and an attempt to activate its active defence systems produced nothing. Priority had to be given to obtaining the energy needed to initiate self-repair systems. The DNA of a time-traveller would be ideal but atmospheric analysis revealed high levels of fossil fuel usage – local technology levels were not consistent with those of a time-travelling race. Hence, it would have to fallback to lesser sources. The level of fossil fuels detected meant the presence of an electrical power network was certain. It would be sufficient.

With its status determined and a course plotted, the Dalek turned its attention to its immediate surroundings. Nothing of importance was detected. A somewhat odd energy radiated from the pools that surrounded it but nothing that was usable by the Dalek's systems. A single adult human was sighted one-hundred and sixteen metres from the pool accompanied by a child of its species. They were unarmed and no advanced technology was detected on their persons. Unimportant but their presence along with the atmospheric reasons allowed the Dalek to calculate its location: Earth, sometime in the late twentieth or early twenty-first century. Priority had to be given to escape. The Doctor had an affection for this planet and if it was the last surviving Dalek then it was required to survive in order to propagate the species.

A single large mammal was also detected balancing atop a narrow pole over one of the springs. The sight caused the Dalek to devote several moments to scanning its databanks in an effort to resolve the conflict between the creature's large size and clumsy appearance and its ability to balance in such a way. They were inconsistent. Analysis did not reveal any information that could explain such an ability. The Dalek focussed its scanners on the creature and detected an unknown energy source emanating from it. Possibly dangerous to the Dalek in its weakened condition. Only one course of action was acceptable



The panda's eyes bulged in shock as the death ray connected with its mid-section. The creature screeched for a second and glowed before it fell into the spring quite dead. For some reason the Dalek felt a surge of actual emotion at that, but it quickly dismissed it as a side-effect of the injuries it had suffered in its crash-landing. It would soon pass and if not it would self-exterminate once species survival was ensured.